Sunday, July 15, 2012

VPN Service for P2P and Torrent Users

Media sharing has become a habit for all internet users. The world has opened a portal of usable and readily available media through Peer-to-Peer Sharing (P2P) and Torrents. The internet has transformed from a mere library of data, into an interactive experience where terabytes of movies, albums, documents, and even books are now within arms reach (or within a click if you prefer).

All over the world, torrent sites and P2P communities have built archives of downloadable media and have made them available to all users, given they follow some rules, especially in torrent sites where the downloading user (or peer), is also responsible for seeding (or letting others download the particular medium).

It’s all good and fun, having any old film or album within reach, but a number of countries such as the US recognize P2P and Torrents as hazards to the industries that they “seed” media from. For instance, an album released on a certain date can normally be available for downloading in a matter of hours (even minutes!) in almost all P2P / Torrent sites. This is possible because of the inherent interconnectivity between these peers, thus making the media available readily.

This means that a particular album need only be bought once by a peer and seeded online for millions of other peers to readily download it online for free. Take into consideration the fact that millions of dollars are put into the production of an album or a movie and yet media sharing through P2P and Torrents render the purchase of the album unnecessary because you could download it online instead, for free.

The US Government, especially in some states, issues an immediate warning to the user once an attempt to download media through P2P and Torrents is detected. This would often result in the disconnection of internet service to that certain IP address. In some cases, this may even be considered a criminal offense. That’s why some resort to changing and / or hiding their IP addresses, which in time have proven too bothersome, or in some cases even useless. And this is where Virtual Private Networks or VPN services come in handy, especially for countries with restrictions against such free media sharing online. With the best USA VPN service, you are sure to enjoy free streaming the same way as before.

VPN services provide users security in browsing, and even downloading media online. The basic principle of the VPN is it encrypts all your browsing activities and routes them to a different country, where all of the P2P and Torrent sites are available and ready for your use with torrent VPN. This enables the user to directly download the data without fear of disconnection, and criminal liability.

VPN services like these usually range between 6 to 12 dollars a month; not bad considering the amount of free media available for downloading and also considering ticket costs, and album purchases.

Contributed By: LIEZL DE OCAMPO

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