Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cloud Computing - A Soft Introduction

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, cloud computing has become inevitable for every business. We live in a world where new inventions and cutting edge technologies are vital for every organization. One has to but be at par with the upcoming trends to remain a step ahead of the competitors. Whatever be the type of business, cloud solutions can offer services accordingly. In simple terms, when you opt for global model, you can receive the most apt solutions in every single operational location of your company and local focus means customized service for all possible smart devices. In short, it untangles most of the complexities with respect to technology.

Cloud Computing Companies

It is always better when you get effective solutions for your business related issues. Cloud computing network is readily accessible and the only thing you need to have is Internet connection. You will be instantly connected to the network and besides that, you can also enjoy the comfort of accessing it from anywhere anytime. Information is made available to you round the clock. This adds more flexibility in terms of accessing. Safety is never compromised. Whatever you store in the network remains protected. Customer service is available and on-demand experts eliminate the need to hire support teams for your business.

The following are the list of advantages of cloud computing
·         Quick and easy accessibility to information as you only need to login to the application. You can use the services wherever you are.
·         Professional assistance is available any time of the day and you will receive help related to network communications and solutions will be offered to all types of issues related to their services.
·         Pay-Per-Usage Model: You will not be paying even a single cent for the services that you don’t use. In other words, it is an OPEX model so you will not be wasting your hard earned money.
·         As you have the complete power to control what you want for your business. You can request for things from any location. Time is no longer a constrained either.
·         Applications can be accessed not just using computers but several other devices such as Smartphones, iPads and Laptops.
·         The service doesn’t change with different locations. So you have the flexibility to gain access to the solutions from any desired location.
·         Last but not the least, you will receive automatic updates. You can update data during anytime of the day and other employees can get access to the same.

The up-to-date technologies accompanied by first class customer support are note worthy features of cloud computing technology. It makes use of a model termed as “Follow the Sun”. The centers for management are located not only in America but also in Europe. The end to end management team comprises of quick diagnosis of issues coupled with regular updates and simple set up procedures. Since this technology has been uniquely designed for business purposes, complete physical security will be provided. Trained professionals ensure that problems are resolved instantly.

The virtual data centre offers the most advanced Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in addition to services exclusively related to administration, monitoring and more such areas. When you request for information, it will be made available to you in no time along. Since you will not pay for anything that you don’t use, it helps reduce unwanted expenditure. Based on your requirements, you can also alter the services.

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