Tuesday, October 2, 2012

iPhone sells out initial inventory of the iPhone5 despite “disappointments”

The iPhone launches have to be the most-anticipated event for any gadget lover out there. Apple fan, hater, or anybody in between, it seems like almost everybody in the tech world is eagerly waiting when the Cupertino-based company launches their company’s flagship product. Ever since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, the annual refresh of the phone has been in the calendar of most tech enthusiasts the world over. Last September 12, the all-new “iPhone5” was launched. Apple chief executive Tim Cook called their newest model as, “the best thing since the iPhone”. Despite this, many people found the new model unimpressive. But is it still going to be a hit?

Critics have hit on the Cupertino-based gadget maker as the iPhone5 had a not so impressive spec sheet. Most people tend to look at tech specs of a product to have an idea of whether it is going to be a good buy or not. Some tech journalists and bloggers think that the latest iteration of the ground breaking phone is nothing but the company’s attempt on catching up with its competitor’s products. What critics fail to realize is that Apple has been investing more on their products’ aesthetics and actual user experience with the product. Sure it won’t have quad-core processors and it only has a gig worth of RAM but this, believe it or the not, is the best that this Apple-phone have become so far. While it doesn’t offer much like its competitors, specs-wise, it delivers all the goods just as the same. With the integration of the LTE technology, faster chip, the latest in wireless technology, and the best iOS software loaded in it; the iPhone5 could, as apple claims, be the best thing to come after the iPhone.

Samsung, Apple’s main rival thinks that they have already had the next big thing when it comes to mobiles. Their Galaxy S3 has all the features, even more than the iPhone5, they claim. They have even attacked their rival’s newest phone in the S3’s latest ads. While Samsung is today’s undisputed leader in smartphone sales, the iPhone5 have already sold out its initial inventory of stocks. The phenomenal sales of the new phone has even had its online sales channels in the US and around the globe—bugging down because of the overwhelming number of hits of potential buyers.

Despite the barrage of criticisms and the collective sigh of disappointment from some Apple fans and the general tech-savvy people, the iPhone5 is still an undisputed best-seller. This proves time and again that it is not at all about the things on paper that makes a consumer get a product. It’s about how your product connects with your target market and moves them to spend their hard-earned penny on our goods.

Author's Bio: Marcus Vann is a fan of the changing trends in technology and how it shapes our lives. He is a freelance writer that contributes in various technology sites and writes guest blogs at times. Marcus is on Google+ so go ahead and follow him for the latest technology updates.

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