Saturday, September 22, 2012

Introducing Amazon Kindle's New PaperWhite Display

An e-reader, otherwise also called an e-book reader or an e-book device, is an electronic device that can be carried around, and is used to read an e-book. It is a rather convenient way to carry a bulky book which can be held in a remarkably small and light device. While you can use a tablet as an e-reader, there are e-readers made specifically for reading e-books. Using the e-book reader, an avid reader will be able to access an e-book store and download books from any location by accessing the cloud, where they are stored by the seller. There are several applications that serve as e-readers and can be accessed desk tops and hand held devices.

Amazon has introduced the new Kindle PaperWhite display e-reader, and as the name suggests, they claim it to be closest to a book. Any computer or electronic device user will agree that the universal problem with the screens of most of these devices is the glare that is emitted. Ophthalmologists are of the view that continuous exposure to such screens do not good for the eyes, and in the long run, could actually harm your eyes. One remedy that they suggest is to take frequent 20 second breaks while you look at any object that is at least 20 feet away, to give your eyes the break they deserve.

Additionally, it could be the most eye-friendly device in its class. A new technique has been patented by Amazon and the unique technique that guides the light ensures it is guided downwards rather than forward directly on to your face and eyes. What’s more is that it does not matter if you are in your bedroom with the lights off, you can still read comfortably without disturbing the wife’s sleet. While using it outdoors where there is bright sunlight it adjusts itself to the light and makes reading a real pleasure. The Amazon Kindle PaperWhite is built to adjust itself according to the light conditions. Even where the font size in the book you are reading is small enough to make it less legible, the e-reader helps you read it with ease.

This versatile reading device is small yet sturdy. With just about the perfect thickness and weight to comfortably rest in your hands, it has proved itself to have been successfully designed. Armed with more pixels and an increased percentage of contrast, Kindle PaperWhite is bound to be a hit with e-bookworms. The best thing about Amazon’s new offering – Kindle PaperWhite e-reader is probably the price which seems to be in the affordable range of most people. Coming to the incredible part where the makers claim that the battery can last up to 2 months. This, of course, is with an assumed usage of about 30 minutes per day. Notwithstanding, this is a great feature that every avid reader will simply love.

Another feature that almost lets the e-reader take control of your reading is called Time to Read. The intelligent device can rate your reading speed and let you know how long you will take to read a particular book, even before you start. An additional feature called X-ray that allows you to get more details of the make-believe characters that you read about. With hundreds of thousands of titles that you will have access to, your reading habits are in for great new experiences.

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