Monday, November 5, 2012

Colfax's New Intel-Certified HPC Cluster for CAD & CAE

Colfax International on the 2nd of October unveiled its next-generation, ready to deploy HPC cluster which has an Intel Certification. The cluster which is the latest addition to the Colfax ClusterEdge series is based on Intel’s Xeon E5 processor family and was unveiled at the 2012 PBC Works User Group Conference, Sunnyvale, California.

The newly unveiled cluster is designed to meet the industry cluster architecture standards and is considered to be extremely easy to deploy and maintain. Also, this High Performance Computing Cluster from Colfax aims to speed up intense data oriented process and allows for a faster simulation and visualization processes. The cluster architecture is tested and verified for interoperability between the software, applications and the hardware components so that the cluster benefits can be achieved much faster. Furthermore, the cluster has a validation process, which ensures that the components in the cluster continue to work in harmony without any issues. This validation directly results in the increase in the uptime, productivity and reduction in total cost of ownership.
One of the spokesperson for Intel stated that this architecture has been designed and developed to offer end-to-end solution and the clients need not worry if the different components on the cluster architecture will function in coordination or not. Also, the spokesperson from Colfax pointed out the hurdles and challenges faced by the small scale and mid scale industries throughout the world in managing and operating a cluster. This Intel ready cluster has been designed keeping in mind such factors, where the clients can just plug their systems, setup their models and begin with the simulation process.

Developed in collaboration with Intel and Altair, these clusters are designed to run Altair’s solution applications such as OptiStruct, RADIOSS, AcuSolve and PBS Professional. Also, this cluster comes with pre-configured platforms for Computer Aided Engineering and Workload Management solutions from Altair. Since these platforms are designed to tackle real time challenges, the users can simply select a cluster architecture that fits into their requirements and begin their simulations instantly.

The company highly hopes that this cluster will prove to become one of the crucial technologies in the future for tasks involving advanced product designing, research and other vital sectors. The company also claims that such collaboration and a comprehensive package of solutions will help thrusting high performance computing to a further level.

The Configuration: The configuration of the Intel ready cluster from Colfax comprises of a head node and four compute nodes. The head node sports a dual core Intel Xeon Processor from the E5 series at 2GHz, a Random Access Memory of 128GB and dual SATA hard disk drives with 300 GB storage space each.

The compute nodes sport a dual core Intel Xeon E5 processor chipset at 2.8 GHz speed, a 128GB RAM, and a 500GB hard disk drive for each node. The applications that come along with the cluster include a 1.1.3 version of the Altair’s PBS Professional solution and Altair’s HyperWorks solutions.

The unveiling of such a product can very well revolutionize the realm of high performance computing. So, let’s hope the features indeed prove helpful to the modern day clients who face several untold consequences relating to simulation and computer aided engineering works.

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