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Infosys Verbal paper solved

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

In each of the questions, there are four/five statements A,B,C,D and E that have to be arranged in a logical order to make sensible paragraph or in some the questions. There are 4 statements A,B,C and  D that have to be  arranged in a logical order to make a paragraph between statements 1 and 6.

1.         1.         As IT professional, the job entails long hours of sitting in front of the computer.
            A.        This would lead to a lifetime of pain.       
            B.        This is the worst thing for your back.
            C.        Because you would remain tense and strained in position.
            D.        To avoid this go to the Godrej showroom today.
            6.         Godrej has designed ergonomics chairs to ease pressures.
                        a. BCAD        b. ABCD        c. CABD         d. ABDC
2.         1.         Patel performed a similar feat with service.
            A.        His successful defense of the officers and his stand that ‘my secretary can write a note opposed to my Views’ evoked a cooperation from all service.
            B.        Following independence, freedom fighters, now turned into MPs and MLAs demanded stringent action.
            Against the Raj’s officers who had repressed them.
            C.        But the officers were needed to run the new India, and Patel fought for the incorporation in the new constitution of an article that made it difficult for politicians to punish officers.
            D.        Intriguingly, Patel managed while enlisting the bureaucracy, to retain his hold, over its natural adversary. The reigning political party.
            6.         In broad terms, the distribution of influence in the Nehru – Patel domain of the India 1947 – 50 saw Patel controlling the services and the congress party, and Nehru enjoying the confidence of the masses and intelligentsia.
                        a. ABCD        b. DCAB        c. BCAD         d. DBAC

3.         1.         When on July 2, 1940, Subhas was arrested it was for the 11th time.
            A.        He was sent home on December 5 after he had been on a fast unto death for 10 days.
            B.        The government has worked out ‘a-cat-and-mouse policy’ of taking him back to prison as soon as he had recovered his health.
            C.        On the night of January 16-17, 1941, Subhas however made a planned escape.
            D.        He was driven from his Elgin Road home in Calcutta by his nephew
Sisir to Gomon in Bihar from  where he went to Peshawar.
            6.         He finally reached Germany.
                        a.ABDC         b. ABCD        c. BDAC         d. DBAC

4.         1.         Posterity will remember Jayaprakash Narayan – if at all – as the apostle of one more revolution that never was.
            A.        Like Gandhi he declined to seek or hold public office.
            B.        The wits even claimed there were three centres of authority during Morarji Desai’s troubled pime minister ship – the lok sabha , the rajya sabha and jaslok sabha, the last named after the Mumbai hospital where JP spent much of his time.
            C.        The faithful regard him as the best Priminister India never had.
            D.        Others saw him as an extra – constitutional centre of power like Sanjay Gandhi.
            6.         He was heir to an ancient and formidable legacy.
                        a. ABCD        b. BDAC        c. CADB         d. DBAC

5.         1.         If one leg of the Maastricht Treaty was economic, the 2nd was political – the Soviet Union’s collapse and, in mid – 1991, the erstwhile East Germany’s merger with its western counterpart restoring the traditional Germany.
            A.        President Mitterand and Chancellor Kohl  of Germany were the two principal proponents of the Maastricht treaty, which aims at not only monetary union but also at integration of foreign, defence and social policies of the member countries.
            B.        The prospects of a dominant, ultra – nationalist Germany were not too welcome in many European capitals, given the history of the 2 World Wars in this century.
            C.        The French, in particular, were worried – and so was Chancellor Kohl of Germany, who also felt that the solution to the problems was closer integration of Germany within the EC.
            D.        If German union spurred a move towards a single European currency, ironically enough, it was also the root cause of the problems that have developed since Maastricht.
            6.         In retrospect, it seems that the political leadership in European countries were too far ahead of the people in these countries in setting the ambitious goals of Maastricht.
                        a. CBDA        b. ABCD        c. BCAD         d. CADB

6.         1.         Yahoo and Ebay are two of the most popular consumer sites.
            A.        Another way is to track number of hits per day.
            B.        This information provided by A.C. Nielsen.
            C.        A.C. Nielsen is the world’s leading market research firm.
            D.        Market research is very important to realize the potential of websites.
            6.         But hits are not a very true indicator of success.
                        a. BACD        b. DBAC        c. BCDA         d. ACDB

7.         1.         There is this story of Rip van Winkle, who went to sleep and woke up 20 years later.
            A.        Not surprisingly, he found his village changed and was for a while completely disoriencted.
            B.        For years, it was lulled into a sense of complacency by an atmosphere where change was not a Challenge.
            C.        The Indian corporate sector is caught in this Rip van Winkle syndrome.
            D.        Fortunately for him, an old lady who had survived through his slumber helped him learn and cope.
            6.         Perhaps reforms with its dynamism took it by surprise – Indian corporates are still walking up to the new realities of doing business.
                        a. DABC        b. CBAD        c. ADCB         d. ADBC

