Friday, October 12, 2012

Tips for Using Circles with Google+

Have you been thinking about joining Google+ as a part of your company’s social media experience? You aren’t alone. Millions of personal users and businesses are making use of all of the wonderful features that the social network is offering. It’s still relatively young in the world of social networking, but it is gaining new users daily. One of the things that you are going to notice when you sign up is that it has some differences from the social sites that you usually use. One of those differences is the concept of Circles. However, they are easy to understand, and here are some tips for using them.

Getting the Most Out of Circles The name Circle is synonymous with group or list in this case. The Circles that you have are groupings or listings of your friends that you are going to be able to designate. This is going to provide you with far more control over the way that you manage your profile. You can have as many Circles as you want, but you are not going to want to have too many, as it can be difficult to keep track. Here’s an example of how it will work. Let’s say that you have four Circles. You have a Circle for your family members, for your friends, for your coworkers, and for your World of Warcraft companions. Some of those acquaintances might overlap, and that’s okay. You can have people in more than one Circle. If your best friend also happens to work with you, for example, you could put her in both Circles. If she also plays World of Warcraft, you could add her to a third Circle. You will also be able to name your Circles, and you can give them any name that you like. This is so that you can have something that is going to jog your memory when you are looking at the Circles and deciding whether to share certain information. Your Circle names are going to be private, so you never have to worry about anyone seeing what you name them. 

Diving Into the Circles The best way for you to understand the Circles is to start using them. Once you have your personal page up on Google+, you will find that you are also going to be able to add a business page. You will be able to use Circles with the business page as well. Helene Lazarenco is a dedicated writer at She is passionate by Technology, Security software and Blogging. Don’t forget to try out probably the best VPN when need a reliable UK VPN (warning: totally different.)

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