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Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.


1. You are given two candles of equal size, which can burn 1 hour each. You have to measure 90 minutes with these candles. (There is no scale or clock). Also u r given a lighter.
Ans: 1. First light up the two ends of the 1st candle. When it will burn out light up one end of the second candle.   (30+60=90)

2. Try the similar problem to measure 45 minutes.
Ans: First light-up the two ends of the 1st candle and one end of the 2nd candle.
When the 1st candle will burn out ,then light up the both ends of the 2nd  candle (15+30=45)

3. You r given a thermometer. What can u do by this without measuring the temperature?
Ans: if u put thermometer into a tree it won't grow anymore, will just die off

4. How it is possible to place four points that are equidistance from each other?
U r a landscape designer and your boss asked u to design a landscape such that you should place 4 trees equidistance from each other.
(Distance from each tree to the other must be same)
Ans: Only 3 points can be equidistant from each other. But if u place points in the shape of a pyramid then its possible

5. You are given a cake; one of its corner is broken. How will u cut the rest into Two equal parts?
Ans: Slice the cake
6. How will you recognize the magnet & magnetic material & non-magnetic material?
Ans: Drag one piece of material over another. There is no attractive force in the middle portion of the magnet. OR
Get a piece of thread and tie up with the one bar and check for poles. If it iron bar then it moves freely and if it is magnetic bar then it fix in one direction according to poles.
7. If one tyre of a car suddenly gets stolen.... and after sometime u find the tyre 
without the screws how will u make ur journey complete?
Ans: Open 3 screws, 1 from each tyre and fix the tyre.
8. How can u measure a room height using a thermometer?
Ans: temp varies with height. but its dependent on various other factors like
humidity, wind etc.
9. What is the height of room if after entering the room with a watch ur head
strikes a hanging bulb?
Ans: Oscillate the hanging bulb. Calculate the time period for one complete
oscillation by Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) of the handing bulb. Put it in the
formula T=2 * 3.14 * (L/G)^1/2
L will be the length of the hanging thread.
Add the L with ur height to get the height of the room.
Ans: Drop it from the room and find the time at which it strikes the floor. Using physics formula  s = (at^2)/2 (IM NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE)
10. Color of bear.... if it falls from 1m height in 1s.
Ans: We get 'g' perfect 10 which is only in poles...hence polar bear...color White
11. How will you measure height of building when you are at the top of the building? And if you have stone with you.
Ans: Drop the stone and find the time taken for the stone to reach the ground. find height using the formula
s = a + gt ( s = height, a= initial velocity=0, g=9.8m/s, t = time taken)

 12. How wud u catch and receive a ball in same direction? (Dropping is from north And receiving from bottom not accepted, as it is 2 directions)
Ans: ?
13. 25 statements given. Some tell truth, some false and some alternators. Find out the true statements.
Ans: ?
14. Can u make 120 with 5 zeros?
Ans: Factorial (factorial (0)+factorial (0)+factorial (0)+factorial (0)+factorial (0)) = 120
15.There are three people A, B, C. Liars are of same type and Truth speaking people are of same type. Find out who is speaking truth and who is speaking false from the following statements:
a)       A says: B is a liar.
b)       B says: A and C are of same type.
Ans: lets assume A is speaking truth. It means B is a liar then it means A and C are not of same type.
 16.5 swimmers A, B, C, E, F and many conditions of their positions like there are Two b/w A & F, B doesn't win etc the question was to find who was b/w like E & D?
Ans: ?
17. in a race u drove 1st lap with 40kmph and in the second lap at what speed u must drive so that ur average speed must be 80kmph.
Ans: its impossible! if u drove the first lap in 40 kmph, its impossible that the 
average speed of both the laps is 80kmph.
for eg. consider one lap distance = 80km.
time req. to cover 1 lap = 80km/40kmph = 2 hrs.
 if the avg. speed is 80kmph, then the total time would have taken = 160kms/80kmph = 2 hrs.
same is the case with any other distance u consider. so the avg to be 80kmph is impossible
18. You have to draw 3 concentric circles with a line passing thru their center without lifting hand. 
Ans: Start the line complete one circle move inside circles along the line and then draw second circle. Like wise rest.
19. A rectangular paper is there. At a corner a rectangular size paper is taken from it. Now you have to cut the remaining paper into two equal halves.
Ans: try it on the paper. You must fold the part that has complete paper and select Half of it and then fold the part that cut and selects half of it and then cut along the folding. (I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS ONE!!)
20. Value of (x-a)(x-b). . . . (x-z)
Ans: 0 as there's X-X term
21. There are 9 coins. 8 are of 1 gm and 1 is of 2 grams. How will you find out the heavier coin in minimum number of weighing and how many weighing it will need?
Ans: 2 weighing ( Divide the number of coins into 3 parts at each weighing)


In HR he asked me to tel about myself.. then he asked why I chose this field.. then he gave two puzzles.. I solved one.. he asked a question based on situation.. then checked the creativity.. mainly they don't see whether you solve or not.. they just see your approach towards it.. also they are very particular about the communication level.. try to stay cool and communicate properly and clearly.. don't be nervous.. all the best..


