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Infosys Aptitude campus paper

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

Chapter–4                              Tests-1
    1. A takes 4 min 50s while b takes 5min to complete a race. If A beats B by 33 1/3m, the length of course is
a.      990m
b.      1100m
c.       750m
d.      1000m
    1. In a circular race track of length 100m, three persons A, B and C start together. A and B start in the same direction at speed of 10 m/s and 8 m/s respectively, while C runs in the opposite direction at 15 m/s. When will all the three meet for the first time after the star?
a.      after 4s
b.      after 50s
c.       after 100s
d.      after 200s
    1. A does a work in 90 days, B in 40 days and C in 12 days. They work one after another for a day each, starting with A if the total wages received are Rs.360 and A, B and C share them in the ratio of the work done, find their respective individual wages.
a.      Rs.40, Rs.60 and Rs.260
b.      Rs.36, Rs.81 and Rs.243
c.       Rs.42, Rs.86 and Rs.232
d.      None of these
    1. Neeta loses to Divya by 10m in a 100 m race. Preeta loses to Divya by 15m in a 100n m race. By how many meters will Neeta beat Preeta in a 400 m race if their speed remains constant in all the reces?
a.      25m
b.      20m
c.       23.33m
d.      22.23m
    1. A does some work in 5 days for which B takes only 4 days. C does the same work in 3 days for which B takes only 2 days, if all of them complete job working together and Rs. 7.40 is the daily wages for their combined work, then A’s share will be
a.      Rs.3
b.      Rs.2.40
c.       Rs.2
d.      Rs.1.50
    1. Tim has finished fencing 2.3 of the area of his rectangular garden that is 10 ft wide. When he finishes fencing another 60 sq. ft of the garden would have finished ¾ of the job. What is the length of the wall?
a.      60ft
b.      72ft
c.       600ft
d.      80ft
    1. A cistern can be filled by 2 pipes in 30 min and 40 min respectively. Both the pipes were turned on at the same moment, but after some time the first was turned off and cistern was filled in 10 min more. How long after the pipes have been turned on, was the first one turned off?
a.      11min
b.      37/3min
c.       90/7min
d.      92/7min
    1. A typist can type 44 words per minute. How long will she take to type a 100 page document, each page containing 32 lines?
a.      72/7min
b.      76/8min
c.       68.6min
d.      can’t be determined
    1. Pipes P and Q can fill a tank in 12 min and 16 min respectively. Both are kept open for X min and then Q is closed and P fill the rest of the tank in 5 min. the time X after which Q was closed is
a.      3min
b.      2min
c.       6min
d.      4min
    1. In a kilometer race, if A gives B as 40m start, A wins by 19 s. but if A gives B as 30s start, B wins by 40 m.  Find the time taken by B to runs 5000 m?
a.      150s
b.      450s
c.       750s
d.      825s
    1. Two trains start at the same time from Aligarh and Delhi and Proceed towards each other at the rate of 16 km/hr and 21 km/hr respectively. When they meet, it is found that one train has traveled 60 km more than the other. The distance between the two stations is
a.      445km
b.      444km
c.       440km
d.      450
    1. Ten men, 8women and 6 boys together can complete a piece of work in 25 days. For how many days will 19 men, 20 women and 30 boys be occupied with 3 times the work? The work done in a particular time by a man, a woman, and a boy are in the ratio 5:3:2.
a.      28
b.      25
c.       30
d.      32
    1. Walking at 4 km/hr, a boy reaches his school 5min late. If he walks at 5 km/hr, he will be 2 ½ min to early. Find the distance of the boy’s school from his home.
a.      3/2km
b.      2km
c.       5/2km
d.      3km
    1. Towns A and B are 100 km apart. A school is to be built for 100 students of B and 30 students of A. Expenditure on transport is Rs.1.20/km per student. If the total expenditure on transport by all 130 students is to be as small as possible, then the school should be built at
a.      33km from A
b.      33km from B
c.       A
d.      B
    1. A and B start together from the same point on a circular track and walk in the same direction till they both again arrive together at the starting point. A completes one circle in 224 s and B in 364s. how many times will A have passed B?
a.      4
b.      5
c.       6
d.      7
    1. A man can do a job in 10 days. A woman can do it in 20 days. They work on alternate days beginning with the man. The work will be completed in…………days.
a.      7
b.      13
c.       14
d.      15
    1. A, B and C are on a trip. A drives at 50 km/hr for 1 hr. B drives the next  2 hr at 48 km/hr. C drives the next 3 hr at 52 km/hr. they reach their destination exactly after 6 hr. their mean spped was
a.      52km/hr
b.      356/7km/hr
c.       154/3km/hr
d.      151/3km/hr
    1. A man takes 7 hr in walking to a certain place and riding back. He would have gained 2 hr by riding both ways. The time he would take to walk both ways is
a.      6hr
b.      7hr 30min
c.       4hr 30min
d.      none of these
    1. The work done by a man, a women and a child are in the ratio 3:2:1. If daily wages of 20 men, 30 women and 36 children amount of Rs.78, what will be the wages of 15 men, 21 women and 30 children for 18 weeks?
a.      Rs.7371
b.      Rs.8645
c.       Rs.9000
d.      None of these
    1. Two workers A and B, completed a job in 10 days, but A did not work during the last 2 days. In the first seven days they together completed 4/5 of the job. How long would A take to do the job alon?
a.      16days
b.      15days
c.       14days
d.      none of these
    1. Sujit plans to travel 180 km. he travels first 30 km at 45 km/hr, next 60 km at 90 km/hr and remaining distance at 75 km/hr. being a literature student he is unable to calculate his average speed of the entire journey. Can you help him out with the correct answer?
a.      79km/hr
b.      1350/19km/hr
c.       1369/19 km/hr
d.      none of these
