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Infosys Aptitude campus paper

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

Chapter – 2                                                    Tests – 1
  1. In what proportion should milk and water be mixed to reduce the price of milk from Rs.18 per litre to Rs.16 per litre?
a. 8:1         b. 6:1               c. 10:1             d. none of these
  1. 12 puppies were born to Maria last year and she has these 12 puppies only. After 3 years the ration of the ages of Maria to that of the sum of ages of all the puppies will be in the ratio 4:5. What is the ratio of the sum of all puppies’ ages to that of Maria now?
a. 3:11       b. 6:21             c. 12:57           d. none of these
  1. A student’s grade in a course is determined by 6 quizzes and one examination. If the examinations count thrice as much as each of the quizzes, what fraction of final grade is determined by the examination?
a. 1/6         b. 1/5               c. 1/3               d. 1/4
  1. A servant is paid a total of Rs.100 and a turban for a full year’s service. If the servant works for only 9 months and received in return Rs.65 and the turban, what is the value of the turban?
a. Rs.9       b. Rs.10          c. Rs.40           d. Rs.50
  1. A vessel contains 12 L wine and another contains 4 L water. 3 L is removed from each of the vessels and transferred into one another. The same operation is repeated once more. What is the status of the final ratio of wine to water in two vessels?
  1. Higher in the first vessel
  2. Higher in the second vessel
  3. Same in the both vessels
  4. None of these
  1. A sum of Rs.7.75 is made up of 100 coins, which are in the denominations of 5 paise and 10 paise coins. Find the number of 5 paise coins.
  1. 50
  2. 55
  3. 75
  4. 45
  1. The price of a precious stone is proportional to its weight. What will be the loss incurred, if a stone weighing 28 g and costing Rs.28000 breaks into 2 pieces whose weights are in the ratio 15:13?
a. Rs.12000           b. Rs.7000
c. Rs.21000           d. none of these
  1. The average weight of 18 students of a class is 15 kg. If a student leaves the class, the average weight of the class drops by 0.8 kg. Find the weight of the student who left the class
  1. 24.2kg
  2. 28.6kg
  3. 29.2kg
  4. 31.4kg
  1. A garrison of 900 soldiers had food-stock sufficient for 30 days when the rate of consumption is 2.5kg./day/soldier. After some days of consumption at that rate, 300 soldiers were transferred to another garrison and the balance food lasted for 25 days for the remaining soldier. If the rate of consumption of the remaining soldiers was 3.0 kg./day/soldier, after how many days from the start, were the soldiers transferred?
  1. 12
  2. 10
  3. 8
  4. 15
  1. The average marks of a student in 10 papers are 80. If the highest and the lowest scores are not considered, the average is 81. If his highest score is 92, find the lowest.
  1. 55
  2. 60
  3. 62
  4. can’t be determined
  1. The speed of railway engine is 42 km per hour when no compartment is attached, and the reduction in speed is directly proportional to square root of the number of compartment attached. If the speed of the train carried by this engine is 24 km per hour when 9 compartments are attached, the maximum number of compartments that can be carried by the engine is:
  1. 49
  2. 48
  3. 46
  4. 47
  1. A milkman mixed a certain quantity of milk with water and sold one third of the mixture. He then added pure milk and water to the remaining mixture whose quantities were half and one-third, respectively, of the initial quantity of mixture. The ratio of milk and water now is the reverse of what it initially was. Find the original ratio of milk and water.
  1. 2:5
  2. 1:2
  3. 6:7
  4. 7:9
  1. A tea merchant buys 2 varieties of tea – the price of the fist being twice that of the second. He sells the mixture at Rs.17.5 per kilogram thereby making a 25% profit.  If the ratio of amounts of the first tea and the second tea in the mixture is 2:3, then the respective costs of each tea are
  1. Rs.20 and Rs.10
  2. Rs.22 and Rs.12
  3. Rs.15 and Rs.10
  4. Rs.18 and Rs.15
  1. Three vessels having volumes in the ratio of 1:2:3, in second, 3:7 and 3rd, 1:4. if the liquid in all the 3 vessels were mixed in a bigger container, what is the resulting ratio of coke and soda?
  1. 4:11
  2. 5:7
  3. 7:11
  4. none of these
  1. In the famous Bhojpur Island, there are four men for every 3 women and five children for every 3 men. How many children are there in the island if it has 531 women?
  1. 454
  2. 1180
  3. 1070
  4. 389
  1. The average of 30 students is 20 years. It was observed later that while calculating, the ages of 2 students were wrongly taken as 21 and 20 in stead of 25 and 19. The correct average is
  1. 20.2 years
  2. 20.1 years
  3. 19.5 years
  4. 18.1 years
  1. A cat take 5 leaps for every 4 leaps of a dog, but 3 leaps of dog are equal to 4 leaps of the cat. What is the ratio of the speed of the cat to that of the dog?
