Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is the future of cloud computing in 2013 and beyond?

Over the past several years, the introduction of cloud computing has made room for many advancements in computer technology and has changed the way many companies do their business. It has created opportunities for work to be done remotely with greater ease, has helped with sharing files, and has taken pressure off the finite memory of computers and smart devices by allowing information to be stored in servers elsewhere. The year 2013 is likely to see many advancements and opportunities as the technology continues to progress. Here are just a few predictions for the upcoming year.

It is likely that the different technologies and functions will consolidate
The quick rise and diversification of cloud technology has led to a wide range of types of cloud services and related platform as a service (PaaS) technology. The year 2013 and subsequent years are likely to see a convergence of the different technologies to a more user friendly system combined with a consolidation of various cloud technologies. This would enable users to use more of cloud technology brokerage models, which can serve for a variety of functions.

An example of these probably acquisitions can be found the recent purchase of ManagelQ by Red Hat at the very end of 2012. Those interested in this purchase say that it has already caused an 18 percent jump in revenue for Red Hat and shows promise of allowing users to access the benefits of both companies in one place. It is believed that ManagelQ’s services will help Red Hat create an even stronger hybrid cloud service offering for customers, as ManagelQ’s features include workflow capabilities, monitory capabilities, and even policy capabilities for interested clients.

This is just one example of a company that has begun to take the steps to expand their services so help clients receive all they need with one company and avoid requiring multiple service providers. It is likely that organizations will be selecting cloud service brokerages and other companies that offer a full range of services in the coming years. The definition and role that these brokerage services play within companies and organizations are also likely to continue to mature with the technology and availability.

The way the world uses data is likely to quickly morph and update
Although in years past there has actually been a push to build more data centers, it is likely in the coming years that many of them will end up closing. As the cloud technology matures and is able to offer a more complete package to customers, the technology is likely to develop from an option for companies and organizations to a necessity. Business of all sizes will discover the convenience of using such a program to handle daily tasks such as data and document management, accounting, online customer self scheduling, and more. The data centers that survive this shift are most likely to be the ones who are able to innovate and find ways to work with the cloud technology providers.

There will be a growth in the usage of private clouds as a means of privacy protection
There are many people who remain concerned about the security related to various public cloud applications, especially when it comes to storing highly sensitive company and personal information. CloudStack and OpenStack are just two groups who have released their open source cloud information, which will help companies to create more secure private clouds. It is likely that there will be more open source cloud platforms as this growth in interest for a private cloud option continues.
Cloud technology is projected to become a much bigger factor in the way individuals and organizations do business and interact with the world. Like the advent of the internet, it is likely to continue to break down geographical boundaries and connect the world on a much deeper scale. This upcoming year is likely to see much great efficiency and availability as the technology continues to improve.

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