8.         A.        A good budget is one which makes a sincere attempt to change the policy environment
            B.        Government finances are terminally impaired with uncontrollable fiscal deficits.
            C.        There are big gaps in perception and capability of managers.
            D.        Industry too is not ready to deliver growth, should even the government pursue the right policies.
            E.        The current reform pace is to slow.
            F.         The fiscal deficit has deteriorated.
                        a. ABCDEF   b. BADCEF   c. FEDCBA   d. EABCDF

9.         A.        This man usually knocks on your door in the evenings.
            B.        Of this educational background, he reveals nothing.
            C.        He carries a briefcase that bulges around the middle and seems to come off at the clips.
            D.        Or he approaches you during the lunch break at the office.
            E.        The image of the traditional insurance agent is all too familiar.
            F.         In it, the ‘LIC agent” carries an incredible quantity of papers.
                        a. EBADCF   b. ECFADB   c. EADCFB   d. EABCFD

10.       1.         Dilly Dallying has become the rule.
            A.        But there have been cases when the agencies have shown diligence and taken proper action.
            B.        So the SEBI chairman did state the truth, albeit, retrospectively.
            C.        Inaction is blamed on the laws inadequacy of infirmities.
            D.        The rarity of such instances makes them difficult to recall.
            6.         It was more a sigh of relief.
                        a. BCAD        b. CADB        c. ADCB         d. BADC

11.       A.        The object of the walk on the water race is to design shoes that enable a person to traverse the surface of a swimming pool.
            B.        It is actually an annual race sponsored by the University of San Diego.
            C.        The individual or ‘shoe pilot’ that crosses the pool in the shortest time is declared the winner – and legally insane.
            D.        This is no bunch of would – be sadhus.
                        a. ACBD        b. BACD        c. DABC         d. DBAC
12.       1.         The effect can be rather indirect.
            A.        This revenge is not taken on the parents who caused the damage because they are now old or dead.
            B.        This happens in human populations, too, that juveniles are ill – treated in a way that leads violent revenge.
            C.        Instead, it is taken on parent – substitutes.
            D.        For instance, one of the results of animal overcrowding is that parental care suffers and the young do not receive the usual love and attention.
            6.         Violence against these individuals appears senseless.
                        a. DCBA        b. CBDA        c. DBAC         d. BACD

13.       1.         Look at any industry and you will see three kinds of companies.
A.        They are the oligarchy.
B.        Next are the rule takers, the companies that pay homage to the industrial ‘lords’.
C.        IBM, CBS, United Airlines, Merill Lynch, Sears, Coca – Cola, and the like are the creators and procreators of industrial orthodoxy.
D.        First are the rule makers, the incumbents that built the industry.
6.         Fujitsu, ABC, US, Air, Smith  Barney, J.C. Penney, and numerous others are those peasants.
                        a. DCAB        b. DCBA        c. CBDA         d. BCAD

14.       A.        For 25 years, he painstakingly amassed evidence to support it.
B.        This concept did not become clear in Darwin’s mind until long after he had left the Galapagos.
C.        After a great number of generations tortoises on the arid islands will have longer necks than those on the watered islands.
D.        And so on species will have given rise to another.
                        a. ACBD        b. CDBA        c. DBAC         d. DCAB

15.       A.        His comments echo those of the so – called “sage of Omaha” in a famous letter to investors.
B.        The overall point is relevant – pensioners are rioting in the streets, unemployment reaches record levels and the country is thrown into its worst recession ever thanks to a misreading by a derivatives trader.
C.        Warren Buffet doesn’t appear in the credits of , The Man Who Broke Britain, a BBC Two’s ‘docudrama’ charting the antics of a fictional rogue trader.
D.        But his sentiments run through the film, to be screened tomorrow night, like champagne through a trader’s veins on a great day.
E.        Derivatives, a main protagonist warms, are the financial equivalent of weapons of mass Destruction.
                        a. CDEAB      b. CEADB      c. AEDCB      d. ACEDB

16.       A.        The power that ruled the world could not really in the shape of just one of oits dependent creatures, but rather be complete in itself.
B.        Elsewhere on the Mediterranean shore, similarly indignant Prophets denied that God had any picturable image or rose from nothing.
C.        No image of zeus as man – like, bull – like or a golden rain could be acceptable.
D.Xenophanes of colophon (570-478 BC), like Clement, despised myths. 
                        a. DACB        b. CBAD        c. DBAC         d. BCAD

