Friday, August 31, 2012

Factors To Consider When Picking A VPN Service Provider

The history of the internet started with the development and improvement of computers in the 1950s. Its impact on communication, trade and commerce has certainly passed expectations. Internet connections at home have reached speed comparable with office connection. Home users can now readily browse and download files in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, speed and VPN service provider do differ in many ways.

It is important to note that the speed of a VPN is affected by the quality of the service. Users can choose free VPN services. However, free VPN would mean relying on third parties and outsourced solutions. Often, free VPN results to slow and unreliable connections because the users do not own their own servers or manage their own networks. If you are tired of using free VPN and are looking for the best premium VPN service provider, here are some factors to behold:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review

When you bring home (if you do decide to buy it) the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, you would essentially bring home a slightly understated, exquisitely crafted ultrathin laptop. ThinkPad X1 Carbon manages, rather wonderfully, to make a business laptop look absolutely trendy. 

It’s been more than 2 decades since the first ThinkPad hit the market. The first ThinkPad was heavy at 6.5 pounds and very thick at 2.2 inches.  But let’s rewind to 2012 when Lenovo has come up with a pretty impressive laptop, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This newer version of ThinkPad X1 Carbon promises to have out grown from the shortcomings of its predecessor, the ThinkPad X1. Is there any other way to find out about the latest offering from Lenovo than by beholding its ThinkPad X1 Carbon in our hands?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Ways to Increase Your Profits with Cellphone Spy Software

Businesses are facing sustainability issues more than ever before. Economic recession and competitive markets have eroded profit margins significantly. Coupled with organizational inefficiencies, the business can hardly remain afloat if it does not manage its profits well. Not every business can afford the hefty price tags of detectives and management consulting firms to unearth inefficiencies. The solution lies in a low-cost but highly effective technology known as cellphone spy software.

The spy software offers brilliant features like physical location (real-time as well as historical), call/message logging, call recording, surround recording, web surfing, and email tracking to name a few. Comparative studies reveal marked improvement in profits due to time optimization (thanks to movement tracking), reduced industrial espionage (call/message tracking), and reduced personal use of phone (call/message/internet browsing). Here are 4 ways you can increase your profits in a short span of time:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Latest and Greatest In Technology

Exciting new gadgets and technology are being released and upgraded daily. Read on for some information about the latest and greatest in the world of technology. 



iPhone fans everywhere have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the iPhone 5, and it looks like we won’t have long to wait. Although Apple has not made an official announcement, there is an event planned for September 12 and most speculate that this sought-after new gadget will be announced at this event. 

WordPress for Students and Teachers

 Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives today; the classrooms can hardly be left far behind. With the internet becoming a powerful medium of communication, it’s no surprise that educators are relying on it to make classes more interesting. Students also make use of search engines, wikis and blogs to learn more, share knowledge and brainstorm with fellow students. 

Posting notes, assignments and videos is very easy with WordPress; teachers can also reply to queries. They are able to share a wealth of info with students and parents through their Class Blogs. Students are often required to write blogs as an assignment. These could be to improve their writing and thinking skills or to gain some technical knowledge. 

WordPress powers the majority of blogs out there, but you probably didn’t know that it is a powerful Content Management System, and can also be used to make a simple website.
So if you, as a teacher wanted to make an online learning system for your students you can do it even if you’re a techie novice. Your students will be able to access their learning materials, assignments and projects regardless of whether they are at school or home. WordPress has many plugins you can make use of for teaching and learning. Let’s take a sneak peek:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Authentication services that are available for businesses

The face of hacking has morphed from isolated, simple thrill- or bragging rights-seeking pranksters to sophisticated underground networks staffed with very smart people intent on exploiting networks and devices for financial gain. As reported in several media outlets, including Wired magazine, cybercrime is an increasingly popular career choice in countries like Romania and Russia among disenfranchised youth, members of the unemployed middle class, and criminal gangs simply seeking to add a new profit center to their organizations.

This has produced a seemingly never-ending war between these black hats and security companies, with the latter always one step behind the latest exploit — usually only able to protect clients only after a threat has been unleashed and identified "in the wild,"  and even then, often failing miserably as the recent Carberp stats show: 80% of infected computers had popular antivirus software installed which should have protected them, but didn't.

