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This video covers: Basics of Big Data & Hadoop, Introduction to Big Data, Why Big Data, essence of Big Data, volume, velocity, variety, veracity of Big Data, Problems with conventional systems like RDBMS and OS file-system, Introduction of Hadoop, Introduction of Map-Reduce, Introduction of HDFS, Real time Hadoop use cases, Introduction of Hadoop ecosystem, Future of Hadoop, Careers in Hadoop, Job Roles in Hadoop like: Hadoop Analyst, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Admin, etc. How Data will help you in making your career in Big Data.

About Big Data - Hadoop Training Course:
An online course designed by Hadoop Experts to provide indepth knowledge and practical skills in the field of Big Data and Hadoop to make you successful Hadoop Developer.

Big Data and Hadoop training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop Developer. In-depth knowledge of concepts such as Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop Cluster- Single and multi node, Hadoop 2.0, Flume, Sqoop, Map-Reduce, PIG, Hive, Hbase, Zookeeper, Oozie etc. will be covered in the course.

Course Objectives:

After the completion of the ‘Big Data and Hadoop’ Course you should be able to:

1. Master the concepts of Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce framework
2. Setup a Hadoop on single and multi node Cluster
3. Understand Data Loading Techniques using Sqoop and Flume
4. Program in MapReduce (Both MRv1 and MRv2)
5. Learn to write Complex MapReduce programs
6. Program in YARN (MRv2)
7. Perform Data Analytics using Pig and Hive
8. Implement HBase, MapReduce Integration, Advanced Usage and Advanced Indexing
9. Have a good understanding of ZooKeeper service
10. New features in Hadoop 2.0 — YARN, HDFS Federation, NameNode High Availability
11. Implement best Practices for Hadoop Development and Debugging
12. Implement a Hadoop Project
13. Work on a Real Life Project on Big Data Analytics and gain Hands on Project Experience

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