HR Round:For me HR was cool. The guy was very friendly. They just want to see your communication skills as told by their associate manager at the end of the selection procedure, who told us that 7 students were rejected because of their poor communication Skills. General questions were asked like :Why Infosys? Why Software?(if u are from branch other than Comp)They also asked GK questions, business news etc. And some puzzles as well.If possible, try to emphasize on leadership skills as ur qualities and keep ready some examples from past when u were a good leader.

So that was all. Hope this helps you all. If anyone has some more queries feel free to leave ur comments here. I shall be glad to help.


INTERVIEW EXPERIENCEActually we have been informed that they won't ask us any technical questions so I didn't even touch anything for technical. Our college was called at 12pm for HR round. We enquired the attended students about the interview they also said that they didn't ask anything technical. I was very cool. But it didn't stay for long time.I was called to panel number 24 (totally number of panels = 24)Here goes my interview experienceI: excuse me sir!!HE: come in, take ur seat.I: thank you sir!HE: i think u have waited for quite long time. Take some water and make urself cool.I: ok sir (I drank water in the bottle on the table) and said thank you sir!HE: hmmm..tell me about your backgroundI: explained about myself. Che ta naSHE: tell something that you dont likeI: i dont like those who comment at the back.HE: but it happens all around!I: yes sir, but i can accept criticism. They can tell me directly.HE: oh! Ok.Tell what you like..I: i am a self made person. I like to live on my own..blah blahHE: (sudden reaction) what!!! U dont like to be a self made person is it??I:sir,u asked me about what i like.HE: is it..ok..can you tell me what are the subjects u learnt in 3 yrs..I: we had dept. Subjects only from 2nd semester..we had circuit theory,electronic devcies..HE: what is circuit theory??I: i told him it is the basics of our stream..blah blahHE:what is kirchoff's law??I: (i was very much shocked to hear that question since even though its basic..i forgot all those laws and i didnt refresh) i don't know sir.HE: what is electronic devices??I: i told him..HE: ok..tell me what is resistor, capacitor etcI: i told him..HE: ok where resistor is used??? Tell me some real time examples..I: i told him its used in FANHE : fan a??? R u sure?? Ok tell in which part of fan, the resistor is used? Whether its n regulator or fan?I: truly speaking i don know the answer..i told him its used in both..HE: is it??? What is the function of regulator..I: to control the speed..HE: how does it works??I: sir i am a ECE student..i dont know about all these..HE: what is flip flop??http://www.ChetanaSinterview.comI: its a circuit which stores one bit of can be either 0 or 1HE:what is the real time application??I: (i dont know but i said)its used in switches sir!HE: switches?? Ohh where..(he showed me switch board) are the flip flops used here???I: i don't know sirHE: am i asking anything difficult?? I am just asking u the basic questions..but you are not able to answer!!I: just kept calm and had little smileHE: what you have learnt for 3 years????I: sir, i am quick learner sir..i will manage and kept calmHE: what quick learner?? What u ve done for all 3 years??I: kept calmHE: what is a satellite??I: i told him..HE: what are the types of satellites??I: geo stationary satellite..(i know only this!!)HE: then,what else??I: kept calmHE: can u understand what i am asking??? Your not able to answer any questions properly,i think you have problem with understandingI: no sir, i am a hard worker and quick learner n kept calm HE:i dont think are having 80% but your not able to answer any questions..I:kept calmHE:i have asked nearly 10 questions but u didnt give any satisfactory answers!!I: smiled and kept calmHE: i expected more from you man!!I: sir i am very sincere to my work sir..Then he gave me two puzzles i solved one correctly and the other left in the middle...HE:do u have any questions??I: i wanna know abt my carrier growthHE: what you want to know in that??I: about my growthHE: how will u perform ?I: sir,i will do my best!!HE: you will get the best. I: thank you sirHE: Anymore questions??I: no sir,HE: thanks for coming,..I was totally upset after coming out of the panel..i heard all my friends had HR interview that for just 5 -7 mints...but i had for 20 mints!!! I lost my interest and messaged my friends about this. They all convinced me and said that i had a stress interview and those who have stress interview will have the maximum chances of getting in..http://www.ChetanaSinterview.comI waited for nearly 4 hrs after my interview....all 504 students were called to open air auditorium..they announced results for each college.when i heard my name..i was so happy..i had felt like reaching something...One thing i like to share for INFY aspirants!!Try to solve all the old papers and sakunthala devi's puzzles to puzzle youThere s no need of any preparation for VERBAL its like a cake walk..very very easy..Once you cleared APTY..ur almost 90 %into the company... The remaining 10% as i faced u may have stress interview..stay cool always...have a smile in your face always...he will try to break it..dont show any reaction..have eye contact always..But mostly u wont have stress will be very rare...but guys those who r getting stress interview will be selected surely...its a fact...all the students who have attended my panel have been selected except one guy who have wrong information about the be careful about it...

