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Infosys Verbal paper solved

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

Short passage 1
Throughout the ages the businessman has helped build civilization’s great cities, provide people with luxuries ad artists with patronage, and lift his fellow-citizens to understand the standard of living. In the last few centuries the businessman has seeded the Industrial Revolution around the world.
1.            Paragraph best supports the statement that the businessman-
a.    Is accountable to the society
b.    Is the beneficiary of the Industrial Revolution
c.    Has contributed to the growth of civilization
d.    Is capable of raising his standard of living
e.    Lives a luxurious and comfortable life
Short passage 2
Through advertising, manufactures exercise a high degree of control over consumers’ desires. However, the manufacturer assumes enormous risks in attempting to predict what consumers will want and in producing goods in quantity and distributing them in advance of the final selection by the consumers.
2.            The paragraph best supports the statement that manufacturers-
a.    Can eliminate the risk of overproduction by advertising
b.    Distribute goods directly to the consumers
c.    Can predict with great accuracy the success of any product they put on the market
d.    Must depend finally upon the consumers for the success of their undertakings
e.    Always take moderate and calculated risk
Short passage-3
The school has always been the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next. This applies today in an even higher degree than in former times for, through the modern development of economic life, the family’s role as the bearer of tradition and education has become weak.
3.            The paragraph best supports the statement that for transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next-
a.    Economic development plays a crucial role
b.    There are means other than the school
c.    Family, as ever, is the most potent means
d.    Several different sources must be tried
e.    Modern technology must be put to use
Short passage 4
The attainment of individual and organizational goals is mutually interdependent linked by a common denominator- employee work motivation. Organization members are motivated to satisfy their personal goals, and they contribute their efforts to the attainment of organizational objectives as means of achieving these personal goals.
4.            The paragraph best supports the statement that motivation-
a.    Is crucial for the survival of an individual and organization
b.    Is the external force which induces an individual to contribute his efforts
c.    Makes organization and society inseparable
d.    Is the product of an individual’s physical and mental energy
e.    Encourages an individual to give priority to personal goals over organizational goals
Short passage 5
The prevention of accidents makes it necessary that not only safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection, and that the lighting in the plant be adequate.
5.            The paragraph best supports the statement that industrial accidents-
a.    May be due to ignorance
b.    Can be eliminated with the help of safety rules
c.    Usually result form inadequate machinery
d.    Cannot be entirely overcome
e.    Are always avoidable

Short passage 6
To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; it is actually a sign of strength. It is easy to allow oneself to be carried away by resentment and hate into an act of vengeance; but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural passions. The man who forgiveness an injury proves himself to be superior to the man who wronged him and puts the wrong-doer to shame.
6.            This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    A person with calm and composed nature has depth of thought and vision
b.    People tend to forgive the things that happened in the past
c.    Natural passions are difficult to suppress
d.    The sufferer alone knows the intensity of his sufferings
e.    Mercy is the noblest form of revenge
Short passage 7
The consumption of harmful drugs by the people can be prevented not only by banning their sale in the market but also by instructing users about their dangerous effects which they must understand for their safety. Also the drug addicts may be provided with proper medical for their rehabilitation. This will help in scaling down the use of drugs.
7.            The paragraph best supports the statement that consumption of harmful drugs-
a.    May be channelised through a proper system
b.    Can be eliminated with the help of banning their sale
c.    Are on an increase in the society
d.    Are due to lack of medical facilities
e.    Can always be reduced
Short passage 8
The virtue of art is that it does not allow the work to be interfered with or immediately ruled by anything other than itself. It insists that it alone shall touch the work in order to bring it into being. Art requires that nobody shall attain the work except through art itself.
8.            The paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Art is for the sake of art and life
b.    Art is for the sake of art alone
c.    The artist should use his art for the sake of society
d.    Art is governed by external rules and conditions
e.    The artist realizes his dreams through his artistic creation
Short passage 9
One of the important humanitarian by-products of technology is the greater dignity and value that it imparts to human labour. In a highly industrialized society, there is no essential difference between Brahmin and Dalit, Muslim and Hindu; they are equally useful and hence equally valuable, for in the industrial society individual productivity fixes the size of the pay cheque and this fixes social status.
9.            The paragraph best supports the statement that
a.    Industrial society is  great leveler of men
b.    Technology decides the individual’s social status
c.    All individuals, irrespective of caste and creed, are born equal
d.    Castes and religions are man-made
e.    Human labour has dignity and value
Short passage 10
There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing one to a service-oriented one. The increase in the service-sector will require the managers to work more with people rather than with objects and things from the assembly line.
10.         The paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Inter-personal skills will become more important in the future workplace
b.    Service organizations will not deal with objects and things
c.    Manufacturing organizations ignore the importance of people
d.    Assembly line will exist in service organizations
e.    Managers should have a balanced mind
Short passage 11
Satisfaction with co-workers, promotion opportunities, the nature of work, and pay go with high performance. Among those with weak growth need, no such relationship is present and, in fact, satisfaction with promotion opportunities goes with low performance.
