Friday, September 21, 2012

How To Use Free Photo Editing With Zoner

 Zoner Photo Studio has a free photo editing program that provides many features which can quickly make an amateur photo look professional. Here are just a few tips you’ll definetely find useful for making the most of this program.

Download the program and your photos
After downloading the program, click on the top left button on the screen called ‘File’. Here you will find the location of your photos in the drop down menu and once open, your photos will display directly under your tool bar. With a click of the mouse you can change the photo. They will move across the top of your screen at your command, or sit stationary. Right click the one you’d like to edit and it will drop into the edit screen.

Open your editor
There are two ways to access your editor now that you have your photo waiting. 
1. Locate it in the drop down menu under the ‘File’ button and click on it. It reads ‘Switch to Editor’.

2. Click on ‘Editor’ at the upper right hand corner of the screen. You’ll know it’s open when your letters turn bold against the black background tool bar. Notice the tools which become available on the left side of your screen.

‘Quick fix’ is aptly named
Experiment with the editing tools. You can undo them if you don’t like the results, or save the photo if you do. One of the easiest tools to use is the ‘Quick Fix’. This one is found in the upper left hand - at the top of the screen above your photo.  Click on it with your left mouse button. It enhances your photo.

Correct crooked photos with Zoner
Have you ever taken a photo where the ground is not level? This editor has a solution for that! Look at your tools along the side bar. Find the fourth one down - just below the ‘crop’ tool.  You arrive within in a sketch of a see-saw with a blue sky background and sandy ground. Left click on it. Place this tool over your photo. It has two moveable boxes. Slide them across the straight dotted line of the tool. By tugging on them and pulling them along the crooked horizon you can make your horizon straight. Right click the mouse on the photo to open the command box.  Left click on ‘apply’ once you have the line at the lowest place in the photo along the slanted horizon. Notice after clicking your horizon is amazingly straight.

Fade the borders of your photos with Zoner
Would you like faded fuzzy lines around your photo? Left click your mouse on the fourth drop-down from the left top called ‘Effects’. Select ‘Fading Borders’ from the drop-down. A tool bar will open and allow you to select how deep you would like your borders to go. A good number is “40” as it works best with most photos. You can select colors or default to white. Left click once you have made your decision.

Don’t forget to sign your photo
If you’re satisfied with your editing, left click your mouse on the text box - third from the bottom button along the left side. Click inside your photo and a tool box will open allowing you to select the color and font of your text, along with the letters you would like to display.  Place your name on your photo makes it yours.

Now save your work
Select ‘Save as’ from the ‘File’ drop down menu. Name your photo and select where you would like to save it. Your original will remain untouched unless you replace it with your new one, so you can play with it some more.

Have you ever used Zoner for editing photos? Have you got any more interesting and helpful edits this tool offers to photographers?

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