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Infosys Aptitude campus paper

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

1.      A traveler walks a certain distance. Had he gone half a kilometer an hour faster, he would have walked it in 4/5 of the time, and had he gone half a kilometer an hour slower, he would have walked 2 ½ hr longer. What is the distance?
a.      10km
b.      15km
c.       20km
d.      data insufficient
2.      If the distance traveled (s) in time (t) by a particle is given by the formula s=1+2t+3t2+4t3, then what is the distance traveled in the 4th second of its motion?
a.      141m
b.      171m
c.       243m
d.      313m
3.      Rajdhani express leaves Chennai towards Delhi at 3.10pm and travels uniformally at 120km/hr. August Kranti Rajdhani Express leaves Delhi towards Mumbai at 12.30pm and travels uniformally at 80km/hr. Both the trains cross at Baroda at 4.30pm On a particular day, Rajdhani leaves at 3.30pm. when will the two trains cross?
a.      4.32pm
b.      4.36pm
c.       4.28pm
d.      4.40pm
4.      Shyam went from Delhi to Shimla via Chandigarh by car. The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is ¾ times the distance from chandigarh to shimla. The average speed from Delhi to Chandigarh was half as that from Chandigarh to Shimla. If the average speed for the entire journey was 49 km/hr, what was the average speed from Chandigarh to Shimla?
a.      39.2km/hr
b.      63km/hr
c.       42km/hr
d.      none of these
5.      A non stop bus to Amritsar overtakes an autorickshaw that is also moving towards Amritsar at 10am. The bus reaches Amritsar at 12.30pm and starts its return journey after 1hr. on the way back it meets the autorickshaw at 2pm. At what time will the autorickshaw reach Amritsar?
a.      2.30pm
b.      3pm
c.       3.15pm
d.      3.30pm
6.      A and B starts from the same time to run in opposite directions round a circular path of 550 yards in length. A gives B a start of 100 yards. They pass each other when A has run 250 yards. Who will come first to the starting point and what distance would they be apart then?
a.      A, 10yards
b.      B, 10yards
c.       A, 20yards
d.      None of these
7.      Sanjay and Kamal run 1 km race on a circular track. Sanjay can complete a round in 25 s while Kamal runs the same in 20 s. If they meet 10 meet 10 times over the entire race, what is the circumference of the track?
a.      40m
b.      100m
c.       80m
d.      20m
8.      A finishes a work in a certain number of days. He gets two assistants who work ¾ as fast as him. If all the three work together, than in what fraction of time would they finish the job when compared to A working alone?
a.      5/3
b.      3/5
c.       2/3
d.      2/5
9.      A man is traveling along the line 3x+5y=7 in XY plane at the speed of 1.02 units per minute. How much time will he take to go from the point at which x=-2 to the point at which x=5?
a.      6min 52 s
b.      7min 10 s
c.       8min
d.      8min 25 s
10.  A man walks to his office at a speed of 5km/hr and reaches office 10min later than his normal time. The next day, he walks at a speed of 7km/hr and reaches 2 min earlier than the normal time. What is his normal time to reach the office?
a.      30min
b.      40min
c.       32min
d.      42min
11.  A and B are 200m apart on a straight road. They start moving towards each other, A at 10 m/min and B at 2 m/min. after  A has covered 30 m he takes a left turn, move 10 min; then takes a right turn, moves 20 min; and then turns right again o meet the road. When A is back on the road again, how far are A and B?
a.      0 m
b.      10 m
c.       60 m
d.      30m
12.  A frog is stuck at the bottom of a well. Each time it leaps to come out, it covers half the distance left and half a metre. If it is out in 4 leaps, the height of the wall is
a.      12m
b.      15m
c.       18m
d.      20m
13.  A contractor receives a certain sum every week for paying wages. His own capital together with the weekly sum enables him to pay 45 men to 52 weeks. If the had 60 men at same wages his capital and weekly sum would suffice for 13 weeks, then find how many men can be maintained for 26 weeks.