Hi Chetanaites,
I have to really thank this site becoz of which I have been placed in first company I tried-INFOSYS.DATE: 6th and 7th july 2006VENUE: st josephs colg of enggNO OF COLGS ATTENDING: 12NO OF STUDENTS ATTENDING : more than 3000NO OF STUDENTS CLEARING APTITUDE : 504NO OF STUDENTS CLEARING INTERVIEW :427

if anyone has doubt in any q they can ask me I wil tel them. After the written we waited for 5 hours and then results were announced at 8:30pm. wow it was gr8.Since it was very late they told us to come for interview next day.7th july : we reached at 8 am, and if u don't know abt st josephs boys and girls are not allowed not to talk to each other there and not even stand next to each other. thats the horriblest thing there but the colg has gr8 infrastructure (amazing colg)ok interview for our colg mnm jain engg started at 11am.they called me first, I think it was accordin to who scored highest.I went inside, quite confident.there were ten diff panels. my hr was an elderly person, he asked my resume.http://www.ChetanaS.com1) Then he asked me to tel something abt myself (not any personal traits, only something abt colg or school of family in description). he didn't let me complete
2) then he asked me to tel which event I enjoyed organized and which one I enjoyed most (I wrote I organized event). he didn't let me complete
3) he gave puzzles. I got 6 puzzles in interviewa) on table he had matchsticks and stapler pins and askd me to mve a grape within the stapler by movin 2 matchstick. he gave me 10 seconds. didn't get as diffb) 4 circles they should all be equidistqnt to each other?Maybe rhombus, he gave ten secondsc) gave some series (I got it)he gave ten seconds and when he saw I was abt to get ans he said ok leaved) 10 kgs iron ,10 kgs cotton thrown from a height which wil fall first and reason?He gave 5 seconds.answer maybe both fall together Chet anaSe) 3 tumblers one is 20 liter, other 3, 5 liters. 20liter is full and other 2 are empty. do something to get exactly 4 liter. Didn't let me try for more than 2 steps.7-10 seconds he gavef) then abt weights kept on a measure indin weigth?He gave 15 or more second I told ans first then he changed q and made it more difficultAfter that he askd whether I was ready to transfer anywhereAlways say yes never say no , tel u lik cin new places and want to understand the people, surroundin etc of the place, which is not possible in 2 days or soThen he askd if I had any qs, I askd abt exposure as soft engg, when wil v be able to met customers directly?He answered.I had no hope of getting selected absolutely you know y? because al my friends got maximum of 2 puzzles and some got 1 puzzle, some got 1 puzzle and many didn't get any puzzles they were askd wat they do on SundaySome were askd y is manhole round and not square?Some were given nice situations lik-:1) wat would u do if u became very rich, how wil u help society wit it ?2) if u find a paper which is half torn on road, wat are steps u wil take to find the full details abt the paper? EtcI was very sad and thought it to be very unfair as other were askd very simpl things where as I was the only 1 wh got 6 puzzles.My interview was over soon and from 12 to 6:30 we had to wait , then they announced the results. my name was announced I was very happy. U maybe thinking how did I get selected. well I had stress interview. Yes its very rare for a fresher but it does happen sometimes so don't ever loose hope.And best of luck to u all.

Interview Appear to interview before half an hour of ur interview time.They didn't ask me the usual ques."Tell abt urself".By seeing my name they asked whether I kept the name by numerology.So guys be cool and confident. They asked me details from the application form, which will be provided at the beginning of test. So provide the correct info. Another thing they didn't ask is puzzles. http://www.ChetanaSinterview.comThey are checking problem solving skill, decision making skill and also leadership qualities. Then as usual, abt relocation, abt infosys,... Keep in mind, past is past.SUCCESS will not come by a day.So, Don't loose confident at any time.
(Paper Submitted By : Kirthi)

Then my Interview. the interview was 1 on 1. a man nearly 45.
the interview was on time

I- Plz sit down
ME - Thank u sir full of smiles
I- So plz tel me sum thin bout u
ME - Prepared well 4 that he was satisfied
I- Hobbies
ME - Answered well( plz prepare a unique hobby that wil help u a lot)
I- Other activities
Me again gud answer
I-Latest 5 news
ME- Very eazy
I-Now the bouncer this is a glass(plastic) half filled wid water how can u use other than filling liquid in it
ME- May I take 10 sec
I- Yes
ME - Yes sir I can use it as flower pot, making crushing sounds, as a show piece after decorating it, to turn off a candle....
I- He seemed very impressed
I- Can u solve this puzzle it was a very odd series mind u it was really tuf I knew d answer of hundreds of puzzle but it seemed illogical
ME- I Tuk some time and gave an answer he told me it was not correct I told him that if I get some time I can definetly do it
I- Yes I know u can
I- Any question Mr Himanshu
ME- Bout coustomer satisfaction and profit management
I- Told me the answer and said thank u
I- Full of smiles and thak u sir



