Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Cloud Storage Service: Google Drive versus SkyDrive

The days of cloud computing has come to stay and that is very much evident. With so many players around, including Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Docs and SkyDrive, users could not have asked for more. The advantages of using cloud drives are not difficult to see. You can access your files anytime you want, anywhere you want, keep it safe from your computer’s hard disk failure and collaborate with users over long distances. But not all these cloud services are equal and that is not what was intended either. Each had its own reasons to stay ahead of the crowd.

Google Drive was certainly among the best that you could have wanted in an iCloud environment, but Google choose to take the competition ahead against SkyDrive. They are not made equal and each has its own pros and cons, mostly pros. Here are some comparisons that you may want to consider before signing up for one or the other. That there are differences between the two services don’t necessarily mean that the other two from outside lack in features. In fact, besides the Google Drive and SkyDrive, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive too seem to be performing well.
Here is how Google Drive and SkyDrive compare against each other.

Interface Differences Mean Lots to Users
At least on the interface front both don’t seem to have much differences, but then that they have a lot in common with Dropbox, is something to note. Both sync well and everything is plain and simple. If you still want a result for the competition, there is nothing to say what makes one better over the other.

Storage Space: Advantage SkyDrive
That SkyDrive gives 7GB free on sign up is something worth talking about, compared with the 2 less you get from Google Drive. That certainly is an advantage with SkyDrive, but what makes it a better choice is the upgrade offer. Microsoft has a 50GB plan but that is no comparison to the 100GB offer from SkyDrive which is many times better. That Google Drive allows uploads to 10GB is far better than SkyDrive’s measly 2GB though. However, what makes better on the whole is the bigger storage space, which is enough for most small users.

File Protection: Advantage Google Drive
Both have protection against someone deleting files accidentally. SkyDrive protects files at least for 25 versions and can be revived anytime, but that is not an insurance against someone deleting it for good. On the other hand, Google Drive maintains the deleted files at least for 30 days and that is real advantage. So, recovering is a simple process in Google Drive. All that one has to do is restore it back from the trash folder, very much like working on Windows, and it will be available again.

So, who wins finally?
You decide that as a user. SkyDrive is cheaper, has a larger storage space offer, but lacks a little in features. Google Drive on the other hand is a little mean in offering storage space, a little more expensive to buy but has better features.
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  1. I am user for both Google and SkyDrive services and the features provided by Google make it a better choice for me. Moreover, as a cloud-storage solution, Google is moving forward with its new support levels and integration with GroupDocs content management solution. I don't know what is in store for the future but for now, Google seems pretty stable.

  2. Google and SkyDrive both services are better.You have some really great articles and I think I would be a good asset.

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