Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Using Identity Search Software to Maintain the Integrity of Customer Data

Maintaining accurate customer data is often a task that is incredibly complicated. Apart from the challenge of ensuring correct address, phone number, and email information, there is the challenge of resolving data from multiple sources that may or may not belong to the same person.

One of the primary reasons for getting accurate data is to provide exceptional customer service. When your customer enters data, that customer has a reasonable expectation that the information entered will be used to provide the agreed upon goods and services. Unfortunately, it is easy for customers to mistype or transpose letters and numbers, which can result in inaccuracies and problems in delivering the services that customers expect.

Data Verification and Identity Search
One of the ways to maintain an accurate database of customer information is to employ data verification and identity search software. This software provides powerful checks and algorithms to enable businesses to correct problems with data and find and link matching identities.
A challenge of this type of identity resolution software is matching information that may not line up exactly. Customers’ names, for example, can have a wide variety of spelling differences and derivatives that make this process difficult. When this software employs a good algorithm, all of these things are taken into account and customers’ data is matched up and multiple identities are eliminated.

The Power of Data Resolution
With accurate data, businesses can inspire more customer loyalty and a better streamlined experience. An example of where this is useful is in shipping. When entering shipping information, customers often make mistakes—they misspell street names and leave off zip codes. When a product is shipped to an inaccurate address, customers place blame on the business. Apart from lost shipping costs and lost product, customers in this situation are not likely to order from a business that gets it wrong again.
By ensuring information integrity with data verification and identity search software, these problems can be circumvented. Ecommerce businesses of any size would do well to invest in some type of this software.

Author bio: Caitlin Laura, with Intelligent Search, is a computer enthusiast. She enjoys reading and writing about technology. She also enjoys hiking and being in the outdoors with his family.

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