Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Using Identity Search Software to Maintain the Integrity of Customer Data

Maintaining accurate customer data is often a task that is incredibly complicated. Apart from the challenge of ensuring correct address, phone number, and email information, there is the challenge of resolving data from multiple sources that may or may not belong to the same person.

One of the primary reasons for getting accurate data is to provide exceptional customer service. When your customer enters data, that customer has a reasonable expectation that the information entered will be used to provide the agreed upon goods and services. Unfortunately, it is easy for customers to mistype or transpose letters and numbers, which can result in inaccuracies and problems in delivering the services that customers expect.

Enterprise Data Warehousing to define the future of Business Intelligence

Enterprise data warehousing originally emerged as a set of technologies to store and maintain organizational data but it rapidly evolved into an approach widely used in development of reliable business intelligence tools, solutions designed to manage metadata, and data mining systems that provide the backbone of numerous decision support business software applications. Modern-day organizations are often overwhelmed with growing needs to store, retrieve and analyze data used to take important strategic and day-to-day management decisions, thus implementation of enterprise data warehousing technologies is inevitable in business context, regardless of the software adoption price and post-implementation maintenance costs. On the other hand, hardware and software solutions in the field of data warehouses development are decreasing in price thanks to the overall decline of hardware and software prices and highly competitive market for such products.

In fact, only a handful of industries can afford not to adopt reliable data warehousing solutions that integrate data from multiple sources, format and store all data according to a set of organizational standards, and allow for fast data access and data analysis. Those types of enterprise data warehouses are usually integrated into a more complex business software system such as a customer relationship management (CRM) application or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, where data can be further processed and analyzed to provide managers with much needed decision support functionality.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 Secrets that Can Increase Your Online Branding & ROI

Internet Marketing is a rising shine in the world of marketing. As we see the reach of internet technology in our daily life as well in our business life. E-mail marketing, web marketing, online marketing, web advertising are similar names of Internet Marketing. There are different form of internet marketing like display advertising, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, referral marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and video marketing. Internet marketing is cheaper than any other source of marketing. There are some strategic steps before starting any internet marketing campaign.

1)   Evaluate your aim: For internet marketing, the object of business should be clear. Whether it is for new clients, launching new product, educate your current customer portfolio, it should be clear in our mind before taking help of internet marketing. The amount spend on internet marketing should be considered. The proper object will make online marketing campaign successful. According to your goal, you can focus on your marketing pattern. The next step after deciding object is to assess your competitor.

2)   Competitor assessment: Today no business is free from competition. Competition affects a lot on business. Who are your competitors? Are they most earning persons in your field? Are they powerful than another competitor? All these questions are very important for the competitor assessment. Check their site; analyze online traffic, marketing styles, product category, and service response from customer. Find out the weakness of your competitor and make it your strength that can put you in front raw of your rivals.

Does disruptive streaming technology affect higher education

Higher education is no longer a question of high tuition fees or financial resources. No matter where you are in the world, some of the best universities are offering you courses free of cost. Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Massachusetts have organized courses over video, audio and free pdfs on websites such as Coursera, Udacity, Open Culture and many more. This is a revolution in higher education. Presented to students around the world free of cost, as long as they have an internet connection, it aims to spread knowledge among the many millions. It also encourages community sharing, interaction between various cultures, sociological experiments, and getting people of like minds across borders to interact. A lot of these courses are offered as YouTube videos, audio books or podcasts which can be streamed live on the web. And this begs the question, that despite all these tools available, is disruptive streaming technology affecting higher education?

VPN Service for P2P and Torrent Users

Media sharing has become a habit for all internet users. The world has opened a portal of usable and readily available media through Peer-to-Peer Sharing (P2P) and Torrents. The internet has transformed from a mere library of data, into an interactive experience where terabytes of movies, albums, documents, and even books are now within arms reach (or within a click if you prefer).

All over the world, torrent sites and P2P communities have built archives of downloadable media and have made them available to all users, given they follow some rules, especially in torrent sites where the downloading user (or peer), is also responsible for seeding (or letting others download the particular medium).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

So you're on cloud... Google Drive Vs. Dropbox

We all love our files, whether they are photos, videos, or document files etc. But if the file sizes are just too big to store in our memory hard drives, what do you do? Thank God that we can use the internet as a medium to store those! Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where we can virtually store data hosted by third parties. There are many physical servers that offers storage pools that we can use for us to store our files. A popular cloud storage party is the Dropbox, and just recently, Google really did it again by releasing its own cloud storage entity which is the Google Drive. So in this article, we will compare Dropbox and Google Drive, which one is better, and why you should transfer to only one winner!

Comparison Between the Two To have a good overall comparison between the two, let us compare them in terms of Capacity, Graphical User Interface, User-friendliness, Performance, Folder Sync/Backup, Media Streaming, Times of Availability, and finally Price. 

Improve Your Efficiency on a Computer

Technology is supposed to make you work faster not slow you down. If you catch yourself staring at your computer as it displays the hourglass tumbling about its axis, then maybe it is time for you to try out a few tricks to speed things up.

  1. Get rid of old files associated with obsolete software that you may have long deleted, lurking around on your hard disk drive. That’s a sure shot way for your PC or Mac to run faster so claims “Popular Science”.