INTERVIEWThis is useful only for those who r hav just entered 4th year and wrote exam.I hav paper pres, mini proj summer jobs etc. imagine he dint even asked for my resumeeMy % was pretty low 67.8%. first he posed me Q on my percentage why it was so low (in +2 I got 95 ) I answered but not that convincing,He said if u deliver just 68 for 100, then when I give u atask how can u succeed, I said I give 110% of my effort so I achieve atleast 99% results ( he was impressed)Hobbies I said traveling he asked me to talk for 1 min abt Aruku, hillstation. I managed (this is a must Q JAM get ready for this)
coming to puzzles 1) matchsticks that 4 equilateral triangles, ans is pyramid 4 right angle triangles gav a spring with a ring in it, I know it would come out cant do it in that moment try it it will come out.I am frm mechanical why did I choose it? Not that convincingAnd some moreDo u hav any questions?This is my time, I referred to NDTV interview of Mr.NarayanamurtyWhat do u mean by scalability?He explained for 10 min, a nice gentleman, he was cool and made me feel the samewhen I came out I am sure I will get thruso Frnds hav a question ready for u ,grab the opportunity, let him knw u r interested. It is a MUST.So thanks frnds, hope above information is useful for u, 10 days preparation is enough.Do well and get thru, next year by this time I will be there in infosys, waiting for u all.1 thing all cant clear in first attempt, don't get demoralized, u hav something better stored in for u . this is my sec test, first I attempted Satyam I couldn't clear interview,now I had infosys in hand. Also those who got selected help others to get.ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!Believe in ur self SAATVIKA



HR (Don't forget to sign ur resume)I was not asked a single question from Technical side. Be cool. I had all unexpected questions. But tried to answer as much as possible. For every point try to get an example academics and non academics. http://www.ChetanaSinterview.comOnly question which I prepared got is "Do you go to Mohali if we want you to go"1. Do u have any brother?2. What's he doing?3. Explain how r u a self starter(from resume)4. ExtraCurricular Activities5. About my father6. Speak 1min on the topics given or any ur topic (depends on HR person).FIFA-2006, Role of Women in Defence, Alternative Sources of Fuel, BPO, TATA 1lakh car 7. 2 puzzles were given Place 5 2rupee coins such that each coin touches every other coin ( I think its not possible) 2 plastic pieces were given. Asked to make a pyramid (U can get in Magic Box sold at exhibitions)For my friends they asked match stick puzzles( Shakuntala Devi and some stuff on net) 8.Any Questions to ask?Friends they see your approach. Not your answer. Also maintain good eye contact. Clean your nails. Appear neatly with any light coloured dress. Don't change your answers. Try to fill in the form what exactly u have in your resume.And last but not the least : Good Communication

common puzzles for Interview---1)How to cut a cake in 16 parts in 4 cuts2)How many trees can be placed equidistant3)The missing term in the matrix4)COCA+COLA=OASIS find all they are all different5)ABCD*D=DCBA(may be)and other ques they ask u about current affairs, use of anything like stapler, clock and others.....about ur hobbies...about latest of luck for infy friends...if any query u can mail me at

Interview :
This was very casual. No need to worry. Just be confident and have smile on your face. The first question asked to me was "Talk about yourself". Keep prepared this answer. Also, some common questions were "Why Infy?", "How will you manage in team", "Strengths and Weeknesses". Then one or two simple puzzels are asked. Luckily they didnt ask me any puzzle. One good incident happened with me was, when I shook hands with the mam in the end, I did it very lightlly (by just holding her fingers) and she replied "This is not a good handshake" and laughed. So you shake your hands stonglly.

Well, thats it. The major key to crack infy test, is to use :-) All the best !
Next day shortlisted students had interview. mainly HR questions were asked very rarely technical. Each panel has only one person. The person who came for me was the head of global recuirement for infy. He was very friendly, soft spoken and Very smart. ME:Excuse me sir.(my slot was 10.15, but called at 12.30)
HE:sorry shobana,waiting for such long time!(he might have seen me waiting)
ME:full of smiless!!!!!!!!!!
HE:tell about urselves
ME:said in 7 minutes.
he:why u want to join IT field (I belong to mechanical background)
me:gave very smart ans
he :(visibly he was satisfied)VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!
HE: if posted outside chennai ,will u be happy?
me: very very happy sir and explained it(Iam bit jovial and so said that iam bored with chennai!!!!!! blah blah)
HE: (With all smiles )VERY GOOD!!!!!!Any Question to me?
me: asked a ques he had never expected (i asked about client satisfaction and feedbacks)
HE: (explained very well). then asked to submit my mark sheets.THEN gave shake hands and asked 2 wait till evening
Me:THank u sir!!!!!!!!!!(i was confident that i will be selected)
For interview they mainly see our confidence level, english, our commitement to join infy and personality also matters!!!!! (Be well dressed with light colour formal dress its very important). Some times being short listed from written test might need luck also . so dont loose hope if not shortlisted. This year every IT company need about 20,000 -30,000 enggs. So if not in one company u will be placed in another. I pray to god that all members of this wonderfull group will be placed within this year. ALL THE BEST SAY 'U'CAN AND 'U' WILL!!!!!!!!!


