Friday, December 7, 2012

Adobe Updates ‘Photoshop Touch’ for Android and iOS

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics and photo editing tools available on the Web. Launched in 1987, Photoshop till-date has been available in six versions, all of which are compatible on wired machines such as desktops and workstations. Rebranded as Creative Suite in 2003, Creative Suite 6 13.01 is the latest stable release of the software. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices becoming the trend globally, Adobe has been working on a replica version of Photoshop that will cater to the requirements of smartphone and tablet users. Finally, in August 2012, Adobe released the complete version of Photoshop’s replica version called Photoshop Touch. 
Photoshop Touch is an application that will cater to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with a touchscreen interface. The Photoshop Touch app will run on Android and iOS mobile operating systems. In terms of compatibility, the app will function on the iPad for iOS devices, whereas it will run on all Android devices that have Android 3.1 and higher versions. Available at an affordable price of $9.99, the app with its advanced features certainly justifies its price tag. 

For iPad - To download the app from iTunes, click the following link:

For Android Devices - To download the app from Google Play, click the following link: 

The Photoshop Touch app comprises of all the features and options that made the desktop version an instant hit. Some of the highlighting features of the Touch app: works on content with higher resolutions, works along with other core Photoshop tools, and embellishes content by applying professional effects. Furthermore, you can perform Google searches and share pictures via Facebook, while working on the app. The interesting part is that you can synchronize and store your files with Adobe Creative Cloud.

In order to cater to iOS devices like iPad that incorporate the revolutionary Retina display, there is a specific Retina display feature that embellishes your images and graphics. You can combine multiple images with layers, while modifying layer order and layer opacity. Facilitating seamless image browsing from sources like Facebook and Google Image Search, you can acquire images directly from these sources and start applying effects. In addition, the default selection and scribble selection tools facilitate easy extraction of image elements. If you are using a touch interface, you just have to slide your fingers to apply attractive special effects and additions to your images.

The first version of the Touch app was compatible only with tablets running on Android and iOS, but Adobe in November 2012 launched an updated version of the app that will be compatible with bigger and advanced devices. The updated Photoshop Touch 1.4 version has been optimized for devices with smaller displays that support image resolutions of up to 1024 x 600. Adobe this time around has worked on the support part of the app, which is evident in the fact that the app now supports pressure sensitive stylus on the iPad, and Pogo Connect, Jaja and Jot Touch on Android devices.

The new 1.4 version also has two new effects added to it, namely, the Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern effect. With a modified grid layout, more fluid brush strokes and social networking support, the updated Photoshop Touch app for Android and iOS devices delivers the mere flawless performance rendered by its bigger ascendant CS 6.

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