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Infosys logical Reasoning Question paper

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

1:there is a robery and four persons are suspected out of them one is actual thief, these are the senteces said by each one of them!
A says D had done
B says A had done
C says i dddnt done
D  B lied when he said that i am thief
out of these only one man is true remaining are false ans C is thef,D is true! maks 3

2  how many four digit numbers divisible by four  can be formed  using 1,2,3,4;repetions are not allowed! ans 6;
3  a vender solds two things at same cost 12 RS with one item at 25%profit and other at 20%loss,by this transaction he made profit or loss by how much ans loss,60paise
4 two friends A,B are running up  hill and then to get down! length if road is 440 yards A on his return journy met B goin up at 20 yards from top,A has finished the rase .5 minuit earlier than B,then how much time A had taken to complete the rase. ans 6.3 minuits
5 barons question diagnostic test question 8-12,5 men and 5 women went for foot ball match.........
6 write a five digit number , which will be having two prime numbers, and some two more conditions,like 1st digit greater than 2nd etc its easy(remember one is not a prime number,most people don mistake taking 1
as prime number)  ans 71842
7  two employs were there employ one says to employ two your work ezxperience twice as me emp2 exactly
emp1 but two years before you said that your work experience is thrice as me emp2 yes its also true what are their work experience ans 4,8
8   ther are four persons A,B,C,D and for languages english ,French ,german italian, conditions
1 only one language is spoken by more than two men
2 A dont know english
3 a man can speak either french or german but not both
4 all man cannot spek in a group(no common language)
5 A can mediate when B and C want to speak with each other
6 each men  can speak two languages
A      french italian
B      english french
C      german  italian
D      german  italian

9   there are 3 women ,they having three jewells,named diamond emerald ,ruby
3 women A,B,C
3 thiefs D,E,F
each thef had taken one jewel from each of the women following conditions one who had taken diamond is the bachelor and most dangerous D 's brother in law E who is less dangerous than the thief who had stolen emerald
 (this is the key from this e had stolen ruby) D did nt stolen from B one more condition is there
10 ther were five persons out of which two persons heir went white and three persons hair is black conditions
if A 's hir is white then B'hair is white A,s hair is not blakck if C's hair is not black two more conditions
but we can easily solve it from first codition ans is Aand B's hair is white
in this age of super computer computer will repalce man!
what is contribution of industry towards humn growth

1 two time glases 7,4 how you measure 9
2  four persons have to cross the bridge  they are having one torch ligt four persons take 1,2,5,10 minuits respectively , when two persons are going the will take the time of the slowest person whats the time taken to cross allof them ans 17minuits
3   a non uniform rope burns for one hour how you will measure half an hour ans lit it from both sides!

1. there were three suspects for a robbery that happend in a bank, tommy, joy and bruceEach of them were saying that I haven't done anything and the other two has done it.police found that tommy was lying .who is the thief. 3M (MARKS).

2. three clocks where set to true time .First run with the exact time ..second slows one minute/day. third gains one minute/day. after how many days they will show true time.  3M.

3. A,B,C,D,E are some numbers.if AB * CD = EEE and CD - A =CC THEN what is AB * D =? IN SAME CODE .5M.
4. Joe started from bombay towards pune and her friend julie in opposite direction.they meet at a point .distance travelled by joe was 1.8 miles more than that of julie.after spending some both started there way.joe reaches
in 2 hours while julie in 3.5 hours. Assuming both were travelling with constant speed.Wath is the distance
between the two cities.   5M.

5. In a six level building,a person lives .suppose the persons are A,B,C,D,E,F. --- and there were few clues like--- A cann't live above third level, B cann't live above A and below C.-- i am recalling each.did u understood
the question-- u have to find person living at each level.  5M
6. There were some containers of quantity 1,3,4,5,6,12,15,22,24,38 liters.each was filled with some liquid except one.the liquids are milk, water and oil.quantity of each was like this water = 2* milk oil = 2* water
find out which container was empty and cantainers filled with milk and oil. 6M

7. there were few diamonds. 1st thief takes half of the diamonds +2 2nd thief takes half of the diamonds +2
3rd thief takes half of the diamonds +2 4th thief takes half of the diamonds +2 when 5 th thief arives there were no diamonds. find total no. of diamonds. (ans 60)  6M.

8. there were five hunters A,B,C,D,E and five animals A,B,C,D,E. Hunter having the same name with the animal didn't kill it. Each hunter has missed some animal. A animal was hunt by the hunter whose name matches with animal hunt by hunter B. C animal was hunt by the hunter whose name matches with animal hunt by hunter D. E has hunt C and missed D .find out animals hunted by A,B,C.  6m.

9. Five students A,B,C,D,E. when conversation started B,C were speaking english.When D join them they
shifted to Spanish.A,E knows French .B,E knows Italian.Portoguese was known to there of them.Spanish was the most common language between them. one of them knows five languages. one of them knows four languages. one of them knows there languages. one of them knows two languages. one of them knows only one languages.
A knows ?  4 options
B knows ?  4 options
C knows ?  4 options
E knows ?  4 options       8M

Infosys 2000 -  I.I.T.,Madras

1. If 1/4 of the time from midnight plus 1/2 of the time from now to midnight is the present time,then what is the present time ?