Google acquired Wildfire interactive

In what is largely being seen as a pretty significant move, Google has recently acquired Wildfire interactive – a social media management platform, which helped to place ads over Facebook. This seems to be a trend, where companies have acquired other lesser known, independently working smaller firms, especially those of media, to increase their visibility and market space over social networking platforms such as Oracle. Paying about $300 million for Virtue – which is a cloud based firm which deals in social media communication and Syncapse buying Clickable, and much before Facebook buying Instagram. While the amount for this recent acquisition of Wildfire is undisclosed, you can be pretty sure it is a massive amount -- some sources say it was around $250 million -- especially considering the fact that Facebook was rumored to have been interested in the very same ad based company itself, which would surely have increased the value if big companies like Facebook and Google were secretly bidding over it. 

For Google, this move makes utmost sense. Google makes most of its revenue through ads that it places over its search engines – in fact it is the world’s number 1 when it comes to making money through ads, and that is not only because of ads over web search, but also those on mobiles, graphic ads, video ads, display ads as well as ads you see offline.

10 best PC tablets

While trying to identify the best tablet PCs out there, there’s always a need to balance out the exclusivity of Apple’s products in comparison to the Android’s open nature and more supportive app marketplace. Here’s a list of the best tablet PCs out there.

10. Sony Tablet S
Sony has come out with a tablet computer nearly 2 years after the category was created. This tablet is unique for the wedge shaped design that makes it easier to use while keeping it on a table. It runs on Android 4.0, but is slightly expensive with its $350 price tag considering the fact that its connectivity is limited to Wi-Fi.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Secured Communications Through VPN

Virtual private network or VPN is a tool used by individuals for personal and business purposes. It establishes a secure network, by creating a virtual tunnel encrypted over a public network like the internet. For business purposes, it is used to lease classified lines to connect local and international office branches. Often, the amount spent by businesses to buy VPN services is huge because the range of network connectivity is extensive.

Since VPN is constructed within the infrastructure, data exchanges and communications are protected from outside. Thus, VPN prevents malicious threats and hackers from accessing important data and information about the company. Cited below are the main goals of VPN in companies’ communication processes.

Prevent Security Risks
The main goal of VPN is to make all communications secure and invisible to users outside the company’s infrastructure. To prevent security risks, the role of VPN is to segment and partition important communication sent out by the company’s staffs. On the other hand, it is important to note that secure communication does not mean total isolation to the rest of the world. VPN still uses the internet but with virtual encryption.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Technological Forecast is full of Clouds

Cloud technology is beginning to take on everyday applications while software companies are competing to offer various cloud computing engines.

Google Compute Engine

Last month Google announced its Google Compute Engine – a super computing engine that will be available for app developers. This is good news for applications that require complicated computational processes. Developers who purchase time on the Google Compute engine could potentially save a lot of valuable time and, potentially, money as well.
This is similar to Amazon’s EC2 cloud, but reports say Google is attempting to compete with Amazon on price.

Amazon Cloud Player

Just in case you were tiring of maxing out the storage on your iPhone and rotating your playlists – I know I was – Amazon is now offering a cloud-based music app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It costs $20 a year for 20 gigs, which Amazon is touting as unlimited music storage.  You can also store up to 5 GB for free!

Choosing Between VPN and Web Proxies

As a business grows, it might expand to multiple shops or offices across the country and around the world. To keep things running efficiently, the people working in those locations need a fast, secure and reliable way to share information across computer networks. This is where the Virtual Private Networks come in, or what we commonly call as VPN’s.

 A VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. The VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet from the business's private network to the remote site or employee and makes sure that it reaches its destination safe from threats like data hijackers, packet sniffers, etc. A virtual private network can be contrasted with an expensive system of owned or leased lines that can only be used by one organization. The goal of a VPN is to provide the organization with the same capabilities, but at a much lower cost. An interesting function of VPN’s is that it allows its users to anonymously access sites which are blocked or restricted to the country they are in. It is effective in countries like China where censorship was highly implemented thus the popularity of China VPN.