Finally after a very long way I joined Infosys. I am asked to report at Hyderabad. The main reason for my win is ChetanaS. I prepared the previous papers; I got 4 out of 10 from that. Thank u very much And all of u know the books to read. Prepare that also. The exam papers are already published in ChetanaS.
About the interview, it is so cool. They asked about me and my family. And my previous working experiance, about hobbies.

Be cool, smile and answer to every thing. I just imagined myself as chating with my friend. And be ready about the hobbies and answer it. u should not struck it. Dont put the hobbies that will catch u like sports if u are just a watcher. whetever u put in hobbies pls be thorough in that. my suggestion is indicate most common hobbies like hearing music, reading books(that too novels not gk or news paper becoz u should have very current updates), watching TV etc. that will help u a lot and keep u cool.

Regarding the puzzles in interview I was wrong on both but to my surprise I was selected.

The puzzles are 00000=250 prove this 2.

In a cube without crossing a edge twice how many edges u can touch without taking hand. I just draw a three dimensional cube. that is the reason for my selection I believe becoz I draw it somewhat visible So be bold cool and take the test and pls any body from Chennai to Hyderabad contact me at Thank u Chetana.

Bye all take care All the best to all

Prepare the previous papers and for the people who r weak in English just prepare from some grammar books so that u could clear the verbs part and prepositions partI am weak at English so prepared for grammar & then go thru the news papersThat's it , it will help u solve the English paper.
As the suggestions given previously do ur rough work very neatly. It is not so hard to crack the test at infy. Just work hard as per the schedule suggested in some Mails. I just prepared 4 10 days schedule suggested in this grpThey informed thru a phone call He asked me to come to their office at GachibowliThe scheduled timin is at 6.10 pm but my interview is at 7.30 pmThe interview is for 15 to 20 minswhen comin to my interview the panel members are very cool there r two old persons both were above 50sI wished him and went in to the roomSir: tell me abt urself? http://www.chetanasinterview.comMe: I started telling they interrupted me n asked me some question So I stared again frm the startin but he asked me to continue
Sir:did u organize any events in the collegeMe:no sir
Sir: did u come across any team workMe: yes sir acedamic project
Sir: then who is the leader in ur teamMe: all r frds so no leader. Every body followed suggestions give by others
Sir : he asked me abt my projectAnd then
Sir: can u say any situationthan u thought differently frm othersI said something related 2 my project
Sir: asked abt the game tat I was playin in schoolThen he asked me to solve a puzzle tat I did in the exam (paper is in his hand)He asked the prob tat I solved first in my ans sheet: Age problem, I solvedAfter that he asked me to speak abt pollutionThen he gave a simple puzzle Che tanaSHe gave me two horsesAnd two jockey and asked to make them sit on themSir: thank u do u hav any question for usMe: No sirI wished them That's all my interview they just checkin abt ur presence of ur mind and u shld not get confused. That's allAll the best guys.. I am waiting for resultsThey said they would inform us with in a 2weeks.

5 HR Interview: It was very cool...well actually he asked 2 puzzles: 1.How do U make 4 equilateral triangles using 6 match sticks? ANS:Simple a square with 2 diagonals 2.How do U make 1000 using 7 3's? ANS: it can be this way--- 333*3+3-(3!/3) and questions like--- wht idea would u give to improve IT/Communication sector in AP,if U'r made A minister of that dept. SUGGESTIONS(If reqd): Just be U'r self, bcoz there won't be any use even if U exaggerate or boast, they'll definitely catch U, be focussed, try to prove U'rself to be a career woman/man...,assure them that U won't be leaving the company,atleast for 2 years.Be confident.
To some of my friends,project was also asked so just be prepared,general or U'r related questions might be asked. But I tell U,once U get thru test,it would be 70% done, so concentrate more on that. Out of 10, 6 to 7 questions need to be solved and rough work is also very important, just blind answers will not get U marks. I received an offer letter on 9th June(after 11 days).So just be patient enough. Once again ThankU very much friends. (Paper Submitted By : Swapna Reddy)