  1. 11:15
  2. 15:11
  3. 16:15
  4. 15:16
  1. a, b, and c are 3 positive number and s=(a+b+c)/2. If (s-a):(s-b):(s-c)=1:7:4, the ratio a:b:c=
  1. 8:10:6
  2. 9:4:12
  3. 7:8:9
  4. 11:5:8
  1.  The volume of a pyramid varies jointly as its height and the area of its base; and when the area of the base is 60 square dm and the height 14 dm, the volume is 280 cubic dm. what is the area of the base of a pyramid whose volume is 390 cubic dm and whose height is 26 dm?
  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. none of these
  1. The expenses of an all boys’ institute are partly constant and partly vary as the number of boys. The expenses were Rs.10000 for 150 boys and Rs.8400 for 120 boys. What will the expenses be when there are 330 boys?
  1. 18000
  2. 19600
  3. 22400
  4. none of these
  1. There re 24 students in a class whose average marks in a subject is 89 out of 100. If 3 students leave the class, then what is the maximum by which the average could go up?
  1. 12.7
  2. 11.5
  3. 11.2
  4. 11
  1. Due to a reduction of 5% in the prices of wheat, a man is able to buy 2 kg more for Rs.50. Find the original price of wheat per kilogram.
  1. Rs.1.4
  2. Rs.1.9
  3. Rs.1.32
  4. None of these
  1. A state transport corporation has a special winter tour between 2 cities. The ticket fare is Rs.12 per person. The bus operated if it has a minimum of 60 passengers. For every additional passenger, a discount/refund of 60 paise is given on each ticket for all passengers. The number of passengers that will maximize the revenue earned by the transport corporation is
  1. 134
  2. 130
  3. 150
  4. 114
  1. A can is full of paint out of which 5 L is removed and a thinning liquid is substituted. The process is repeated once more. Now the ratio of volume of paint to volume or thinner is 49:15. What is the capacity of the can?
  1. 20L
  2. 60L
  3. 40L
  4. 50L    
  1. A can has 80 litres of pure milk in it 10 litres are replaced by 10 litres of a mixture of milk and water in equal quantities. The same process is repeated once more. Find the ratio of quantities of milk and water now.
  1. 171:29
  2. 113:15
  3. 191:25
  4. 161:25
  1. Santosh used 6 L of oil paint to paint a map of India of 6 m high. How many litres of paint would Santosh need for painting a proportionally scaled map of height 18 m?
  1. 54
  2. 18
  3. 30
  4. can’t be determined
  1. Raju had a mixture of milk and water. The concentration of the mixture initially was 40% milk. At 5.30 pm, Raju asked his assistant to boil the mixture in order to make it 50% water. However, during the process, the assistant happened to be distracted by his mobile phone which rang, and lost in the conversation he over boiled the milk. If at 5.40 p Raju noticed that the mixture was still boiling and it was 40$ water, find the time at which the assistant should have stopped boiling the mixture. It is known that upon boiling, milk evaporated at half the rate at which water evaporates.
  1. 5:36 pm
  2. 5:37pm
  3. 5:38pm
  4. none of these
  1. A man walks from P to Q and cycles from Q to P, a distance of 37.5 m in all, spending a total of 2 hr 40 min. he would have taken 2/3 hr less had he chosen to cycle the entire distance. What would have been the time taken by him if he had chosen to walk both the ways?
  1. 3.5 hr.
  2. 3.2 hr
  3. 3.66 hr
  4. 3.75 hr
  1. The average of 3 numbers is 135. The largest no. is 180 and the difference of the other is 25. the smallest number is
  1. 130
  2. 125
  3. 120
  4. 100
  1. If 7kg of tea price Rs.72/kg is blended with 33kg of tea of Rs.87/kg and 35kg of Rs.85/kg and the mixture is sold at 15% profit, then what is the selling price of the mixture?
  1. Rs.80.66/kg
  2. Rs.102.33/kg
  3. Rs.91.22/kg
  4. Rs.97.37/kg
  1. In what ratio rice of 3 kinds costing Rs.1.83, Rs.1.67 and Rs.1.23 per kg can be mixed so that the mixture costs Rs.1.43 per kg. Given that rice costing Rs.1.67 and Rs.1.83/kg are mixed in equal quantities?
  1. 6:6:5
  2. 7:7:3
  3. 5:5:16
  4. none of these
  1. A grinder was used to mix 6 parts of a substance A with 8 parts of another substance B by weight. By mistake, the substance A and B were mixed by volume. If the density of B is 50% more than that of A, find the % increase in the weight of the mixture over the intended weight. (Density = mass/volume)
  1. 7.14%
  2. 14.28%
  3. 28.57%
  4. 3.6%
  1. The sum of the ages of the 4 members of the Rathore family is 140 years. Five years ago, the ages of the four members Inder, Sunder, Mrs. Rathore and Mr. Rathore were in the ratio of 2:3:7:8. After how many years would Inder be as old as his mother is today?
