Sunday, November 4, 2012

Features of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

The latest operating system from Android is 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is an open source operating system which also supports third party applications. Google however does the major development and research at the OS level. Jelly Bean helps to enhance the overall user experience in devices that use Android.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 has new features such as offline voice typing. Here you can do voice transcriptions without an internet connection in flight mode. The phone processer does all the voice processing locally. Jelly Bean does not need to interact with the server for this. Android was far behind other operating systems when it came to buffering. This version assists in smooth notifications and visual display. This is because Jelly Bean makes use of triple buffering which provides high levels of smoothness because of buffering in three layers.

This new system also makes use of near field communication technology. It is an advanced version of Bluetooth and it offer faster and better machine to machine communication. Jelly Bean has also introduced an advanced search featured called Google Now. This is a smart application that quickly learns your search preferences and then does the best searches for you. Widgets in the home screen are automatically resized and so are the icons according to the space available in the home screen. The advanced notification panel ensures that the notification details are shown in the panel directly. For example, if you get a new mail then you can read the mail in the notification panel itself. Even clicking photos with your smartphone has become superfast because of Jelly Bean. You can simply swipe over the film strip in your phone to have a look at the photos that you clicked. Even the built in dictionaries are more accurate. The language model adapts quickly to your requirements and many times the keyboard guesses what the next work will be.

Other features include improved text to speech capabilities. You can even type whole words with your voice. Jelly Bean is user friendly for the blind people as well. There is the Gesture mode with which blind people can navigate the user interface using swipe and touch gestures. Speech output helps the blind people know where they are navigating. Jelly Bean has accessibility plugins for Braille input.

You can now easily share photos with your friends and loved ones with Android Beam. You can pair your Android phone with other devices by using the Simple Secure Pairing standard. The search feature has been the core of any Android device. Jelly Bean takes it one step further by introducing voice search. It can also talk back to you. Even your browsing experience is improved because of improved memory. It supports HTML 5 and also has an updated JavaScript Engine. There is now HTML 5 video support allowing for a smooth movie watching experience. The WebView feature also supports vertical text and vertical text glyphs.

There are smart Calendar features as well. The calendar displays new event colors so that you can easily distinguish between different events. It will also display notifications of upcoming events in the form of flash alert and email. You can view Calendar in portrait or landscape mode.
Conclusion – the new Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is laden with more advanced features than its predecessors. It makes optimum use of the CPU power in the device. It virtually has no flaws as you smoothly play around with applications.

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  1. Google remains undoubtedly as one of the biggest technology innovators of today. It often comes up with the coolest technologies that leave programmers like me constantly in awe and curious about their product. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is definitely an icing on the cake for tech users who want to maximize their technology experience.