Hi Chetanaites

  today i had my Infosys intrvw in hyd campus.
  my slot ws et 2 in the aftrnun but it strtd at 2:40
  as soon as i ws cald i can c two middle-aged ppl ready to play with me thn strtd the game 
  thy strtd with askin my name n abt my hobbies
  note tht thy wil hv the aptitude paper with thm
  thy r gonna giv u one qstn frm the ppr n ask u to solve tht
  aftr tht thy askd me to spk one min abt my clg
  thn followd with sm qstns on my proj
  aprt frm tht thr wer puzzles
  1) make 4 equilateral triangles using 6 matchsticks
  ans) build a triangular pyramid
  2)u r given two rods one is iron othr is magnet
  hw do u fnd whch is iron n whch is magnet
  ans) hang thm magnet aligns itslf with north-south
  perform tht 3-4 times to confrm the rods
  3)"fast cars chewing gum"
  explain tht stmt
  i dint gt tht
  the intrvw wud be gud if u can be cool n confident
  hope i hlpd ya guys
  n thnx fr the materials u always keep posting on mails. thy really hlp a loooooot
  (Paper Submitted By : Vikas Mummadi)

Hai Chetanaitesam praveen here. i've been a chetanite for alomost 2 years now and really cant put in words how this wonderful group has helped me all through.First of all i wud like to thank Chetana Mam and this wonderful group which works wonders and helps hundreds of youngsters to find thier dream job.its really amazing.Thanks a lot's my long story that can be termed as a success now.www.ChetanaSinterview.comwell am a 2004 Mechaical Engineering passout.i've been doing a few odd jobs here and there and was on the look out for the big break in my career.i took many test conducted by big IT sectors but didnt make it .they were , InfosysTCSSatyamHoneywellSynteland these were a few companies that allowed us mech engineers to attend thier test. but sadly i didnt get thru them during my first year of job i started working in a small mech concern and attending a few big companies now and then.And finally in November 2005, i gave the infosys test and unfortunately wasnt short listed that day . i still wonder why . i wrote it pretty well and think i got 8 puzzles right.but still there wasnt a positive result. i really was kinda flabbergasted then and didnt have a clue what to do i continued working in that small concern.www.ChetanaSinterview.comthen suddenly in Febraury 2nd week i got a call saying that i've been shortlisted for the infy interview. that really was a laugh , and i thouht someone was playing a dirty game on me. but finally i rechecked and realised it was a fact and attended the interview that friday. this is how it went.i was kinda tense when called in , the panel consisted of two guys and the worst part was they were not at all pleasent to say the least unlike most infy interviews.i wished them gettig in and took my seat.1.) i was asked to introduce myself first , which i did ok.2.) then they asked me why i wanted to do join infosys .i gave them the usual dream company stuff and a few reasons to support. 3.) then they asked me if i knew where infy was planning its biggest facility in india.i didnt have a clue but blabbered it was in chennai. (it actually was in hyderabad, which i later realised).the interviewer said 'is that all u knew about ur dream company'.Here was when i thought i lost the chance.4.) then he asked me where was infosys's biggest facility as of now ?I said it was in mysore (this is right). he said ok, and asked me wat else i knew about infy.i told them about C-life and all that stuff we cud find in thier seemed like he wasnt impressed, and said these were all in thier site .i said it was.5.)then he asked me wat had i done in the past year to update myself on the IT industry coz i was from mech background.?i didnt know wat to anwer intailly, i then said i knew a few softwares which i've learned in my college and stuff.he interrupt me saying that he wasnt asking about any softwares or languages , just the work culture and environment.i thought for a few seconds and said i had lotta friends working in the IT industry , so i get to know wats happening in the IT sector,besides i update myself reading the newpapers and visiting company sites and i myself wasnt convinced with the answer.www.ChetanaSinterview.coma better answer wud have been which i later thought was " i am working for the past year so i know how to work in a team and manage people and get along with working in a team isnt a problem for me.and i know that infy has the world's best training facility , so am sure thier training wud help me adapt to the work culture beter ,me being a fast am sure i can cope up with that ".am mentioning this coz , it may be useful to some people who are in my shoes.6.) he asked me if i was creative.which i duly answerd as yes.he then gave me a cell phone and asked me wat else i cud do with that besides its nature of use. and before i cud answer he interrupt me saying " the first one wud be a paper weight , isnt it ?? ".i wondered wats going on and said " yes ,it is " and went on saying that it can be wrapped in colour paper and used as a decoratice item, calling bell,horn and all that crap.he said ok.7.) it was a puzzle.he drew a traingle such that each side has 4 small circles in it,totally making it 9 circles.(note that 3 circles are on the vertex and 2 in between them).he said i shud fill the circles with numbers from 1 to 9 such that they are not repeated and all nos shud be used atleast once so that we get 17 adding up each side.i being tense , my mind refused to work. but still i tried to solve it, actually tring to find out the combi's in which we get 17 using the nos 1 to was funny, he interrupted me again before i cud finish and asked wat am i doing,was i trying trial and error or any other method.i said,am trying to arrive into a logical conclusion trying to figure out wat combi's wud gimme 17 and and wat nos wud fit it in that vertex circles.he said ok and said he didnt expect me to solve it , just wanted to see the approach. i said ok.www.ChetanaSinterview.com8.) he said ok,it was nice to have me there and if i had any quetions.of course i had.i asked a couple of usual questions and then the million dollar question, " when can i expect my results ", which he duly answered in 2 to 3 weeks.that was it.i really had no hope and cursed myself for messing it all up.i later met my classmate who was working there and we got talking. he then said,it may have been a stress interview which they conduct often,it depends on the be prepared.stay unruffled and positive.if possible show them some eagerness and enthusiasm.thats all they need , u sure'll be in and i was in for a great surprise when i saw the offer letter asking me to join on 27th Feb in Mysore.i really thanked my heavens and was in cloud 9 for some time before i got down.www.ChetanaSinterview.comit really was an experiance.guys,all i wud say is,prepare well for the test,the crucial two aspects are , 1.) that 10 day preparations.2.) old QP's. (most of the puzzles were from the old QP's.if u cud solve or atleast go thru it,it'll really help you a lot.)am not posting the QP coz its already been posted and u'll see that most of the puzzles there was from older thats the key.use that 10 days carefully, plan meticulously and work on them,and dont waste your time (i did this when i first took the infy test back in november 2004).i sincerly hope that this mail wud help a few guys who are seeking a job .i wish you all guys a bright future and a job soon. never give up and hold on a second longer , thats the key.stay focussed and unruffled.u'll be there before u knew it.that ends my mail ,bye friends and its been great to be a Chetanaite, this group really means a lot to me, i gained a lotta confidence reading the success stories and huge resources for the QP's.i wish this group all the best and CHETANA mam to continue the great work she's been doing for years now. she really needs a huge applause for her endeavours and selfless help.i'll always be indebt to you mam.Thanks a lot.may God bless her and her family. all the best and warm regards ,
Before you say, " i can't" ,say " i will try ",and then give it your best.
(Paper Submitted By : Praveen)