    1. Times taken by three grand prix contestants to reach a terminal are in the ratio of 6:4:3. what will be the ratio of speeds at which they cover the distance?
a.      4:6:9
b.      2:3:4
c.       2:3:8
d.      none of these
    1. 2 pipes A and B can fill a tank in 4 hr and 5 hr respectively. If they are turned on alternately for 1 hr each, the tank will be filled in (assume that the pipe A turned on first)
a.      4hr 24min
b.      4hr
c.       4.5hr
d.      5hr
For Q 24-27:  Answer the questions based on the following information:
2 trains started simultaneously at 9 am from A and B towards B and A. Both of them take 12 hr to reach their respective destinations.
24. At what time will the 2 trains meet?
            a. 3pm
b. 3.45pm
c. 4.2 pm
d. 6 pm
25. If the first train met with an accident at 1 pm and thereafter travels at half of its original speed, when will the 2 trains meet?
a. 2.40pm
b. 3.40pm
c. 4.20pm
d. cannot be determined
26. The first train met with an accident and traveled at half of its original speed thereafter. It reached the destination 10 hr late. Find the time when the 2 trains would meet.
a. 3pm
b. 2pm
c. 4.2pm
d. none of these
27. the first train met with an accident and traveled at half of its speed thereafter, and the two trains met at 4 pm find the time when the accident occurred
a. 3.15pm
b. 11am
c. 9.3 am
d. 12 noon
28. Sambhu can do ½ of the 3work in 8 days while kalu can do 1/3 of the work in 6 days. How long will it take for both of them to finish the work?
a. 88/17days
b. 144/17 days
c. 72/17 days
d. 8 days
29. 2 men are moving in opposite directions with speeds 36 km /hr and 18 km/hr in a straight line. The faster man can see a person from 100 m. After seeing the slower man he 2 s for reacting (applying breaks) and reduces his speed by 1 m/sec in each second. If the slower man is as efficient as the faster one in all respects, find out the minimum rate of reduction in speed to avoid collision. Assume that both stop at the same time.
a. 4/9m/s per s
b. 9/4 m/s per s
c. 2/9 m/s per s
d. none of these
30. A candle of 8 cm long burns at the rate of 3 cm in 3 hr, whereas another one of 10 cm long burns at the rate of 3 cm in 2 hr. What are the lengths of the candles when they are of the same length? (Assume the rate of burning is constant in both the cases.)
a. 3cm
b. 4cm
c. 4.5cm
d. 5cm
31. Pipe A and B running together can fill a cistern in 6 minutes if B takes 5 minutes more than A to fill the cistern, then the time in which A and B will fill the cistern separately will be respectively?
a. 15min, 20 min
b. 15min, 10min
c. 10min, 15min
d. 25min, 20min
32. 2 taps are running continuously to fill a tank. The 1st tap could have filled it in 5 hours by itself and the second one by itself could have filled it in 20 hours. But the operator failed to realize that there was a leak in the tank from the beginning which caused a delay of one hour in the filling of the tank. Find the time in which the leak would empty a filled tank.
a. 15 hours
b. 20hours
c. 25 hours
d. 40hours
33. Walking at ¾ of his normal speed, a man takes 2 (1/2) hours more than the normal time. Find the normal time.
a. 7.5h
b. 6h
c. 8h
d. 12h
34. Shatabdi Express starts from Chennai toward Bangalore at 6 pm at a speed of 80km/hr. Chennai Express starts from Banglore towards. Chennai at 9 pm at a speed of 40 km/hr. if the distance between Chennai and Banglore is 305 km, find the time at which both the train meet.
a. 9:36:5pm
b. 9:35:40pm
c. 9:32:30pm
d. 9:41:20pm
35. 13 men and 7 boys can finish a job in 7 days, while 6 boys and 13 women can finish the same job in 6 days. In how many days can 1 man, 1 boy and 1 boy and 1 woman woking together finish the same job?
a. 42
b. 54
c. 21
d. 63
36. A motorboat takes 20 hours to travel 32 km upstream and 24 km downstream. Find the time that it would take to travel 10 km upstream and 10 km downstream given that its speed downstream is thrice its speed upstream.
a. 13/3 hours
b. 6 hours
c. 20/3 hours
d. 8 hours
37. A man was traveling from A to B. he covered one- third of the distance at 15 km/hr and the remaining distance at 20 km/hr. at what uniform speed should he travel such that he would now be able to go from A to B and return to A in the same time that he previously took to travel from A to B?
a. 36km/hr
b. 48km/hr
c. 60km/hr
d. 45km/hr
38. A and B can finish a job in 10 days, B and C can do it in 18 days. A started the job, worked for 5 days, then B worked for 10 days and the remaining job was finished by C in 15 days. In how many days could C alone can finish the whole job?
a. 30
b. 15
c. 45
d. 24
39. A ship started from point A and travel 50 miles downstream at 75 miles per hour and returned to the starting point at a speed of 60 miles per hour. What is the average speed of the ship for entire journey in miles per hour?
a. 40
b. 48
c. 50
d. 66 2/3
40. Train A starts at station X at 5 pm and arrives station Y  at 9 pm and train B starts at station Y at 7 pm and arrives station X at 10.10 pm At what time both the trains meet each other?
a. 7:36pm
b. 7:53pm
c. 8:36pm
d. 8:56pm
41. A person can row 6km an hour in still water. To cover a certain distance, it takes him thrice as long to float along the stream as it does to row along the stream. Find the speed of the stream.
a. 2kmph
b. 4kmph
c. 1kmph
d. 3kmph
42. X would like to get his three house renovated. Singhania can renovate a house in 10 days, Babu nin 6 days whil Keshav takes 15 days. Babu started the renovation work but left after 4 days. Then, Singhania took up the work and worked for 12 days before quitting. How many days will it take Keshav to complete the remaining work?
a. 15
b. 16
c. 17
d. 18
43. 2 taps with emptying capacities in the ratio 1:2, empty a full tank in 2 hours when opened together. How much time does the first tap alone take to empty half the tank?
a. 1.5hours
b. 2hours
c. 3hours
d. 6hours
DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 44 TO 46: Answer these questions on the basis of information given below:

