Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introduction to OpenNebula 3.6 Next Generation Cloud Platform

Cloud platforms are where it’s at. It takes storage to a whole new level, integrating software and systems to store and protect content that companies and organizations create. Cloud platforms can be created on the premises of the enterprise or it can be rented from service providers. There’s great news in the form of OpenNebula 3.6, an open source cloud platform which is fasting becoming the industry standard.

OpenNebula 3.6 is crammed with features and offers a complete package for all your cloud needs. The great part of this is the system’s interoperability that allows you to bring together your existing IT systems into this cloud platform. There are many reasons to use the platform but at the heart of these reasons is the fact that is a tried and tested method for storage. Apart from this, it can be customized, is innovative and efficient and is great for enterprise cloud computing. A single install if enough for all its functionalities to come your way and this brings down costs to a large extent. 

 OpenNebula 3.6 is open-source and the contributors help build proprietary solutions for the platform. That means customers get the benefit of experts with a finger on the pulse of requirements.

Here’s what you can get with the platform-

Virtual Data Centers
The VDC can be custom made and is run capably by users, under the guidance of a supervisor to ensure your cloud system works smoothly. If you need more than one such center in the cluster, that is possible too with support being given by OpenNebula 3.6.

Safety and security
Whether it is authorization or authentication, the platform has great systems in place for both. This can be accessed by the group that works on the platform, be it administrators, regular or public users. Depending on what kind of user, the functionality access differs, where a public user may have access only to basic functions, the admin has a lot more power.  If you use a general user interface on OpenNebula, that can be protected too. The platform uses passwords and x509 certificates, among a host of other tools to make the environment as safe and secure as possible. It has a host of configuration options and you can build the strongest firewall that your content might need.

Comprehensive Configuration
No matter what your virtual machine requires, OpenNebula 3.6 offers the best of configurations. It uses contextual mechanisms for automatic configurations and sets the ball rolling on administration scripts using the very helpful Hook Manager. It works well with both Linux and Windows and is a flexible system that aids customization even more.

Group requirements
While the administrator requires all privileges, the guest users and people non-essential to the cloud system do not need access to all areas. OpenNebula 3.6 can create access points for each group of users, creating separate systems in the same platform. 

There are tons of other features the OpenNebula 3.6 comes with, including better resource management, support for enterprises and commodities, centralized point of control, ease of use, extension and integration etc. This is a cloud computing platform that gives data center a whole new meaning. Do check it out and enjoy the many benefits it has on offer. 

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