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Infosys Verbal paper with answer

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.


In each of the questions, there are 4/5 statements A,B,C, and E that have to be arranged in a logical order to make sensible paragraph or in some the questions, there are four statements A, B, C, and D that have to be arranged in a logical order to make a paragraph between  statements 1 and 6.

  1. A.        This information was provided by PTI.
B.        The tie – up allows orange subscribers to track their accounts.
C.        The same service is also to be launched in Delhi.
D.        ICICI launched mobile commerce service in a tie – up with orange.
      a. ADBC        b. DBCA        c. BDCA         d. DCBA
  1. A.        Fiscal deficit has touched an all time high.
B.        I hope India does not go the south East Asian way.
C.        There were no steps taken in the budget to curb fiscal deficit.
D.        The country is slowing going into a dept trap.
      a. DABC        b. ABDC        c. ACDB         d. ABCD

  1. A. is poised to roll out its internet service.
B.        It will be the first ISP to offer – free service.
C.        Free connectivity will be offered from next month.
D.        Customers are waiting to avail of this service.
      a. BACD        b. ABCD        c. CADB         d. BADC

  1. A.        Otherwise the congress would not have opposed PSU disinvestment today.
B.        It is clear that there is no consensus on economic reform.
C.        Nor would allies of ruling NDA oppose privatization.
D.        All this would stop India from becoming the next super power.
      a. ABCD        b. ABDC        c. BACD         d. BCAD

  1. A.        But not his prescription.
B.        Nobody knows this better than JP himself.
C.        JP’s diagnosis of what is wrong with India remains as true in the new millennium as it was 40years ago.
D.        Judged on the touchstone of what he set out to do, his career cannot be regarded as a success.
      a. DBCA        b. CADB        c. DABC         d. ABCD

  1. A.        He was always draped in a modest but decent suit.
B.        Lean and intense, Menon was endowed with a remarkable presence.
C.        His eyes piercing, and his forehead broad, merging into the disheveled, silvery lock of hair.
D.        His hawked nose, sensuous lips, heavy voice, tapering fingers, always busy explaining ideas, and moods supplemented his extraordinary mind.
      a. BACD        b. ADCB        c. ACDB         d. BCDA

  1. A.        She will be remembered for being a trendsetter.
B.        Hailing from a modest middle class background, her success led to a chain reaction.
C.        Young girls constrained by custom to stay at home have dared to run.
D.        It is a revolution that has but one catalyst – Usha.
      a. BDAC        b. DBCA        c. DABC         d. ABCD

  1. A.        It’s a nightmare in the sky.
B.        For, Iridium, a project build to provide telephone service to any nook ad corner on the globe, was like a sci-fi adventure.
C.        A technological meltdown.
D.        A $5 billion mega dream came to nought.
      a. BCAD        b. BACD        c. ADCB         d. ACDB

  1. A.        The computer took 45 hours of non- stop computation.
B.        The computer was not allowed to learn from experience.
C.        This is not really surprising, because with eleven items of clothing the number of possible combination is given by multiplying 11 x 10 x 9 x 8 and so on, which gives over 39 million combinations.
D.        Someone  once used the IBM computer to work out the number of ways of getting dressed with eleven items of clothing.
      a. BDAC        b. DCAB        c. DBCA         d. DACB

  1. A.        In his first inaugural address he concluded with an eloquent plea: “Ask not what your country can do for  you – ask what you can do for your country.”
B.        John F . Kennedy, Democratic victor in the election of 1960, was at 43, the youngest man ever to win the presidency.
C.        On television, in a series of debates with opponent Richard Nixon, he appeared able, articulate and energetic.
D.        In a campaign, he spoke of moving aggressively into the new decade, for ‘the new frontier is here whether we seek it or not.’
      a. DABC        b. BCDA        c. CABD         d. BACD