  1. 10yrs
  2. 17yrs
  3. 24yrs
  4. 30yrs
  1. Ram and his 10 friends plan to take an apartment for rent for one month by shelling out equal amounts. Contributing a particular amount, they fall short of Rs.400. If Ram had 11 friends, they could have paid the rent by contributing the same amount. The rent and the contribution paid by them are
  1. Rs.5600, Rs.5200
  2. Rs.4600, Rs.4200
  3. Rs.4800, Rs.4400
  4. None of these
  1. If 1 kg of sand is added to bin containing only cement, so that the resulting mix is 20% sand by weight. How many more kgs of sand must be added to the bin, in order to create a mix that is 60% sand by weight?
  1. 4
  2. 4.75
  3. 5
  4. 5.25
  1. E is the average of D and F. E is zero. Which of the following is necessarily false?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 1 and 2
  4. neither 1 nor 2
  1. 2 friends Ajay and Sanjay count the money in their wallets and find that it is in the ratio 4:5. However, Sanjay realized that he had mistaken five hundred rupee notes for thousand rupee notes, and hence the ratio of actual amounts was 8:5 respectively. How much money does Sanjay have in his wallet? (Assume Sanjay has only five hundred rupee notes)
  1. Rs.4000
  2. Rs.5000
  3. Rs.2500
  4. Any of the above
  1. If the ratio of sulphuric acid and water is 5:3 in a solution formed by mixing 2 solutions of sulphuric acid and water with the ratio of sulphuric acid and water in the first solution as 3:5 and the ratio of sulphuric acid and water in the second as x:y. If the two solutions are mixed in the ratio 3:10; find x:y
  1. 3:7
  2. 7:3
  3. 3:4
  4. 4:3
  1. 10% of a mixture of alcohol and water is replaced with water. If the resulting ratio of alcohol and water in the new mixture is 2:5, what was the alcohol and water ratio in the original solution?
  1. 4:9
  2. 4:5
  3. 20:43
  4. 31:49
  1. The average weight of 3 men- A, B and C- is 84kg. A fourth man D joins them and the average weight of these four men becomes 80 kg. If E, whose weight is 3 kg more than D, replaces A, the average weight of the four men becomes 79kg. The weight of A is
  1. 85kg
  2. 80kg
  3. 75kg
  4. 72kg
  1. Lian Blara, the famous batsman scored 6000 runs in a certain number of innings. In the next five innings he was out of form and hence could make only a total of 90 runs, as a result of which his average fell by 2 runs. How many innings did he play in all?
  1. 105
  2. 95
  3. 115
  4. 104
Directions for question 42 to 46:
      The questions are based on the following pie chart which shows the percentages of money spent on various heads.
  1. The amount spend on food is what % more than that on clothing?
  1. 6%
  2. 7%
  3. 8.33%
  4. 16.66%
  1. If the ratio of the savings and the expenditure of the family is 4:1, what percentage of the total income spent on clothing?
  1. 1
  2. 2.3
  3. 3.6
  4. 4
  1. If the income of the family is Rs.21000, 80% of which is saved, then what is the difference between the amounts spent on rent and food?
  1. Rs.42
  2. Rs.63
  3. Rs.69
  4. Rs.84
  1. If expenditure of the family is Rs.8000, what is the difference between expenditures on rent and miscellaneous?
  1. Rs.800
  2. Rs.1100
  3. Rs.1200
  4. Rs.2300
  1. If total expenditure is Rs.1000 and the bill to be paid for the usage of telephone is 50% of the expenditure on miscellaneous (telephone bill comes under miscellaneous). What is the amount on telephone bill?
  1. Rs.160
  2. Rs.180
  3. Rs.225
  4. None of these
  1. A bag contains Rs.1800 in the form of one-rupee, 50-paisa and 25-paisa coins in the ratio 3:4:12. Find the number of 50-paisa coins
  1. 800
  2. 900
  3. 950
  4. 1000
  1. What is the average speed of the entire journey if a person drives for four hour at a speed of 10km/hr and for six hour at a speed of 20km/hr?
  1. 16km/hr
  2. 20km/hr
  3. 14km/hr
  4. 25km/hr
  1. A class of 30 students with average score of 70% is merged with another class of 20 students with average score of 60%. What is the average score of the combined class?
  1. 33%
  2. 66.66%
  3. 33.33%
  4. 66%
  1. A group of 5 students has an average weight of 62 kg. One of the students needs to be replaced so that the average decreases by 2 kg. What should be the weight of the new student if the expelled student weighs 70kg?

  1. 64        b. 58                c.60                 d.62

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