11.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    High performance is essential for organizational effectiveness
b.    Every organization has a few employees having weak growth needs
c.    Relationship between job satisfaction and performance is moderated by growth need
d.    Job satisfaction and performance are directly and closely related
e.    Satisfaction is an inevitable organizational variable
Short passage 12
People need to determine whether or not their opinions are correct and to obtain an accurate appraisal of their abilities. The individual’s opinions and beliefs, as well as his evaluation of his abilities are important determinants of his behaviour. Correct opinions and accurate appraisals of ability lead to unpleasant consequences.
12.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    People need to depend on others to satisfy their needs
b.    Every individual has some ability and some emotions
c.    Most individuals are not correct in their opinions and beliefs
d.    There exists a drive among individuals to evaluate their opinions and abilities
e.    Appraisals of abilities is a continuous activity
13.         Among the elite of metropolitan India, things are gradually changing. Women are being recognized by employers, particularly in the corporate sector, as temperamentally suited to the information age. Visit any advertising agency or ad-film maker’s office ad the male-female ratio leans heavily towards the female population.
14.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Women are heading most of the agencies or ad-film makers’ offices
b.    Women are believed to be more equipped to handle infotech
c.    Only elite women join the corporate sector
d.    Male-female ratio in the society is gradually changing
e.    Women have advantage of their sex in employment
Short passage 14
Moral education centers upon this conception of the school as a mode of social life, that the best and the deepest moral training is precisely that which one gets through having to enter into proper relations with others in a unity of work and thought. The present educational systems, so far as they destroy or neglect this unity, render it difficult or impossible to get any genuine, regular moral training.
14.       This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.   Society survives on moral values
b.    Morality is based on proper relations with others
c.    Schools must teach the basic principles of social life
d.    Morality differs from place to place and is situation bound
e.    It is the responsibility of any education system to impart moral education
Short passage 15
The school is primarily a social institution. Education being a social process, the school is simply that form of community life in which all those agencies are concentrated which will be most effective in bringing the child to share in the inherited resources of the race, and to use his/her own powers for social ends.
15.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living
b.    Education in the real sense is not provided in our schools today
c.    Education teaches how to share the inherited treasures
d.    The school, as an institution, should simplify existing social life
e.    Children are endowed with immense powers
Short passage 16
Accidents on roads can be prevented, provided the quality of roads in improved and the drivers are instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection. It is also necessary that the illumination on the roads is adequate so as to prevent accidents at night.
16.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Road accidents are solely due to improper illumination
b.    Road accidents result in large number of deaths
c.    Road accidents are man-made and are always avouidable
d.    Safety rules are not taught properly to all drivers
e.    Safety must be uppermost in the minds of road drivers
Short passage 17
In the final analysis, the wealth of a country is based upon its power to develop and to effectively utilize the innate capacities of its people. It takes skilled human agents to discover and exploit natural resources, to mobilize capital, to develop technology, to produce goods, and to carry out trade. Indeed, if a country is unable to develop its human resources, it cannot build anything else, whether it be a modem political system, a sense of national unity, or a prosperous economy.
17.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    The wealth of a country resides in several types of resources
b.    Natural resources play a vital role in human development
c.    Human resources constitute the ultimate basis for the wealth of nations
d.    Capital and natural resources are active factors of production
e.    The economic development of nations is ultimately the result of proper and effective planning and coordination
Short passage 18
People need to determine whether or not their opinions are correct and correct and to obtain an accurate appraisal of their abilities. The individual’s opinions and beliefs, as well as his evaluation of his abilities are important determinants of his behaviour. Correct opinions and accurate appraisals of ability from others are likely to lead to satisfying or rewarding behaviour; incorrect beliefs and/or inaccurate appraisals of ability lead to unpleasant consequences.
18.         This paragraph best supports the statement that-
a.    Individual seek feedback from others to evaluate the correctness of their opinions and beliefs
b.    All human behaviour is purposive and goal-directed
c.    All individuals want rewards and avoid punishments
d.    An individual’s personality determines his social behaviour
Short surprisingly abundant life of the Indian Ocean is confined to the upper layers; the deeper and especially the bottom waters are devoid of oxygen and are often permeated with hydrogen sulphide.
1.            The sentence gives the information about
a.    The life of the people near the Indian Ocean
b.    The reason why life exists in particular water layers
c.    The reason why oxygen is not found in the bottom layers
d.    The reason why hydrogen sulphide is found in the bottom layers
e.    The life of the people who sail across the Indian Ocean
2.            The bottom waters of the Indian Ocean
a.    Have no oxygen
b.    Have large amounts of oxygen
c.    Contain a lot of sea plants and animals
d.    Have no hydrogen sulphide
e.    Contain oxygen and hydrogen sulphide
3.            The waters of the Indian Ocean
a.    Are devoid of life
b.    Are always permeated with hydrogen sulphide
c.    Have life only in the lower layers
d.    Lack life and it is very surprising
e.    Have life only in the upper layers
4.            Which of the following is the most opposite of the word ABUNDANT, as used in the passage?
a.    Plentiful         b. Minute       c. Insufficient                        d. Meagre      e. Tiny
5.            The sentence suggests which one of the following:
a.    Observers are surprised at how little life exists in the Indian Ocean
b.    Hydrogen sulphide is necessary to life
c.    Both oxygen and hydrogen sulphide are necessary to life
d.    Oxygen is not necessary for marine life
e.    There are different layers of waters in the ocean
Short passage 20
Although a smiling face often disguises the mind and heart of a villain, an indiscriminate generalization of this phenomenon will do injustice to the innocent children whose faces bloom like flowers.