  1. A.        Of course, sitting out in the country I possessed less information than anyone else at headquarters about.
What was on going on, but they called me anyway.
B.        But as soon as I arrived at my country house, the telephone began ringing.
C.        And it kept right on ringing with questions from people back at the office about the most mundane matters.
D.        In the summer of 1981, the first year became president of SAS, I decide to take a 2 – week vacation.
      a. DBAC        b. DCAB        c. DBCA         d. DABC

  1. A.        I have a photograph of Dad striding across the courtyard of Buckingham palace dacked out for this Event.
B.        He is wearing civil court dress, with knee breeches, black stockings and patent leather shoes, and on his chest is a row of medals that had been given to him by various countries where IBM did business.
C.        T.J. Watson, the former sewing machine salesman, had arrived.
D.        While I was on the boat to Europe my father proudly attended the first morning reception given by George 6th , the new king of England.
      a. ACDB        b. ADCB        c. DABC         d. ABCD

  1. A.        It would be possible to reduce the annual number of traffice fatalities to virtually zero by passing federal
Legislation mandating a nationwide 15-mile per hour speed in it on all roads.
B.        There are counter examples to the principle of the sancity of life, which are even more embarrassing to pro- life advocates.
C.        Those who oppose abortion upon demand make the foundation of their arguments the sancity of human
Life, but this seemingly bedrock assumption is actually as week as shifting sand.
D.        And it is not necessary to invoke the red herring that many antabortion speakers would allow that human life must sometimes be sacrificed for a greater good, as in the fighting of a just war.
      a. BACD        b. DBAC        c. ACDB         d. CDBA

  1. A.        Teenagers appear to lay great store on personal grooming.
B.        Teens are also richer about 32%  this year.
C.        But when compared to their American counterparts Indian teens spend more on knowledge acquisition.
D.        A whopping 90% of teens of India get pocket money.
      a. ADBC        b. ADCB        c. DBAC         d. DCBA

  1. A.        The unfolding Enron scandal brings new meaning to 2 favourite Americans sayings: ‘ What goes arount comes around’ and ‘People in glass houses should not throw stones.’
B.        countries were told to follow the American model, use American auditing firms, bring in America entrepreneurs to teach them how to run their companies.
C.        Remember the East Asian crisis, when the US treasury and its IMF allies blamed that regions problem on crony capitalism, lack of transparency and poor corporate governance.
D.        Never mind that under the leadership of their own entrepreneurs, East Asia grow faster than any other region over the previous 3 decades.
      a. ABCD        b. BDCA        c. CBDA         d. ACBD

  1. A.        2 way communication channels need to be consciously developed the maintained.
B.        Performing employees at the operational level must not only be rewarded and shown a visible career path, but must be consciously developed to exercise higher responsibility.
C.        These people often perform better than MBA inductees, the promising among them are able to apply conceptual inputs through the lens of experiential reality.
D.        One progressive India retailer has actually run a two week external course on retail marketing for Promising supervisory personnel and people who have responded positively have been quickly promoted to higher positions.
E.        Open houses, get – together outside the work place ( team picnics and so on), employee suggestions. Boards all play a role in this regard.
      a. BDCAE      b. AEDBC      c. DCAEB      d. AEDCB

  1. A.        The problem lies in their ostentatious spending habits, even more condemnable when this vulgar display
Of wealth coexists amidst such poverty and deprivation.
B.        Consumerism  is the new Bahman.
C.        There is nothing wrong with the New Rich: they are a dynamic layer of an emerging economy.
D.        ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is the magic mantra of upward mobility.
      E.        Functions are becoming more ostentatious by the day, with nouvea rich ingenuity focused on novel ways to upstage rivals.
      a. EDABC      b. BADCE      c. DCBAE      d. CABDE

  1. A.        The markets are not just wiring economies together ad altering the structures of companies but changing entire political systems.
B.        But, as the experience of South Korea shows, figure probably underestimate the impact of the capital markets on the world.
C.        The speed of movement is faster, the ratio of capital to traded goods bigger and the consequences of a
Mistake more devasting.
D.           Everything about global capital markets seems to be breaking records these days.
E.           The amount of capital in circulation is greater than ever before.
      a. DECBA      b. AEDBC      c. ADEBC      d. EACDB