INTERVIEW: almost 600 ppl gave the exam(thats what i heard)and around 100 got selected for an interview.i expected the call and i got it for the 9th of jan 10'O clock in the morning.
i reached for an interview by 9:20 and they asked me to sit in the waiting room.there were 5 panels with 2 persons on each.on an average interviews were going for 20 -25 mins.i walked in for an interview at 10:30.there were 2 ladies sitting over there one around 33-34 and other of around 45years old.
we exchanged good morning n then she asked me about myself.
me:i am an honest optimistic and hardworking person and i try to persue my goals till the end i just dont like to give up.(she smiled a bit)
they were mainly asking with respect to my resume.
lady:ur hobbies r cricket and football? so have u been part of the college team?
me:yup i have represented the college football team.
then she asked me about my BE project and my role in that.i had prepared this question very well so i explained it properly.
lady:so any previous job experience?
me:no,actually i was getting job in couple of small companies but i wanted to start my career with bigger platform like infosys or such so i rejected those offers.
lady:so dont u think one should start from small opprtunities and move on towards bigger ones?so why didnt u take those?
me: see i think u should get a good industrial experience after doing engineering for 4 years and generally u dont get exposed to various aspects of industry in the small companies and u learn them only in bigger companies like infy and also u should work for atleast 2-3 years to get that experience so i dont think that there is any point in doing a job for 6-7 monthes n then leave it so i was waiting for the right opprtunity.(both the ladies looked impressed)

lady: so u read also?what books have u read recently?

me:i generally read daily news papers and if i get time then i like to read scientific the one i read recently A LIFE IN THE NUTSHELL and A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME from stephen hawlkings.

lady:so what r they about?

me:actually they r about our universe and black holes n all,and the other 1 is bit like his autobiography like how did he do his journey after getting afftected by motor nuron desease at very early age,,its quite fascinating.

lady: so whom would u like to become for a 1 day if u r given a chance?
me: ummm well i will like to be someone like mr abdul kalam.

lady:why? and what r the qualities u know about him?
me:he is the no 1 scientist of our country and he is our president now.the fact i admire him a lot is even with so much of success and fame he is very simple human being and down to earth and always try to help poor ppl.

then she asked me to solve 1 st prob from the test n i explained it properly.the other lady gave me 1 more puzzle like write 1 using all ten digits.i approached it with addition and subtractionas 9-8+7-4-3.... n i got it somehow.(ladies looked pleased)actually after the interview i realised the simplest way to do is:9^0+8^0+7^0+6^0+5^0-4^0-3^0-2^0-1^0=1.

lady:if u r going on highway and all the 4 tyres get punctured and u lose all nuts also,u dont have spare nuts so what will u do?suppose u r on mumbai pune highway.

me:well i will use spare tyres and i will fix them up with something like nuts , like..
lady:common u said u r optimistic so u should find some way and suppose u have very imp meeting to attend then how will u get ur car done?
me:well mam then i will ask for lift ,out of ten atleast 1 will give me a lift n i will try to get myself at the nearest spot like lonavla n then take a volvo or something n wont bother for my car at that moment as i have to reach for the meeting 1st.

