Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things You Should Know While Bundling A Triple Play Package

Description: You should think carefully before choosing a triple play bundle since there are several details to consider.
Body: Paying for a triple play bundle from your local internet/cable/phone provider can save you money and combine everything into one bill. However, you should think carefully before choosing a bundle since there are several details to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for the right triple play package.

The price is not always lower…and it may not last long. If you want to save money by bundling, be sure to take a look at the individual prices and compare them to what you will pay for a bundle. In most cases, the prices for individual services are higher since the whole point of a bundle is to save you some money. But some companies change prices over time, make pricing errors, or simply overcharge for bundles, so make sure your bundle is truly the better deal. In addition, make sure the price you are quoted for a triple play bundle is not just a promotion. Otherwise, the price could go up in six months or a year, leaving you with a more expensive package than you wanted.

There may be hidden costs, such as equipment fees. Find out from your provider if there are any activation fees or costs for necessary equipment when you purchase a triple play package. This is quite typical, but you deserve to be notified upfront what your total will be. You should ask about these fees when getting a price quote so you can compare the total costs before choosing a triple play bundle.

You may have to enter a contract. Like so many bills these days, cable/internet/phone providers often require you to sign a contract for at least one year if you want to take advantage of a triple play package. If you are not sure you will use the same services in a year, you should look for providers offering a month-to-month deal. Of course, you may have to pay a little more for this, but it is likely cheaper in the long run than paying to break a contract deal when you need to cancel service.

You have lots of options within your triple play bundle, so choose carefully. You will need to choose your internet speed, number of phone minutes, and the amount of channels you get when you bundle these services. Make sure you know what you will actually use so you do not end up paying for services you do not need. This will require some thought, but the results should be worth your time.

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