Thursday, November 22, 2012

Onavo Extend App for iPhone Review

In today’s world of technology, smartphones are more precisely Internet-centric with hundreds of internet connected apps like social networking apps. Many, if not most of us, have faced and are still facing hefty charges for surpassing the limited tariff available with our data plan. At times like these, we wish to monitor our data usage and utilize every byte frugally. With advancements in technology, there are several monitoring and data tracking apps available that can help you stay within your data cap and also monitor your data usage. If you are looking for the best app that monitors data usage and keeps your bills in check, then try out the Onavo Extend App for your iPhone.

Onavo Extend, from the time it made to the app store in 2011, is been touted as a must-have app. It is a free compression app that helps in minimizing your phone’s data consumption even while disconnected from Wi-Fi. This app, with its decent customization options, collects reports of all the data-intensive activities on your iPhone like Web browsing, email operations (send and receive), map directions, etc. and cut downs the data usage. This core money-saving feature and also the way Onavo Extend literally extends your data plan, makes it the perfect choice for your iPhone. The Onavo Extend supports - iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. But there still remains a question – ‘Is it really possible?’
The answer seems very simple if you understand the working mechanism of Onavo Extend. Talking about how it works, the app works by routing all the web related activities of your iPhone through Onavo’s servers. The data will be compressed at the servers before you receive it on your iPhone. This is a similar mechanism that is used by RIM on its Blackberry devices and Opera Mini Web browser on its own apps. But, Onavo Extend app can work across several platforms that include Mail, Safari and so forth. And, there are three different menus in the user interface of the app such as Data Saver, Reports, and Settings.

Do you know that Onavo Extend can compress your data and increase the power of your data plan up to 500%? That’s with no additional charges, you can save around 80% of your data usage and get nearly five times more out of your current data plan. With this app, you can also reduce the roaming charges as it provides you with a leaner version of the Internet while you are roaming. Furthermore, the Reports menu available in this app provides you with a complete breakdown of your iPhone’s data usage in a graphical format so that you get to know the amount of data consumed by each app. However, the Onavo Extend app requires user’s approval to check Microsoft Exchange mail traffic.

While it’s true that the app has many useful benefits, many are extremely concerned about the security, privacy and scalability of data, since the data will be routed through the app’s servers. With the protective multiple layer security system of Onavo’s servers, your data is secure. What’s more is that your data is never stored in the app’s server, except for metadata. Is there anything else you are concerned about? Regardless of how you use your data plan, the Onavo Extend app helps you save your hard-earned money by monitoring your data usage and extending your data plan. Now what are you waiting for? Check out for Onavo in the app store and download it to your iPhone for free. It’s time to enjoy your extended data plan with Onavo Extend.

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