lady:so u have written that u like to explore new things in ur what r they?

me: mam like i go for trecking rgularly

lady:n where did u go for very last time n when?

me:i went in june or july n i had gone for raigad fort.its very nice place n shivaji maharaj had his empier on the raigad.

lady:how did u go there?

me:we took ST from mumbai central for mahad n then took another ST for an hour or u can take a tamtam also.
lady:so if i want to go there n i dont have any knowledge of trecking then how will u plan it?

me:mam if u r coming then i will better hire sumo so no halts r requiredn i will ask u to take 2-3 sarees or whatever u r comfortable wearing with plus some medicines n firsr aid box n some water,u shouldnt carry too much of luggage for treck as it will create problems for u plus u get everything on raigad.(she actually asked me to specify every thing)

lady:ok so if u r group of 10 with old and young ppl n there is a risky pasage on treck for 5 mins then what will u do?where would u locate yourself in the group?

me:i will lead the group.i will go first so that i can give instructions to others which spot is slippery and where should u be carefull.also i will make groups of 2 with young n old person in each group so that young person can help old ppl while crossing the passage.

lady:ok thats it, any questions ameya?

me:no mam.thank you.
it was approximately 25 mins interview and i think i did quite well in the interview. atlest ladies were happy on their faces and looked satisfied.
(Paper Submitted By : Ameya)

Panel had 2 persons (females) - aged around 35 to was cool - they started asking about my extra curricular activities -then went on with the work last they gave me some 2 puzzles (simple ones) to solve.
1. There are two vessels of same size with water in it and one is 20 degree Celsius and other is 20 degree Fahrenheit. When a coin is put in both vessel which will reach bottom first.
Ans: As 20 degree Fahrenheit is definitely a freezing pt, at this time none can be be immersed so at 20 degree Celsius the coin will immerse first.
2. In a knock out game of chess, how many games will be played when there are about 43 players?
Ans: Winner gotta defeat remaining 42 players which means total game played is 42.
I wish all u guys a good luck.Dont lose hope - keep trying..!!
(Paper Submitted By : Vasanth M)

I gave infy test on 8th jan 06. this time paper questions are new .Only 2 or questions from previous year. Around 1200 students took test only 105 were short listed for start preparing hard I attend interview on next morning , panel of 2 hr. 1 male M,1 female F, both were good n make u comfortable INTERVIEW M: tellme about ur self? Me I prepared 2 page for it n spoke it completely M: in that I spoke about my career objective as I see myself to be the team leader of the team after 5 yrs, so hr asked me what if u will remain in team after 6 rs? Me: I told them I am hard worker n I believe in continious improvement n I think hard work never goes in vain I will be definitely become TL after 5 yrs. F: asked what were doing from 6 months Me: I told her that I was concentrated on c, sql,pl/sql ,I am also learning java n I am improving my communication skills, basically in communication skills I concentrated on improving my speaking skills rather than improving increasing my vocab F: don't u think vocab is important Me: Definetly mam vocab is important but I think the way speak represents ur personlaty therefore if a person have normal vocab can communicate effectively,I told her even in English reader never use typical words they use simple English. So I concentrated on the cpeaking skill,for this I usually watch dd1 enlish news n concentrate on the correct pronunciation I also told her that I lost many interviews n I think the reason was that I speak very fast, n I worked on that in these 6 months. F: from where u are learning java Me:from a institute in jaipur F:what all u had done for improving ur comm skills Me: I started recording my voice I start hearing it ,this has helped me a lot in improving my speaking ability M: what do u mean by continious improvement Me: I told him bla blab la as I am from IEM , so I gave him management funda F: u are a member of so many groups as in my resume I had shown that I am the technical leader of my dept online newsletter,also I was the editor ,n also I was the technical member of my college website team, also member of public speaking team F:she asked me training program which I had done in my college Me I told her it was meant for improving communication skill F: what were ur responsibilities in public speaking club Me: to encouge students to speak on stake as there are many who have stage fear so we motivated them give them a chance to speak , also tell them how to improve comm. Skills ,body language F:Don't u have stage fear Me : no mam F: how u prepared urself for interview Me: I solved shakuntala devi . N blab bla f: do u read anything me: yes mam I read newspaper n motivational books f:which newspaper me : sometimes times of India( I made the wrong statement here) m: what about other times me: sir as don't get so much time because I am working apart from that iam also working part time, n also learning java so I get very little time to read news paper,then I say hindu I read m: who is the editor of hindu? Me: I told him that I concentrate my self on articles so I don't know who is the editor F:do u have any thing to ask Me: infosys is driven by values c-life what c-life means f: I didn't get u me : I repeated the ques I think both of them don't know about that then male speak when u join infy u will get the idea of it

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