1.            The intention of the author seems to be
a.    To point out to an exception to the general rule
b.    To argue in favour of children who are sometimes guilty
c.    To forcefully defend the kind acts of villains
d.    To give justice to the generous actions of everyone
e.    To create a favourable opinion about people with smiling faces
2.            The author of the sentence accepts the fact that
a.    All the things that appear most beautiful are the ugliest within
b.    The faces of innocent children disguise ill acts
c.    The faces of innocent children are as pleasing as the flowers in bloom
d.    An indiscriminate generalization is justifiable in this case
e.    The faces of the villains are neve smiling
3.            The author feels that an indiscriminate generalization of the phenomenon
a.    Would brand all people with smiling faces as villains
b.    Would do justice to the children who are guilty
c.    May lead good people to involve in ill actions
d.    Would prevent villains from committing ill acts
e.    Should be done in all cases except children and flowers
4.            Which of the following is most nearly the same in meaning as the word DISGUISES, as used in the sentence?
a.    Reflects         b. proves        c. Conceals   d. Reveals     e. Discloses
5.            Which of the following is most opposite of the word INDISCRIMINATE as used in the sentence?
a.    Promiscuous            b. Selective   c. Undistinguished  d. Broad        
e.    Conspicuous
Short passage 21
A man of disarming candour and unexpected wit delivered in those unmistakable Rameshwaram cadences, Kalam Saheb and his team epitomize perseverance and pride in things Indian when it is no longer the flavour of the times. His stewardship of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP) and the vision that underpins it could well define the kind of profile the nation is likely to acquire in the global comity in the next century.
1.         It is no longer the flavour of the times means’ in this context.
            a.         A picture of the food habits of the modern people
            b.         A picture of the habits of the youth of modern India
            c.         An idea of the habits and likings of modern Indians
            d.         A picture of the true Indian
2.         The vision in this passage stands for
            a.         Kalam’s stewardship          
            b.         Target of IGMDP     
            c.         The dream of the global comity    
            d.         The picture of the next century
3.         The passage reveals that perseverance
            a.         Has always been in Indian character
            b.         Was a trait of Indian character earlier
            c.         Is a trait of Indian character now
            d.         Has never been a trait of Indian character
Short passage 22
The current political turmoil in India is more or less synonymous with the tumoil in Hindu society arising out of conflicting global ideologies and the obsolescence of the Manu code of behaviour for Hindus. Hinduism owed its survival not only to the phenomenon of enlightened gurus and seers over the centuries- from Adi Shankara and Ramanuja to Ramakrishna Paramhanasa; Vivekananda and Maharshi Ramana-but also because
Hindu society was quick to adjust itself to the changing times and people and believed in assimilation and absorption rather than exclusivists faith.
1.            The passage hints a similarity
a.    Between Vivekanand And Ramakrishna
b.    Between Hinduism and current political crises
c.    Between current political crisis and the turmoil in Hindu society
d.    Global ideologies and obsolescence of the Manu code         
2.            Hinduism survived
a.    Only because of enlightened gurus
b.    Only because of its quality to adjust itself to the changing times
c.    Only because of its assimilative quality
d.    Because it has synthesized its assimilative absorbing quality with the enlightenment of its thinkers over a long time
3.            The passage suggests that
a.    The enlightened gurus have done harm to Hinduism
b.    The current political turmoil in India is the consequence of Guru’s teachings
c.    The obsolescence of the Manu code of behaviour has come in conflict with global ideologies
d.    Hinduism is the cause of current political turmoil
Short passage 23
Following chaotic scenes in the Lok Sabha-with a clamorous Congress sticking to its demands for dropping the DMK from the UF and DMK responding by calling for a debate on the Thakkar commission’s controversial findings-an anguished Speaker P.A. Sangma had little option but to adjourn the House sine die: With Parliament having been put into cold storage, the politics of durbar manoeuvring-at which the Congress, in particular, is a pastmaster- will inevitably Coe to the fore. While wheeling dealing will be the order of the day, when the onus shifts to Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President assuredly will exercise his prerogative in the best interest of the country.
1.            The passage expresses the fear that
a.    The politics of wheeling-dealing will prevail
b.    The politics of manoeuvring will come to an end
c.    The President may not work in the interest of the people
d.    The Speaker’s act might have been prompted by ordinary factors
2.            The passage suggests that
a.    Congress was very weak in political strategy
b.    Congress was pastmaster in politics of manoeuvring
c.    P.A. Sangma had many options
d.    The President will have no choice
3.            The author is of the oinion
a.    That Congress party has behaved very well
b.    That P.A. Sangma has done what many would have done
c.    That the President will use discretion
d.    That DMK should have been dropped




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