2. In a 10 digit number, if the 1st digit number is the number of ones,2nd digit number is the number of twos, and ... so on. 10th digit is the number of zeroes,then find the number

3. A train blows a siren one hour after starting from the station. After that it travels at 3/5th of its speed it reaches the next station 2 hours behind schedule. If it had a problem 50 miles farther from the previous case,it would have reached 40 minutes sooner. Find the distance between the two stations .

4. An army 50 miles long marches at a constant rate. A courier standing at the rear moves forward and delivers the message to the first person and then turns back and reaches the rear of the army as the army completes 50 miles. Find the distance travelled by the courier.

5. A person grows cabbage, he uses a larger square this year than previous year and produces cabbages than previous year.what is the no. of cabbages produced this year

6. Olympic race :
4 contestants  : Alan,charlie, Darren ,Brain.
There are two races and average is taken to decide the person comes at the same position in both the race. Charlie always come before darren. Brian comes first once. Alan comes third atleast once. Find the positions. Alan never comes last. Charlie & darren comes 2nd atleast once.

8. Problem finding who is husband,wife & son from 4 set of families.
9. Rank the persons from set of conditions.

1. There are 4 married couples out ofwhich 3 a group isneeded . Butther  should not be his of her spouse .How nmany groups are  possible ?     Ans 32

2.In the 4 digits 1,2,3,4 how many 4 digited numbers are possible   which are divisable by 4? Repetetions are allowed     Ans 64
3. Twow men are goingalong a trackf rail in the opposite  direction.   One goods train crossed the first person in 20 sec. After 10 min  the train crossed the other person who is commingin  opposite direction  in 18 sec. After the train haspassed, when thetwo  persons will meet?
Approx  72min check it once.
4. Theno. of children  adults . Theno .of adults  the
 no .of boys .

           The no.of boys  no. of girls .The no.of girls  no.of
 familyi                 conditions

               1.No family is without a child
       2 Every girl has atleast one brotherand sister .

       Ans cabgf; 9 6 5 4 3 .

6.There are4 boys Anand ,Anandya ,Madan and Murali with  nicmnames perich       ,zomie ,drummy and madeena not in thesame  order       Some com=nditons
 Ans Anand : Perich
   Anandya: drummy
   Madan : Zombie
   murali: Madeena

7.Thereare2diomans ,1 spadeand1 club and 1ace and also 1king ,1  jack and 1 ace are arranged in a straight line
   1.The king is at third place    2.Theleft of jack is a heart and itsright is king   3. No two red colours arein consequtive.  4.The queensareseperated by two cards. Write the orderor which  suits (hearts ,clubs )and names(jacks queensetc.)
8. Writeeach statementis true or false 8M
1.The sum of the1st three statements and the2nd false statement givesthe true statement.
 2.The no.oftrue statements falsestatement
3. The sum of2nd true statement and 1st falsestatement gives the first true statement.
4. Thereareatmost 3 falsestatements
5.There is no two consequtive true statements
6.If this containsonly 1-5 statements ,theanswer of this is same as the an  answer of the following question
9.Question on Venn diagram. All handsome are also fair skinned    Some musulars are fair skinned   Some musculars are also handsome  All lean are  also muscular  Some lean are also fair skinned.    All rich  man inot fair skinned but all rich manare handsome 
Some questions follows.
10  There are 3 pileseach containe 10 15 20 stones. There are A,B,C,D,F,G and h persons .One man can catch upto four stones from any  pile. The last man who take swill  win. If first A starts next B. and so on who will win?  Ans May be F

Essay writing: 1 Intrnet revolution 2.Media for youth

1. When Arthur is as old as his father Hailey is now, he shall be  5 times  as old as his son Clarke is now. By then, Clarke will be 8  times older than Arthur is now. The combined ages of Hailey and Arthur are 100
 years. How old is Clarke ?
2. I have one orange glass containing orange juice and another white glass containing apple juice. I take 50 ml of orange juice and mix it with apple juice in the white glass. Then I take 50 ml of this mixture and  transfer it back to the orange glass.  If you compare amount of apple juice in the orange glass and amount of  orange juice in the white glass which is more than the other and by  how much ?

3. The seven digits in this subtraction problem are 0,1,2,3,4,5 and 6.
Each letter represents the same digit whenever it occurs.
                    D   A   D   C   B
                        E   B   E   G
                          B   F   E   G
       What digit is represented by each letter ?
4. The Jones have named their four boys after favorite relatives; their friends, the Smiths, have done the same thing with their three  boys. One of the families has twin boys. From the following clues, can you determine the families of all seven children and their ages ?
       i)   Valantine is 4 years older than his twin brothers.
       ii)  Winston, who is 8, and Benedict are not brothers. They are each named after a grandfather.
       iii) Briscoe is two years younger than his brother Hamilton, But three years older than Dewey.
       iv)  Decatur is 10 years old.
       v)   Benedict is 3 years younger than Valentine; they are not  related.
       vi)  The twins are named for uncles.

