Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 Beta Released

One of the largest vendors of the Linux operation system, Red Hat, is gearing up for the beta release that is part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL). According to Server Watch, and a quote from Red Hat's Ron Pacheco, RHEL 5.9 will be the final release of as part of its “life cycle”, though support will continue on for several years to come. 

It was explained that Red Hat pushes its products through a series of three Life Cycles, and RHEL 5.9 will be part of the end for the first life cycle. The entire Life Cycle of a large product release such as RHEL 5 lasts for a period of ten years. 
 Red Hat released a miniature report on its website that explains the different facets of RHEL 5.9, with updates that include clustering, virtualization and subscription management. Many sources have been emphasizing some of the many other new features that are coming about of RHEL 5.9, which should bring ease to customers looking for a transition to future enterprise systems. 

Of these include the applicability of RHEL 5.9 customers to run with the recent updated drivers for Microsoft's Hyper-V. As The Register states, Hyper-V drivers have been implemented with RHEL 5.9, which should open up many new doors for those wanting to run on 5.9 as a guest of Windows. Such driver updates stated by the Red Hat report include a storage, VMbus, network and util driver. These are just a selection, but the main focus is the Hyper-V application. 

The main features of the clustering update, according to the Red Hat customer report, include added IMB iPDU Fence Device support, as well as DLM hash table size tuning. 

Everyone else also seems to be making many mentions of Red Hat's openness to work with some of the head hardware vendors of the industry. While everyone has been wanting to know just who these vendors are, nothing has really been specified. However, seeing that updates have been given to CPU and chip enhancements, the relationships can be made a bit more clear. 

RHEL 5.9 is the first release of RHEL 5 since 5.8's release back in February. In what might be confusing to some, RHEL 6 is also currently available, with the last update being RHEL 6.3 back in June. The multiple releases can be explained by the Life Cycles. That is not to say that RHEL 5.9 should be overlooked, since as previously mentioned, customers may find it necessary to have assistance as they transition to RHEL 6. 

 With the release of the beta version, it is unclear when the finalized official release is going to be available, but the plan looks to be sometime before 2013. 

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