Friday, November 9, 2012

A Cloud-based Device Security Solution

Cloud computing is the futuristic home of all your digital assets. Why carry all our pen drives and other storage devices and fear losing them when you can store your assets in the cloud and access them from anywhere in the world? Kepplr is one of the best cloud-based security solutions and you can rely on it to carry all your digital belongings and use them yourself in a flash.
Here are some great features of the service
1)      Data backup
Store all your content including videos, photos, spreadsheets, contacts, documents and many other things on the Kepplr cloud service. These content are accessible to you from anywhere, anytime and on any devices.
2)      Synchronizing
Now access your favorite music, photos, videos and other content in the device of your choice. Contacts backed up on Kepplr service can be backed up in iPhone, other smartphones, PC, laptop, tablet and ultrabook with just the click of a button.

3)      Sharing
Share contents with friends and family once you have signed up with Kepplr. You do not have to really depend on FTP, memory stick, emails and other sources any more. You can also share your snaps with pals on Flickr and Facebook thanks to your Kepplr account.

4)      Secured lockr
Store your private photos and documents away from spying geeks by safely keeping them in secured password-protected Lockr folders on the device. This lockr folder is usually invisible to browsers and is backed up by the Kepplr server.
5)      Protection
 Safeguard your mobile device with Kepplr’s enhanced anti-theft protection. Set an alarm remotely, lock and wipe and also remotely setup messages on-screen. It has the ability to retrieve call history remotely.
6)      Friends SMS alert
In case your phone is stolen and the SIM replaced, get the help of Buddy alert SMS from the new phone number.   
The Kepplr application is available for your mobile devices as well. It is already available in the Android store and is expected soon in iOS and Windows mobile application stores as well. Kepplr encourages all its users to constantly give their valuable feedback. There are some goodies given away for valuable feedbacks.
1)      Few antitheft features are part of the secure feature of Kepplr but are not available for the basic package. Users will be offered cost-free subscriptions on advanced features.
2)      Users have a chance to win Xolo X900 Android-based phones powered by Windows Intel.
3)      Credits in Kepplr’s website.

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