Friday, August 3, 2012

Technological Forecast is full of Clouds

Cloud technology is beginning to take on everyday applications while software companies are competing to offer various cloud computing engines.

Google Compute Engine

Last month Google announced its Google Compute Engine – a super computing engine that will be available for app developers. This is good news for applications that require complicated computational processes. Developers who purchase time on the Google Compute engine could potentially save a lot of valuable time and, potentially, money as well.
This is similar to Amazon’s EC2 cloud, but reports say Google is attempting to compete with Amazon on price.

Amazon Cloud Player

Just in case you were tiring of maxing out the storage on your iPhone and rotating your playlists – I know I was – Amazon is now offering a cloud-based music app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It costs $20 a year for 20 gigs, which Amazon is touting as unlimited music storage.  You can also store up to 5 GB for free!

My Social Cloud

I had my doubts about this site, but I am quickly becoming addicted. Founded and largely constructed by a couple of undergrads, this startup was recently funded by Richard Branson and Jerry Murdock. 

The site has a few different major wins, and a couple of different hang-ups; which can be expected in the beta phase. The major inspiration for this socially integrated cloud network is to save passwords and bookmarks in the case of a hardware crash.

Though the extension for password management is currently unavailable (or inaccessible in the beta stages), there are a lot of interesting perks of using My Social Cloud.
Organizing bookmarks is now more visually compelling. The system clips the feature photo, along with a description, to your account. You then have the option to organize the bookmarks into Lists. These lists can be public or private, and they become the feed of your personal profile. (The end look is similar to Pinterest.) This is a great option for sharing bookmarks across multiple computers and with friends.

The standout feature for My Social Cloud – so far—is the Facebook and Twitter feed integration. Users can view updates from friends and groups in one space. The enormity of the feed is a little overwhelming, but the view is consistent with sites like Pinterest that give you a bulk feed of multiple columns. You can also choose to view only Facebook or Twitter instead of both at once.

Users can also subscribe to others as they bookmark information or explore popular and recent posts.  However, because the site is relatively new, the speed is slow and the homepage can become inundated with multiple bookmarks from the same person.
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