17.       A.        Research has shown that innovation follows a regular brainstorming ‘cycle’ and the companies that consistently succeed at innovation follow a specific process.
B.        They then select from these ideas, the one that seems to be the most likely to succeed.
C.        Its members generate as many good ideas they can.
D.        They return to the idea generation stage, except that now they focus on good ideas about this one good idea.
                        a. ABCD        b. ACBD        c. BDCA         d. ACDB

18.       1.         And this brings me to the point at which I asked.
A.        On the whole, it must be admitted, we do very little.
B.        But more and better machines will only gives us still more time and still more energy, and what are we to do with them?
C.        The answer, I think, is that we should try to become more civilized.
D.        “What do we do with all the time which the machines have saved for us and the new energy they have given us”
6.         For the machines themselves, and the power which the machines have given us, are not civilization but aids to civilization.
                        a. DCBA        b. DACB        c. DABC         d. CDBA

19.       1.         The train had just left Nagpur.
A.        The horizon lay interspersed with silken clouds – plain white balls of unblemished cotton.
B.        It would be some time before reached Hyderabad, my destination.
C.        It was as if I was in the midst of a celestial play.
D.        The deep blue sky spread over the craggy Deccan expanse.
6.         The sun was as its playful best.
                        a. ADCB        b. BCDA        c. ACBD         d. BDAC

20.       1.         Witness the market contrast between the stability of governments in states ruled by regional parties and those by the national parties.
A.        There is no superior authority to whom the dissident MLA can go to with his complaints.
B.        Invariably, they enforce party discipline with a firm hand.
C.        It is not that the former leaders are paragons of democratic virtues.
D.        Yet, they are directly responsible and accountable to the legislators.
6.         Looked at another way, the tendency to control from above is a reflection only of leadership insecurities.
                        a. ABCD        b. BCAC        c. CDBA         d. ABCD

21.       1.         The first thing thast strikes you as your Airbus lands at Don Muang Airport is the heat and the humidity.
A.        Japanese tour groups, complete with Nike shoes and matching bags; huge contingents form mainland China easily distinguishable with their obsession with khaki, animated Malaysians, colourful smatterings of Indonesians and Koreans and the rest.
B.        In Thailand, it is either hot and humid, very hot and humid or mild and humid.
C.        Many of thousand of tourists descending upon a kingdom which must boast the most successful tourism industry in the world.
D.        Almost as overwhelming is the rush of humanity as you approach the immigration clearance area.
6.         The inclement weather apart, Thailand is overstuffed with cars, choked with auto pollution, and always in a state of flux.
            a. CBAD        b. CADB        c. CDAB         d. BDCA

22.       A.        The new legislation would have the effect of banning some departments of the federal government from outsourcing work to poor countries.
B.        The annual jamboree of Nasscom, the lobby for IT and services firms held in Mumbai this week, has for years been a forum for self – congratulation.
C.        Therefore this year’s change in tone marked by dismay about what is seen as an American effort to change the rules of the game is interesting.
D.        The catalyst for this was one small part of an omnibus spending bill passed by the US Senate late last month.
E.        The reason is simple India’s software and, more recently, “outsourcing firms” – call centers, back office processing, technical support and the like – are an unfailing source of pride, able to make up the fastest growing segment of what is now a booming economy.
            a. BEDCA      b. BADEC      c. AEDCB      d. ACDEB

23.       A.        In a case no money can be recovered by these means, the courts could jail the mother or father.
B.        Parents of child vandals face being jailed under government proposals announced yesterday to force Parents to take responsibility for the behavior of their children.
C.        The mothers and father of children under 10 who are found deliberately damaging property will be made to pay victims upto $ 500 compensation.
D.        Magistrates will be expected to allow property to be sized from their homes or cash deductions made from their wages.
E.        If they refuse or fail to pay, the government will allow the courts to take tough action against them.
            a. BCEDA      b. BEDCA      c. BAEDC      d. BEADC
            24.       A.        They should then immediately speak to the parents of the alleged offender.
                        B.        They cannot send a juvenile to Tihar jail and let him or her spend time with hardened criminals.
                        C.        Once the police arrest somebody, it is the responsibility of the officer to inquire about the person’s age.
                        D.        The role of a police has to be that of a reformer.
                        a. ACBD        b. CBDA        c. CADB         d. BACD
            25.       1.         Women’s groups in Spain sued a Muslim Imam, Mohammad Mustafa.
                        A.        The Imam says he was not advising men to beat their wives.
                        B.        His book, women and Islam gives instructions to husbands.
C.        They accused him of inciting violence towards women.
                        D.        He advises, for example, that a beating – administered with a ‘fine and light’ rod – on the feet is better than one around the face because bruises would be less visible.
                        6.         He wanted to just to tell them how to do it as a last report, and under strict guidelines.
                        a. ACDB        b. BACD        c. CABD         d. CBDA

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