Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Ways to Increase Your Profits with Cellphone Spy Software

Businesses are facing sustainability issues more than ever before. Economic recession and competitive markets have eroded profit margins significantly. Coupled with organizational inefficiencies, the business can hardly remain afloat if it does not manage its profits well. Not every business can afford the hefty price tags of detectives and management consulting firms to unearth inefficiencies. The solution lies in a low-cost but highly effective technology known as cellphone spy software.

The spy software offers brilliant features like physical location (real-time as well as historical), call/message logging, call recording, surround recording, web surfing, and email tracking to name a few. Comparative studies reveal marked improvement in profits due to time optimization (thanks to movement tracking), reduced industrial espionage (call/message tracking), and reduced personal use of phone (call/message/internet browsing). Here are 4 ways you can increase your profits in a short span of time:

a)      Mobilize Your Sales Force:
How about getting a virtual control room even when you are on travel? The cellphone spy software can help manage your sales force through GPS tracking. You can optimize their movement, identify any personal use of company transportation, maximize the number of customers they can visit, and reduce your transportation and traveling costs. As a result, you will increase your profit from avenues that your competitors haven’t explored yet.

b)     Reward Your Star Performers:
With the help of the spy software, you can review the periodic location logs of your sales force. Combine it with your sales report and discover who the most organized and successful employees are. Reward them for their efforts and appreciate them publicly. The levels of motivation will soar and you will get increased productivity the next month.

c)      Bust Industrial Espionage and Information Leaks:
Billions of dollars are lost every year due to systematic espionage done by company employees. Another loss of revenue (albeit of lower magnitude) is caused by information leaks about product designs, market strategy, launch dates, and bid details. If you monitor your key employees with spy software, you will be able to trace/record their calls and messages busting any such effort. Since call/message logging is real-time, deleting calls and messages will do the perpetrator no good.

d)     Minimize Wasted Hours and Inefficiencies:
Time is money. Valuable company hours are wasted in proxy attendance, procrastination, personal use of company’s assets (including cellphone), job hunts, and lack of interest. The internal bleeding is more fatal than external injuries. Hence you need to activate spy software on your key users to enhance your profitability.

Author Bio: Brian Coulter is a Latest Mobile Technology enthusiast and author of CellPhone Spy Software. Brian also writes about exciting and informative discoveries on mobile development.

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