Friday, May 25, 2012

DSLR Caring Tips for Teens: How to Avoid Lens Fungi and Molds

It is not uncommon these days to see young people carrying their DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras. Because digital SLRs are thriving in the market and purchasing one is not as difficult as it was a decade ago, almost everyone can have their own professional-looking cameras. However, it is safe to say that a bunch of teenage DSLR fanatics are not well aware of the proper steps on how to take care of their expensive gadgets. Some teens think that a good camera bag, lens hood, lens filter, and underwater protective covering are enough to safeguard their cameras from wear and tear. Although such gears are vital in keeping DSRLs away from the repair shops, they are not adequate enough to protect their lenses as far as lens fungus and molds are concerned.

Among the various lens problems DSLR owners can encounter are fungus and molds. When the camera lens is exposed to this problem, it can be easily subjected to various issues that could lead into lens damage. Fungi and molds can be found on lenses that are often subjected to sudden temperature changes (from cold to humid; vice versa). This is because lens fungi and molds are caused by moisture that is trapped inside or outside the lens. When fungi and molds cultivate inside the lens, camera owners can notice almost clear “island formation-looking” or “spider web-looking” dirt on their lens. This dirt cannot be easily wiped or cleaned. Commonly, owners having issues with lens fungi and molds end up going to repair shops, and worst, buying new lens.

Fortunately, teen DSLR owners can do certain preventive measures to avoid having problems with lens fungi and molds.

Avoid exposing your lens to sudden temperature changes – Although preventing your lens from abrupt temperature changes is almost impossible especially if you are the type of photographer who is always on the go, you can still do this by gradually familiarizing your lens to the temperature. If you came from a cold environment and the temperature suddenly rises and you need to take some shots, do not immediately bring out your camera. Instead, let it sit inside your camera bag for a few minutes until the bag gets adjusted to the outside temperature. By doing this, your lens will not catch unwanted moisture inside.

Put on silica gel on your bag – Silica gels are effective in preventing moisture inside the camera bag. You can put on a good number of silica gel bags inside your camera bag to help your lens avoid moisture. You can buy these silica gel bags from stores or you can get those unused silica gel bags from your other items like shoeboxes, bags, and other. However, you should change silica get bags inside your camera bag every now and then because it also expires in the long run.

Do not use leather bags – As much as possible, do not use leather bags as your camera bag because such items can easily attract moisture. Instead, use non-moisturizing bags like those made of nylon and other materials.

Teen camera enthusiasts must know that having a DSLR requires adequate responsibility and care. They must take care of their gadgets properly for it to have better functionality. A lens that is inflicted with fungi and molds is synonymous to ugly and awkward-looking photos; hence, teen owners must do all necessary measures to avoid such issue.

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