A group of 10 workers can plough a field in 20 days. This group starts the work and after every 2 days, one additional worker joins the group. Assume that the capacity of each worker is the same.
44. Find the time taken to complete the work.
a. 85/7days
b. 222/17days
c. 239/17days
45. How many workers were working on the day on which the work was completed?
a. 15
b. 16
c. 17
d. 18
46. If each worker were to work at only half his capacity, then on which day will the work be completed?
a. 22nd
b. 25th
c. 26th
d. none of these
47. Eight men and six women can earn Rs. 5000 in 10 days. Six men and five women can earn Rs.7800 in 20 days. Find the time taken by one man and six women to earn Rs.11000
a. 30days
b. 25days
c. 20days
d. 50days
48. In a 500 m race, Ravi beats Ramesh by 5 seconds or 100 m. They decide to run another race and this time Ravi gives Ramesh a head start of 200m. If Ravi’s speed is twice his previous speed and Ramesh’s speed is one and half times his previous speed, how far from the start should the winning post be so that they finish at the same time?
a. 500m
b. 1000m
c. 1500m
d. 2000m
49. Huckleberry Finn was rowing upstream on the Mississippi river. When he had covered one kilometer from his starting point, his hat fell into the river and started floating downstream. Finn continued to row upstream for five more minutes before he realized that his hat had fallen off. He then turned back and caught up with the hat just as it reached the starting point. Find the speed of the river.
a. 6km/hr
b. 8km/hr
c. 12km/hr
d. cannot be determined
50. A man rides at the rate of 7 km/ hr but stops 10 min. to change the horses at the end of every 14th kilometer. How long will he take to go a distance of  98km?
a. 15hr
b. 16hr
c. 17hr

d. 18hr

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