Friday, August 17, 2012

10 best PC tablets

While trying to identify the best tablet PCs out there, there’s always a need to balance out the exclusivity of Apple’s products in comparison to the Android’s open nature and more supportive app marketplace. Here’s a list of the best tablet PCs out there.

10. Sony Tablet S
Sony has come out with a tablet computer nearly 2 years after the category was created. This tablet is unique for the wedge shaped design that makes it easier to use while keeping it on a table. It runs on Android 4.0, but is slightly expensive with its $350 price tag considering the fact that its connectivity is limited to Wi-Fi.

9. Asus Transformer Pad 300
This Ice Cream Sandwich tablet computer has a quad core processor, a lovely 10.1 inch display, and a solid battery backup of 12 hours. The beauty of this tablet is that it comes with a keyboard dock that really increases its usability.

8. Apple iPad 2
This tablet really set the standard for almost all the other tablets. It is still a great buy as its OS can be upgraded to iOS 5.1 and the screen quality matched even the newer tablets. Further at $450 for the higher end version, it feels slightly expensive given its age.

7. Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101
This was the first tablet to come with a keyboard dock. With the dock, it almost resembles a netbook. It scores over the iPad 2 because of it has both rear and front cameras that take decent pictures and a micro SD Slot to expand memory.

6. Asus Eee Pad Slider
This chunky tablet is innovative because the screen slides out to reveal a full keyboard. What’s more it sits up at jus the perfect angle for you to use on your lap or on a table. Its chunky feel does take a little getting used to and is not exactly your typical tablet.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
This super fast tablet is for those who find a 10.1 inch screen too big. With its 8.9 inch screen, Samsung has succeeded in delivering a great Android experience in this iteration. The price tag is pretty high considering the Amazon Kindle Fire is much cheaper.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Everything about this tablet is high-quality. It feels great because its screen size has a great resolution of 1280x800, its 1GHz processor is backed by 1GB RAM and the maximum internal storage capacity is 64GB. It is a real alternative to even the iPad 3. The only drawback is its extremely high price.

3. Asus Transformer Prime
This was the first tablet to use the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. It has a powerful 1.3 GHz quad core processor housed in 8.6mm casing that is slimmer than most other tablets. Further, like all the other Transformers, it has a keyboard. This is the only tablet that allows you to record 1080p HD video with its 8MP camera. It even plays HD video very smoothly.

2. Google Nexus 7
With a super low launch price of under $200. This 8.9 inch tablet took the world by storm as it is the first Android Jelly Bean tablet. The quad core processor supported by a 12 core GPU really makes the device ultra responsive. It takes number 2 on our list as there is nothing comparable at its price. It even gives much more expensive tablets a good run for their money. 3G connectivity would have really made this tablet complete.

1.Apple’s new iPad
Though this is the most expensive tablet that money can buy, it’s worth it for 2 reasons. The beautiful Retina display and the dedicated app store with so many apps dedicated to the iPad. Its battery backup is impressive and it is the most seamless experience you can get with zero tweaks.

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  1. I want to buy one. but within 10k... which one would u suggest?

  2. I think you should go with "Google Nexus 7"
    little more than your budget, but an awesome tablet...

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