Saturday, September 22, 2012

MS Office Seminars: Defining the Modern Age of Business

Microsoft’s Office suite is one of the biggest selling points why businesses prefer to use the Windows operating system instead of opting to OS X and Linux. True, one can run MS Office on either operating systems but in Windows, MS Office is tied to its core seamlessly and doesn’t need further tinkering and modifications. It might not be free, compared to the most offerings from the Linux community, but people would prefer paying a premium for comfort. Apple’s iWork is substantially cheaper, but again, lots of people are not used to the OS X interface, much more iWork’s selection of office applications. But more importantly, Microsoft Office is the best office suite now available especially for businesses as it has the most advanced feature sets.

MS Office 2010 Professional includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. For collaborative tools, SharePoint Workspace as well as InfoPath Designer is also included. This is the most expensive suite that is aimed for businesses and it costs $499. There is also a cheaper version at $279, the Office 2010 Home and Business. It has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook 2010.

Businesses should send their employees to MS Office seminars in order to take advantage of the features from the bevy of office applications included in the suite. A simple word processing will start to become otherworldly complex ones the business takes off. When the auditing starts to include lots of details, Excel needs more than simple formulas.

Admittedly, Apple’s KeyNote in some areas is superior to Microsoft PowerPoint. However, it is imprudent to employ different OSes (and subsequently two different hardware) in order to use a marginally better product. Aside from that, you are taking away the advantage of having one ecosystem for programs’ synergy. That is why it is important for users to use the PowerPoint in an optimal manner. With seminars like this one, it wouldn’t be too hard for users to get the most out of the software. 

Of course, we are still talking about the current version of Microsoft Office. Office 2013’s release is coming soon. Migrating from the previous versions won’t be a pain since new Office releases have incremental changes from its core functionality but improvements are also featured. This time, Microsoft decided to include cloud computing, Internet services, and even social networking in its Office suite. As well as touch and pen recognition for the steamrolling tablet and touchscreen market.

This makes MS Office seminars vastly important for business needs. Technology is an ever-evolving creature by the second. From legacy desktop environment, Microsoft is shifting its vision towards cloud computing. Though this won’t make the analog computing obsolete, it makes business a far more dynamic endeavor. Hardware costs a lot, and cloud computing promises to eliminate this cost for a subscription-based solution. Almost all fronts of software companies are pushing this technology including Microsoft, as seen with their SkyDrive and Office 2013’s reliance to the cloud. MS Office doesn’t just allow users to utilize the base functionality of its suite but also the future and current technology.

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