Sunday, October 14, 2012

Android 3.0 Tricks and Tips

Got an Android 3.0 tablet, but not quite sure what all it can do? Mastering new technologies can take a lot of time and energy that frankly, many people just do not have. Yet, you certainly do not want to waste your hard earned cash on something that you barely know how to use. If you are looking for some simple tricks and tips to get a better user experience out of your Android 3.0, read on. Here are some excellent tidbits that will help you to learn more about your Android 3.0 than you ever could have unless you had plenty of extra time.

Browse Faster: Noticed that your Android 3.0 seems to run slow when you are on websites that feature a lot of interactive banners and other “stuff”? The great thing about your tablet is that it can run Flash Plug-Ins, but these can also make browsing the web slower. Head to Browser > Settings > Advanced. There you can change “Enable plug-ins” to “On-Demand.” This way, you can have a smoother browsing experience because you can opt skip the plug-ins on flash heavy sites. 

Easily Sync Bookmarks with your Desktop: For those users who utilize Chrome as their desktop browser of choice, you can use Google’s sync tools to sync all of your desktop bookmarks to your tablet for easy browsing. Go to Preferences > Personal Stuff on your desktop Chrome. Next, head to Settings > General on your tablet browser to complete the process. It’s just that easy! 

Voice Commands: Perhaps one of the coolest things about Android 3.0 is that you can search the net or navigate your tablet simply by saying what you want to do. Click the microphone icon next to the search bar on the homepage of your browser. This opens up a function called Google Voice Actions. You can then control your Android 3.0 without having to use your hands at all. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Apps: It used to be a huge challenge to get rid of apps on other devices, by the Android 3.0 tablet is a breeze. Open up the full launcher where you will find a trash can icon. Select the apps that are no longer useful to you and then drag them and drop them into the trash can easily. Hopefully, the above tips will give you a richer, faster experience with your Android 3.0 tablet and will make your life that much simpler. Irene Perlog is a dedicated writer at, where she is reviewing the best VPN providers. If interested you can check out a Hidemyass review (only original and objective reviews).

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