a.      60
b.      52
c.       50
d.      65
14.  A train without stopping travels at 60 km/hr and with stoppages at 40 km/hr. what is the time taken for stoppages on the route of 300km?
a.      10hr
b.      20hr
c.       5hr
d.      2.5hr
15.  A and B working together could complete a job in 5 days. If A had work twice as fast as he normally works and B half as fast as he normally works, they would have completed the work in 4 days. How many days would A takes to do the work if he had worked alone?
a.      12
b.      15
c.       10
d.      8
16.  A man walks from P to Q and cycles from Q to P, a distance of 37.5km in all, spending a total of 2hr 40min. he would have taken 2/3 hr less had he chosen to cycle the entire distance. What would have been the time taken by him if he had chosen to walk both the ways?
a.      3.5hr
b.      3.20hr
c.       3.66hr
d.      3.75hr
17.  A ship is moving at a speed of 30 km/hr to know the depth of the ocean beneath it, it sends a radio wave which travels at a speed of 200m/s. the ship receives back the sign after it has moved 500m. What is the depth of the ocean?
a.      4km
b.      8km
c.       6km
d.      12km
18.  A man travels three-fifths of a distance AB at a speed of 3a and the remaining at a speed of 2b. if he goes from B to A and comes back at a speed of 5c in the same time, then,
a.      1/a+1/b+1/c
b.      a+b=c
c.       1/a+1/b=2/c
d.      none of these
19.  A man travels 35km partly at 4km/hr and partly at 5km/hr. if he covers the former distance at 5km/hr. he could cover 2 km more in the same time. The time taken to cover the whole distance at the original rate is
a.      4.5hr
b.      7.5hr
c.       7.4hr
d.      9hr
20.  Assume that the distance that a car runs on 1 L petrol is inversely proportional to the square of the speed at which it is driven. It gives a run of 25km/L at a speed of 36 km/hr. At what speed should it be driven to get a run of 36km/l?
a.      36km/hr
b.      30km/hr
c.       42km/hr
d.      none of these
21.  A young man can do a job in 10 days; his father takes 15 days while his grandfather finishes it in 20 days. They worked together for 2 days. The young man left the job. His father left the job a day earlier than the completion of the work. The job was completed in
a.      52/7days
b.      45/7days
c.       38/7days
d.      none of these
22.  In a running race, Pallavi gives a head start of 350 m to Richa. If the ratio of the speeds of Pallavi and Richa is 20:13, how far must the winning point be so that Pallavi and Richa finish the race at the same time?
a.      1km
b.      2km
c.       3km
d.      none of these
23.  After traveling 30min, a train met with an accident and was stopped there for 45min. due to the accident, its speed reduced to 2/3 of its former speed and the train reached its destination 1 hr 30 min late. Had the accident occurred 60km after the point it occurred earlier, the train would have reached 30 min earlier. The length of the journey is
a.      90km
b.      120km
c.       150km
d.      180km
24.  If a snail creeps 2 ft 3 inches up a pole in first 12 hr and slips down 1 ft 4 inches in subsequent 12 hr, how many hours will it takes to get to the top of the pole, if the height of the pole is 25 ft?
a.      500hr
b.      523.93hr
c.       611.11hr
d.      none of these
25.  A dog at point A goes in pursuit of a fox 30 m away. The dog takes a leap of 2m against 1 m long leaps of the fox. If the dog makes two leaps to the fox’s three, at what distance from A will the dog catch up with the fox?
a.      100m
b.      110m
c.       105m
d.      120m
26.  If it takes 40 days for 40 cows to graze a park, and 60 days for 30cows to do the same, how many days will it takes 20 cows to graze the park, given that the grass is also growing everyday?
a.      240days
b.      120days
c.       can not be determined
d.      none of these
27.  A and B run a 1760 m race ending in a dead heat. At first A run 20% faster than B. B then quickens his pace, and for the remaining distance runs 20% faster than A. when B quickens his pace, A has already run
a.      800m
b.      1000m
c.       790m
d.      960m
28.  A tank of 3600 cu m capacity is being filled with water. The delivery of the pump discharging the tank is 20% more than the delivery of the pump filling the same tank. As a result, twelve minutes more time is needed to fill the tank than to discharge it. Determine the delivery of the pump discharging the tank.