  1. A.        After nearly a decade of reforms, scams still come around at regular intervals.
B.        The latest scams in the Mumbai stock exchange have provided an opportunity for SEBI to take forward.
The process of stock market reform.
C.        SEBI’s response to the scam was thus, quite predictably, to restrain broker directors of the BSE from functioning as directors.
D.        The cornerstone of this process, as it has emerged, is the separation of the brokers from the regulators.
E.        But while this commitment to reform is admirable, there are some less comforting facts that cannot be easily brushed.
      a. ABDCE      b. BDCEA      c. CDEBA      d. BCEDA

  1. A.        There are many poor children in this country who die of this disease because their families cannot afford the cure.
B.        Childhood leukaemia for them is a lifelong ailment for it will kill them young.
C.        They will never have the opportunity to grow up into adulthood.
D.        Their families are too poor to afford the required drugs even though these drugs are readily available.
E.        Who knows what these children would have grown up to be if they had a chance to fight back?
      a. ACDBE      b. ABCDE      c. AEDBC      d. ADBCE

  1. A.        The last election to yield a parliamentary majority to any party was in 1984.
B.        Instability came much later.
C.        Does India need to change its electron cycle so as to give itself a new political rhythm, which will cut short the lives of lame duck administrations?
D.        The five subsequent election have led to coalition or minority governments.
      E.        India experienced remarkable political stability in is initial years with only three prime ministers in the 1st 3 decades.
      a. CEBAD      b. EDABC      c. ABCDE      d. EACBD

  1. A.        As soon as a website has been developed, it has to go through  a series of tests, similar to those an automobile goes through, including a ‘crash’ test.
B.        Testing, in fact, becomes much more important in time based, business related sites, such as in the case of stock broking sites.
C.        It’s as simple as testing an automobiles that’s just left the assembly line. At least the concept is the same.
D.        What’s interesting is that some firms have converted this need of any dotcom company into a business opportunity.
E.        However, the testing process after the development of the site can take a long time and in some cases. Prove expensive.
      a. CAEBD      b. CADBE      c. ABCDE      d. BCADE

  1. A.        Evaluate the future prospects of the company in the news.
B.        If there’s been an unusually sharp moment, chances are that any interesting news has already been discounted in part.
C.        Before you rest  to act on these reports, try to analyse the impact of any high profile news report on the company’s revenues and earnings.
D.        Avoid knee – jerk reaction to headlines.
      E.        Fortune of business seldom hinge on one single factor.
      a. DABCE      b. EABCD      c. DACEB      d. ACDBE

  1. A.        Despite posting healthy profits, Volkswagen shares trade at a discount to peers due to a bad reputation among investors.
B.        A disastrous capital hike, an expensive foray into truck business and uncertainty about the reason for a share buyback have in recent years left investors bewildered.
C.        The main problem with Volkswagen is the past.
D.        Many investors have been disappointed and frightened away.
      E.        Volkswagen shares trade at about 9 times the 2002 estimated earnings, compared to BMW’s 19 and are the 2nd cheapest in the sectors.
      a. ACDBE      b. EBACE      c. CBDEA      d. ACBDE

  1. A.        There is a debate on ; however  muted it is in the smoke and the cordite of the war of attrition that calls itself an intifada.
B.        Mainstream Palestinians, from the leadership to the grass roots, recognize they cannot drive the jews into the sea, however much they like it.
C.        There is a logic to their double talk.
D.        Israel is there  to stay, and somehow, sometime, they have to find a way to live alongside it.
E.        But the primary differences are over tactics, the efficacy of violence, not the ethics of it.
      a. DBCAE      b. AECBD      c. BDCAE      d. CBDAE


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