Sunday, January 20, 2013

HP Envy 23-d060qd TouchSmart Review

While this all-in-one desktop model might not have the easiest name to memorize, it certainly makes up for it with cutting-edge features. The HP Envy 23-d060qd is the latest in touchscreen desktop exploration.
Coming with Windows 8, the touchscreen feature allows you to enjoy clicking on the tiles that the new OS has made so popular.
Here’s a quick rundown of why you should consider spending $1600+ on this desktop.
The Screen
The 23-inch touchscreen display is perfect for online browsing, Blu-Ray movies and gaming, as well. It’s not always that you get a screen that can handle all of the three with aplomb.
The 1080p full HD screen has a brilliant resolution of 1920x1080. This makes images and videos a joy to witness on this HP model. The screen is extremely responsive, thanks to the 10 finger capacitive feature.
To top it off, the edge to edge glass finish gives the desktop a classy look. With a firm stand, touchscreen activity doesn’t result in too much shaking of the display.
With a DDR3 RAM of 12 GB, which can be upgraded to 16 GB, this desktop should handle all your entertainment and work needs quite easily.
Storage isn’t a problem as you have tons of it with the 3TB SATA hard drive that runs at 7,200rpm. This is a huge boost and something heavy duty users will find reassuring.
The powerful Intel Core i7 -3770S processor ensures that machine sluggishness is a thing of the past. Smooth operation is all you will get while using the HP Envy 23-d060qd.
Let’s not forget the graphics card that is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M. This allows you to have a mind-blowing entertainment experience. Gamers too will find this card up their expectations when loading heavy duty titles.
The HP Envy 23-d060qd may look slender, but it packs a punch. On the right, you have a Blu-ray drive and the HDMI in-port. The latter will come in handy if you want to connect your Xbox 360 or PS3 to the screen.
On the left hand side, there are a couple of USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader slot and audio jacks. That’s not all; the back panel has four USB 2.0 ports along with the Ethernet and power line-outs.
If you’re an audio freak, then the Beats Audio speakers should satisfy your needs. Pick up the HP Pulse Subwoofer if you want to enhance the sound. That should see you spend an additional $130.
When you’re using the Windows 8 system, you will notice a few pre-loaded programs such as eBay and Snapfish. This makes the desktop look a little fuller as compared to the average bare Windows 8 interface. Tossing unnecessary icons into the Recycle Bin is a breeze, as well.
Tilting the screen back is easy and facilitates better use when you’re using the touchscreen continuously. The wireless mouse and keyboard are a great addition, too.
All in all, the HP Envy 23-d060qd is a masterpiece of a desktop. Great features and even better looks is why you should be investing in one. This guest post is brought to you by CHAD BAUER of, a site that offers savings and current information on time warner cable and time warner cable internet .


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