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We invite guest authors, community bloggers, and experts to write quality post on Technology-mania.com. We accept posts on Big Data, No SQL, HPC (High Performance Computing), Cloud Computing, we also accepts posts on technology tips and tricks, technology / product updates, new product release, etc.

Benefits of writingwith us:
  • Writers will get lots of recognition, as we will provide every writer’s details on our contributors section as well as at the end of each post. They can use this to promote their identity, products, brands
  • All the articles of Technology-mania.com are published on number of websites (including social networking site), so your articles will reach to large number of  users
  • All the articles of Technology-mania.com provide a back link (maximum 2) to the original post to give full credit to the authors for their work, good opportunity for you to increase traffic on your website

  • Please contact us info@technology-mania.com if you like to contribute in this community. Two ways to contribute:
    • Provide us your blog link, rest work of editing and publishing is done by Technology Mania Team
    • Ask for guest author privileges
  • Technology Mania Team preserves rights to edit original article (our experts will edit articles to correct syntactical, grammatical errors, etc) and are free to publish any of your article on Technology-mania.com. Articles once published will not be removed from Technology-mania.com
  • Technology-mania.com normally takes 3-4 posts per month from your blog

Note: We are not able to accommodate professional writers and people interested in any kind of financial compensation.


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