Hue Features

This Hue Tutorial will describe features of Cloudera Hue

Cloudera Hue is a web based UI for hadoop. It was started as Cloudera Desktop later named to hue. Hue provides following features:
  • Beeswax
  • File Browser
  • Job Designer
  • Job Browser
  • User Admin
  • Beeswax is basically Hive UI
  • It Provides following features: Create Hive tables; Load data; Run and Manage Hive queries and Download results in Excel format
File Browser:
  • It is basically browser for distributed file system
  • It Provides following features: Browse HDFS; Change permissions and ownership; upload, download, view and edit files
Job Designer:
  • We can design MapReduce jobs, which can be templates that prompt for parameters when they are submitted.
  1. Streaming: To create Map/Reduce functions in any non-Java language
  2. Jars: To create Map/Reduce job in java language
  3. Install samples: To run samples which are already installed
Job Browser:
  • Job Browser provides all the information about jobs submitted like their state(run/complete/fail), user, submission time, completion time etc
  • It provides following features: View jobs; Tasks; Counters; Logs, etc.
  • This feature is quit similar to job tracker UI given by hadoop
User Admin:
  • Account management for HUE users
  • Create and delete users, and update their passwords and e-mail addresses.

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