Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sling Media Slingbox 500 Review

TV viewing has come a long way, from mile-long cords people are now switching onto cable and satellite connections. However, the problem is many providers have made it extremely difficult to watch TV on computer and mobile devices. Slingbox has made it extremely easy to transfer TV and recorded DVR programs across computer and mobile platforms. You can watch any program you wish when you are away from home.

Now with more than four years break Slingbox is back into action with its Slingbox 500. This is the first product to release since the Pro HD version. The 500 has included a number features that were lacking in the previous version. Some of them are Wi-Fi compatibility and 1080p streaming. Finally Slingbox feels dated with today’s age of direct Internet. If you wish to make the most of your TV subscription when you are on the go, 500 is great source to stream live TV and recorded DVR.

The design is definitely edgy and looks like a modern art. In the hope of giving a new twist, the design has been made edgy. The plastic used has a matt finish making it scratch-proof and sturdy. The design is no longer flat unlike its previous versions to ensure people don’t place things on top of the device that results in overheating. The package comes with a collection of add-ons including a remote control, an instruction manual, an AC adapter, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, video cable (composite and component) and RCA audio cable.

Though the HDMI cable rises a lot of hopes, thanks to the restrictions placed by the TV providers the channels you get are only the regular channels and the cable passes only through the regular HD TV. To overcome this issue, the company suggests an alternative HDMI port or a different audio and video cable setup.

With video streaming of up to 1080p, you have to ensure the home network is top notch. All the Slingbox versions are known to optimize video quality in synch with the available network. Wi-Fi is no exception. It offers a smooth TV experience with the audio perfectly synced to the end.

The best advantage is the 1080p video streaming and the Wi-Fi compatibility. The opackage comes with enough add-ons and cables making it unnecessary to buy any new ones. It includes HDMI and a component video as well. The over set-up is simple and user-friendly.

The apps on Sling Player will cost extra. Though HDMI port is provided, it does not serve its purpose as there are encryption issues. The channel changes are not smooth and get sluggish at times.

The verdict:
Though there are few disadvantages surrounding the 500 version, it is still one of the best sources to use for watching TV across computers and mobile devices. Though the device has been updated and it has been re-introduces after almost four years, the Slingbox concept has started taking its toll among the mass audience.

TV is now available online and websites are getting optimized so that they are more compatible on smart phone. With so many improvements, the concept of Slingbox just might diminish in the end.

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