Sunday, May 17, 2015

Install Hadoop in Distributed mode - Setup Hadoop Cluster on Cloud

This tutorial explains How to Setup and configure Hadoop on Multiple machines, i.e. Installation of Hadoop in Distributed Mode. In the cluster setup there is one master and 2 slaves will be configured. During the deployment all the pre-requisites will be installed. Hadoop installation is done on Amazon cloud (AWS).
Follow following video tutorial for the installation and configuration of Hadoop 1 in distributed mode  (real cluster mode)on Amazon Cloud:

In this video following topics has been covered:
 - Installation and configuration of Hadoop 1.x or Cloudera CDH3Ux in Distributed mode (on multiple node cluster).
 - Launch 3 instances on AWS (Amazon Cloud), on which we will setup the real cluster. One instance will act as Master and rest all the instances will act as slaves.
 - Prerequisites for hadoop Installation.
   -- Installation of Java.
   -- Setup of password-less ssh.
 - Important configurations properties.
 - Setup Configuration in core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, map-red-site.xml.
 - Format name-node.
 - Start hadoop services: NameNode, DataNode, secondary-namenode, JobTracker, TaskTracker.
 - Setup environment variables for  Hadoop,
 - Submit Map-Reduce Job.


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