Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Browse-Worthy Websites

Do you want to maximize your time browsing the internet? Here are some websites that would definitely make your internet time worthwhile and fruitful:

The advent of social media gave rise to various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With its further development came along customized social networking sites designed to meet the needs of its varying target markets, thus a website such as Bitrix24 was born.
Bitrix 24 is not your ordinary social networking site. Though it shares similarities with popular sites such as Facebook in terms of features and functionality, Bitrix24 is tailor fit for the workplace. Features such as the CRM, planner, project and task manager are created to help the individual work on his task in an efficient, cost-effective manner that is delivered on time. Moreover, the website promotes collaborative work among team members by means of having a virtual conference wherein discussions on projects take place without holding a physical meeting.

Are you the kind of shopper who waits for online sales and further mark downs during Memorial Day and Black Friday sales before filling in your loot? Wait no more as Retail Me Not is now here!
Retail Me Not is a coupon sharing website that allows shoppers to save while shopping .It offers amazing discounts as it teamed up with online stores like Amazon, Kohl’s ,Best Buy, Macy’s, Forever 21 etc. to sell their items in a much lower price without having to wait for the sale season.
Planning of setting up your own website but cannot think of catchy name to attract prospective readers and clients? Worry no more as Picky Domains is here to assist you. Through the help of their pool of creative contributors, you can have a striking slogan or webpage in no time, minus the sky-rocketing fees charged by branding agencies.

Tired of crashing hard disks, viruses and lack of storage capacity? Make these things of the past through logging into Carbonite is an online software that enables its users to back up important files in a secure manner through its Carbonite Personal Cloud. Carbonite is available for free trial up to 15 days. Plans are also available for those interested in backing up files for a longer period of time.

Are you a budget traveller who always wait for online airfare seat sales? Web engine such as JetRadar is your best bet in scoring out these great deals as it has tie ups with 35 travel agencies and 728 airline websites that keeps you informed on the cheapest seats available in time of your travel.

Do you need to submit an important report while on transit to a vacation?  A software from would definitely help you out on this as the software allows you to remain connected to the internet through wireless connection. Now, you can share files, print and stay connected to the office, without the need of being physically present in the workplace J

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