Sunday, August 19, 2012

WordPress for Students and Teachers

 Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives today; the classrooms can hardly be left far behind. With the internet becoming a powerful medium of communication, it’s no surprise that educators are relying on it to make classes more interesting. Students also make use of search engines, wikis and blogs to learn more, share knowledge and brainstorm with fellow students. 

Posting notes, assignments and videos is very easy with WordPress; teachers can also reply to queries. They are able to share a wealth of info with students and parents through their Class Blogs. Students are often required to write blogs as an assignment. These could be to improve their writing and thinking skills or to gain some technical knowledge. 

WordPress powers the majority of blogs out there, but you probably didn’t know that it is a powerful Content Management System, and can also be used to make a simple website.
So if you, as a teacher wanted to make an online learning system for your students you can do it even if you’re a techie novice. Your students will be able to access their learning materials, assignments and projects regardless of whether they are at school or home. WordPress has many plugins you can make use of for teaching and learning. Let’s take a sneak peek:

·         LePress: this open source plug-in helps you create a personalized Learning Management System. The teacher can set up an online course, enroll students, and manage and grade their assignments. All the students would also need to have their blogs enhanced with LePress to participate. Tracking and grading submissions is easy and quick. Posts related to assignments can be tagged category wise so they can be easily sorted. Students can use the sidebar widget to keep track of assignments they need to complete. To make the process really easy there are two types of plug-ins, LePress Student and LePress Teacher; so the appropriate plug-in, when installed, does the job for you. 

·         TeachPress: Meant primarily for teachers, this course management system includes enrollment and a system compatible with BibTex to manage publication.  The other features include: exporting course lists, a publications sidebar widget, and the ability to restrict access to registered members. 

·         mTouchQuiz :lets you add quizzes to your learning system, making it fun and interactive. 

·         Digress.It : enables making  comments at paragraph levels. This plug-in allows for deep discussions on lengthy documents.  Remember writing remarks in a book’s margins? This is something similar. So now you can have comments and discussions on any part of the article rather than only at the end, like it was earlier. 

·         SP Courseware: This class management plugins allows adding schedules, administering assignments, adding bibliographies and managing course information.
·         LearningLog:  this plug-in allows you to organize learning logs for students, assign tasks to groups or individual students, and gather and evaluate the student submissions.

·         BuddyPress Scholar Press Courseware: this learning management system was created for the BuddyPress version of WordPress. In this you have a class dashboard, and features like classes, assignments, quizzes, bibliography, schedules and more.   
Apart from this plug-ins there are other ways in which WP is used by students and teachers. Student newspapers and other publications are increasingly being published online through WordPress. School officials are happy because they can review the content using the moderation tools before it goes live.

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