a.      40m3/min
b.      50m3/min
c.       60m3/min
d.      89m3/min
29.  A motorboat went downstream for 28km and immediately returned. It took the boat twice as long to make the return trip. If the speed of the river flow were twice as high, the trip downstream and would take 672 minutes. Find the speed of the boat in still water and speed of the river flow.
a.      9km/hr, 3km/h
b.      9km/, 6km/h
c.       8km/h, 2km/h
d.      12km/hr, 3km/h
30.  A boat sails down the river for 10 km and then up the river for 6km. the speed of the river flow is 1km/hr. what should be the minimum speed of the boat for the trip to take a maximum of 4 hours?
a.      2km/hr
b.      3km/hr
c.       4km/hr
d.      5km/hr
31.  In a stream, B lies in between A and C such that it is equidistant from both A and C. A boat can go from A to B and back in 6 h 30 minutes while it goes from A to C in 9 h. How long would it take to go from C to A?
a.      3.75h
b.      4h
c.       4.25h
d.      4.5h
32.  A lift in a building can move upwards with a speed 1.8 m/s when it is empty but the speed decreases when there are people in the lift. The decrease in the upward speed is directly proportional to the square root of the number of people it carries. If the speed of the lift becomes 0.9 m/s when it carries 4 people upwards, then what is the maximum number of people that the lift can carry upwards?
a.      15
b.      16
c.       8
d.      9
For Q 33 – 35: These questions are based on the data given below;
For a new game called Khi- Khi, the court is in the form of a right – angled triangle (PQR), which is divided into two halves by the line segment QS shown below.
Two boys Amit and Bittu start from R towards P at t=0. Amit goes from R to Q and then to P at an average speed 112 ft/min, whereas Bittu takes a direct route R to P and travels from R to S at an average speed of 60 ft/min and from S to P at an average speed of 120 ft/min. both of them reached P at the same time. It is also known that the length of PQ, which is longer than QR, is 360 ft.
33.  What is the average speed of Bittu from R to P (in ft/min)?
a.      75
b.      72
c.       80
d.      90
34.  The total distance (in ft) traveled by Bittu is
a.      420
b.      450
c.       600
d.      cannot be determined
35.  What is the length of the line segment QS?
a.      225
b.      270
c.       300
d.      cannot be determined
36.  To complete certain work, Bhavesh takes three-fourth the time that Neelesh takes or double the time that Chandu takes. If all three of them working together take 5days to complete the work, in how many days will Bhavesh and Chandu together compete a work which is four times as time consuming as the previous work?
a.      20days
b.      24days
c.       25days
d.      insufficient data
37.  A car uses 5 litres of petrol to travel 15km. Another car can travel, 9km on 2 litres of petrol. A man travels for 1000km in a month – partly by the first car and the rest by the second – and uses same amount of petrol in both the cars. How long did he travel by the first car (in km.)?
a.      600
b.      400
c.       200
d.      500
38.  An hour after Ashish started from his college towards Tanvir’s home, a distance of 53km, Tanvir started from her home on the same road towards Ashish’s college. If Ashish’s speed was 4 km per hour and Tanvir’s was 3 km/hr, how many km from Tanvir’s home did the two meet?
a.      24
b.      22
c.       21
d.      19.5
39.  Rishab bajaj is to complete two assignments by 10.30pm. If each assignments takes 25minutes and only one assignment can be done at a time, what is the latest time at which Rishab can start the work so that it is completed on time?
a.      9.40am
b.      9.50am
c.       10.05am
d.      none of these
40.  Ram finishes a work in 7 dyas; Rahim finishes the same in 8 days and Robert in 6 days. They take turns to finish the work. Ram worked on the first day, Rahim on the second day and Robert on the third and then again Ram so on. Who was working on the last day when work got finished?