 5.   Motorboat A leaves shore P as B leaves Q; they move across the lake at a constant speed. They meet first time 600 yards from P. Each returns from the opposite shore without halting, and they meet 200 yards from Q. How long is the lake ?

6.  Fanta, Pepsi and Citra often eat dinner out.  a) Each orders either coffee or tea after dinner. b) If Fanta orders coffee, then Pepsi orders the drink that  Citra orders. c) If Pepsi orders coffee, then Fanta orders the drink that
 Citra does not order. d) If Citra orders tea, then Fanta orders the drink that Pepsi orders. Which person / persons always orders the same drink after dinner  ?

7. On the Island of imperfection there is a special road, Logic Lane, on which the houses are usually reserved for the more mathematical  inhabitants. Add, Divide and Even live in three different houses on this road (which
 has houses numbered from 1-50). One of them is a member of the
Pukka Tribe, who always tell the truth; another is a member of the Wotta  Tribe, who never tell the truth; and the third is a member of the Shalla Tribe, who make statements which are alternately true and false, or false and
 true. They make statements as follows :
ADD     : 1 The number of my house is greater than that of   Divide's.
                2 My number is divisible by 4.
                3 Even's number differs by 13 from that of one of the others.

DIVIDE  : 1 Add's number is divisible by 12.
                 2 My number is 37.
                 3 Even's number is even.

 EVEN    : 1 No one's number is divisible by 10.  
                   2 My number is 30.
                 3 Add's number is divisible by 3.
Find to which tribe each of them belongs, and the number of  each of their houses.

8. The names of the inhabitants of Walkie Talkie Land sound strange to the visitors, and they find it difficult to pronounce them, due to  their length and a few vowel sounds they contain. The Walkie Talkie guide is     discussing the names of four inhabitants - A,B,C and D. Their names each contain upto eight syllables, although none of the four names contain the same number. Two of the names contain no vowel  sounds; one  contains one vowel sound; and one contains two vowel sounds.  From the Guide's statements below, determine the number of  syllables and vowel sounds in each of the four Walkie Talkie names :
 i)  The one whose name contains two vowel sounds is not A.
ii) C's name does not contain more than one vowel sound or fewer than seven syllables.
iii)The name with seven syllables does not contain exactly one vowel  sound.
iv) B and C do not have names with the same number of vowel sounds.
v)  Neither the name with five syllables nor the name with seven syllables contains more than one vowel sound.
vi) Neither the name with six syllables, nor the B's name, contains  two vowel sounds.

9.  Multiplication and Division.

10.  Two identical twins have a very unusual characteristic. One tells nothing but lies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and tells nothing  but the truth all other days. The other tells nothing but lies on  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and tells nothing but the truth all other days. On Sundays both children speak the truth.
      1) Which of the following statements can be deduced from the information presented ?
          i)  If it is Sunday, the twins will both say so.
          ii) If it is not Sunday,one twin will give the correct day and the other will lie about everything.
          iii)On any given day, only one twin will give his correct name.
                 a)  i only
                b)  i and ii only
                c)  i and iii only
                d)  ii and iii only
                e)  i,ii and iii

       2) According to the information presented, which of the following conversations will be impossible.

          a) Twin A  :  "Today you are a lier"
             Twin B  :  "You are telling the truth"

          b) Twin A  :  "Today you are a lier"
             Twin B  :  "Today I am a truthteller"
          c) Twin A  :  "Tommorow I shall be a lier"
             Twin B  :  "That's correct"
          d) Twin A  :  "Tommorow you will be a lier"
             Twin B  :  "Today you are a truthteller"
          e) Twin A  :  "Yesterday we were both truthtellers"
             Twin B  :  "You are lying"

        3) Assume that the twins followed a different set of  rules, so that on a given day both told only the truth while next day  both only lied, alternating days of truth telling and lying. Under these rules,which of the following conversations would be possible ?
          a) Twin A  :  "Today you are a lier"
             Twin B  :  "That is correct"
          b) Twin A  :  "Today you are a lier"
             Twin B  :  "That is not so"
          c) Twin A  :  "Tommorow we will be liers"
             Twin B  :  "Yesterday we were truthtellers"
          d) Twin A  :  "Tommorow we will be liers"
             Twin B  :  "You are 1 year older than I am"
          e) Twin A  :  "We always tell the truth"
             Twin B  :  "We some times tell the truth"

       4) If the twins are heard saying the following on the same day, which choice presents a correct statement ?

         Twin A   :   "It is Sunday Today"
         Twin B   :   "Yesterday was Sunday"
         Twin A   :   "it is summer season now"

           a) it is a summer sunday
         b) it is a summer monday
         c) it is Monday but not summer
         d) it is Sunday but not summer
         e) it is impossible to determine whether it is Sunday or Monday.

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