Saturday, September 22, 2012

iTunes App Store - What is the future

The iTunes’ App store is a paradise to many, thanks to its galore offerings. Launched in 2001, the iTunes App store has bloated with an exclusive collection of movies, music, applications and everything else. iTunes has played an authoritative role in Apple’s global domination.
In the same breath, one would have to say that Apple’s iTunes App store is getting cloudy of late. Yes, it is aging. Apple will have to retune its store to keep the music going. It goes without an explanation that modern tech fans are on the lookout for ‘What’s New’ all the time. Apple, with all its success stories and reputations, would be the first one to admit that it’s time for a change to its iTunes.

So what is the change possibly going to be? Well, Apple knows best. Let’s make our wish list or prediction on the future of iTunes App Store.

1)      There is a war of cloud music between Amazon and Apple. Apple has got to do things out-of-the-box, say, treating albums and songs like apps. The concept of ‘buy once and download wherever and whenever you need’ could be the ultimate change. This can be a daunting task as music publishers may not be comfortable with the idea. 

2)      iTunes could come up with new software license model for making digital assets. This will ensure that you can re-download or re-purchase your iTunes contents after buying it once. This, you can do even if your iPod is lost or the purchased contents are missing. It would be a customer-friendly mode of online purchase.

3)      To stop customers from shifting to Amazon for better service and price, here are few things Apple can do.

a)      The ‘buy once and download whenever and wherever’ strategy as mentioned earlier, is a great idea. It would be greater if Apple can apply this principle to all the purchases of the past. It would challenge the Amazon’s service too, if Apple can permit users to re-download the entire contents that they have used ever since the launch of iTunes.

b)      Apple can announce an offer in which users get to download full-songs for free from iTunes on purchase of Mac OS or other iOS devices.

c)       iTunes can do more to improve their cross-platform compatibility.

d)      Work on a bigger well of developers and web designers for flexible storefront.

List of things observed from unconfirmed sources and reports

1)      Reports tell us that the new iTunes will deal better with iCloud as cloud computing technology is blooming fast these days.

2)      As Bloomberg (a popular business news website) pointed out, the new iTunes will be better for exploring movies, music and apps within the store.

3)      Apple’s association with Facebook and Twitter will be stronger as it wants people to know and share different music and videos it generates in its store.

4)      The yet-to-come iTunes could give you richer experience with its spreadsheet-like feeling.

5)      Apple is in negotiation with music companies and copyright holders to launch a new feature that would allow your friends to share at least one song in your library for free. This feature would be applicable only to songs you have purchased from the iTunes.

Knowing Apple’s commitment and competitive stature, the tech champ would just not let its iTunes’ glory slip away. What status the store acquires over a period of time, is anybody’s guess. One thing that Apple fans can be certain is – ‘They are in for a big and beautiful change’.     

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