a.      Ram
b.      Rahim
c.       Robert
d.      Rahim And Robert
41.  A takes 6 hours and B takes 4 hours to read a book. Both started at the same time to read the book. After how many hours the number of pages to be read by A , is twice that of B?
a.      2hr
b.      1hr
c.       2hr 20min
d.      3 hr
42.  To complete a piece of work, A alone takes m times as many days as B and C together take, B alone takes n times as many days as A and C together take and C alone takes p times as many days as A and B together takes. What is the ratio of the times taken by A, B and C?
a.      1:1:1
b.      m:n:p
c.       (m+1) :  (n+1)
d.      (m-1):  (p-1)
43.  Two skaters start from the opposite ends of a 90 km straight track sand travel – one at a rate of 108 km/h and the other at 75km/h. they skate back and forth on the track for 10 hours. Allowing no loss of time at the turns, what is the number of times that they pass each other?
a.      24times
b.      21times
c.       12times
d.      none of these
44.  The distance between two stations Ramgarh and Pratapgarh is 100km. Janata Express leaves Ramgarh to Pratapgarh at 3 pm at a constant speed. One hour later, howrah mail leaves Pratapgarh to Ramgarh and travels at a constant speed of 40km/h. Each train makes only one stop at a station located 10km away from its starting point and remains there for 15 minutes. Which train is nearer to Ramgarh when they meet?
a.      Janata Express
b.      Howrah Mail
c.       Both are equidistant from Ramgarh
d.      Cannot be determined from the given data.
45.  3 feeder pipes are connected to a swimming pool. The time taken to fill the pool by the second pipe individually is the same as the time taken by the first and the third pipe when operated simultaneously. The first pipe fills the pool five hours faster than the third pipe and four hours slower than the second pipe. The number of hours required by the second pipe to fill the pool individually will be
a.      5
b.      15
c.       10
d.      6
46.  2 pipes P and Q take 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively to fill a tank. Both are opened simultaneously. Due to some obstruction in pipes only 5/6 and ¾ of total quantities of water flows through pipes P and Q. after some time, the obstructions were removed. The tank was filled in 6 more minutes. Find the time for which the obstruction was present.
a.      9minutes
b.      7.5minutes
c.       5.5minutes
d.      6minutes
47.  A frog sees a snake 300m behind it. It start moving away from it at 20 m/sec. 35 seconds later the snake observes the from and start chasing it at 30 m/sec. What is the distance traveled by the frog after the snake starts chasing it and how long will it take for the snake to catch the frog?
a.      2km, 1min 40sec
b.      2km, 1min 20sec
c.       4km, 1min 30sec
d.      5km, 1min 10sec
48.  There are four pipes, P1, P2,P3 and P4,, which can fill a tank in 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. Two of these four pipes are now converted into emptying pipes. If exactly one of the emptying pipes is operated along with exactly one of the filling pipes, then the time in which they can fill the tank is 28/9 times that taken by the remaining 2 pipes when operating together. Of these 2 pairs of pipes, find the pair of pipes that take lesser time to fill the tank.
a.      P1P2
b.      P2P3
c.       P3P1
d.      P1P4
49.  2 persons, A and B, are walking around a circular track of length 1800m, at speeds of 40 m/minute and 50 m/minute respectively. Both of them start in the same direction and at the same time, but B reverses his direction every time he completes one full round. After how much time from the start will they meet for the first time?
a.      180minutes
b.      45minutes
c.       40minutes
d.      36minutes
50.  Tap A can fill an empty tank in 9 hours. 2 emptying taps tap B and tap C, can empty it in 18 hours and 27 hours respectively, if they are fitted at the bottom of the tank. But tap is fitted at 1/3rd of the height of the tank and tap C is fitted at 2/3rd of the height of the tank. In how much time will the tank be filled, if all the three taps are opened simultaneously when the tank is empty?
a.      27 hours
b.      26 2/3hours
c.       25 1/2hours
d.      24hours

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