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In this tutorial we will understand the difference between Apche Solr and Elastic search, Before going to actual post lets understand what is Apache Solr and what is Elastic search

Apache Solr Introduction:
Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on Lucene. Developing a high performance, feature rich application that uses Lucene directly is difficult and it’s limited to Java applications. Solr solves this by exposing the wealth of power in Lucene via configuration files and HTTP parameters, while adding some features of its own. Configuration files, most notably for the index’s schema, which defines the fields and configuration of their text analysis.

Elastic Search Introduction: ElasticSearch is a distributed, RESTful, free/open source search server based on Apache Lucene. It is developed by Shay Banon[1] and is released under the terms of the Apache License. ElasticSearch is developed in Java.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tips to Select a SaaS Vendor

SaaS or software-as-a-service offers plenty of benefits to mid sized and small organizations. SaaS opens the door to everyone so that all the powerful technologies can be employed in small organizations with a minimum financial commitment. This has opened up new doors for small organizations that were far behind in using latest technologies. Though SaaS can boast of its many wonders, it does have some perils. More companies are used to handling outdated software and so, they have no experience in handling the all new SaaS solutions.
SaaS works in a new way and does not follow the traditional methods. Each business problem has a new SaaS solution and it is vital to learn the nook and corner of every criteria and feature related to SaaS. While choosing a SaaS vendor, you need to pay some extra attention to several factors like: 

Adobe Updates ‘Photoshop Touch’ for Android and iOS

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics and photo editing tools available on the Web. Launched in 1987, Photoshop till-date has been available in six versions, all of which are compatible on wired machines such as desktops and workstations. Rebranded as Creative Suite in 2003, Creative Suite 6 13.01 is the latest stable release of the software. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices becoming the trend globally, Adobe has been working on a replica version of Photoshop that will cater to the requirements of smartphone and tablet users. Finally, in August 2012, Adobe released the complete version of Photoshop’s replica version called Photoshop Touch. 
Photoshop Touch is an application that will cater to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with a touchscreen interface. The Photoshop Touch app will run on Android and iOS mobile operating systems. In terms of compatibility, the app will function on the iPad for iOS devices, whereas it will run on all Android devices that have Android 3.1 and higher versions. Available at an affordable price of $9.99, the app with its advanced features certainly justifies its price tag. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hbase at Facebook

After understanding basics of HBase, let’s try to understand How Facebook uses HBase, I have got very good tutorial from Facebook, how they are using HBase for messeging. This tutorial includes Introduction to Hbase, Why Hbase, MySQL to HbaseMigration at Facebook


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hbase-A Soft Introduction & Quickstart

After understanding whats is Hadoop, and after deploying hadoop , lets’ start understanding HBase. This tutorial explains basics of HBase, and its features. Here I tried to explain functionality HBase provides and a quick start about HBase, a Basic tutorial for beginners. You will get to know where to use HBase, in which situation HBase can be useful.

Apache HBase
Source: Apache
Understanding What is HBase
HBase is an open source, distributed, versioned, column-oriented, No-SQL / Non-relational database management system that runs on the top of Hadoop. It adds transactional capability to hadoop, allowing users to update data records. Hadoop is designed for batch processing of large dataset, but with HBase on the top of Hadoop we can process real time dataset.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 5 great merits and demerits using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has undergone a rapid transformation with companies of varied sizes and dimensions adapting this technology. Cloud computing has its distinct advantages for medium and big business operations but is not preferred when it comes to smaller business owners. Below are listed some of the distinct advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Take your pick and choose with vision.
The Advantages
1.) Cost effective: The technology is cost effective as it is easy to upgrade and maintain the same. If one intends to go for traditional desktop software, it will cost a lot in terms of finance. Cloud computing is relatively cheaper and saves a lot. A range of options also exist in cloud computing and one can choose from among pay as you go or one time pay options, thus making this a cost effective endeavor.
2.) Unlimited storage: Unlimited storage capacity is another distinct advantage of cloud computing. You will never run out of storage space and need not worry about storing important data.
3.) Backup and recovery issues: As the data is stored in the cloud, resorting the same is relatively easier. The cloud service providers are capable of handling data recovery issues. This makes cloud computing a foolproof method when it comes to recovering important data.
4.) Software integration: Automatic software integration is a distinct advantage of cloud computing. No additional efforts are required when it comes to integrating or customizing the data.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Onavo Extend App for iPhone Review

In today’s world of technology, smartphones are more precisely Internet-centric with hundreds of internet connected apps like social networking apps. Many, if not most of us, have faced and are still facing hefty charges for surpassing the limited tariff available with our data plan. At times like these, we wish to monitor our data usage and utilize every byte frugally. With advancements in technology, there are several monitoring and data tracking apps available that can help you stay within your data cap and also monitor your data usage. If you are looking for the best app that monitors data usage and keeps your bills in check, then try out the Onavo Extend App for your iPhone.

Onavo Extend, from the time it made to the app store in 2011, is been touted as a must-have app. It is a free compression app that helps in minimizing your phone’s data consumption even while disconnected from Wi-Fi. This app, with its decent customization options, collects reports of all the data-intensive activities on your iPhone like Web browsing, email operations (send and receive), map directions, etc. and cut downs the data usage. This core money-saving feature and also the way Onavo Extend literally extends your data plan, makes it the perfect choice for your iPhone. The Onavo Extend supports - iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. But there still remains a question – ‘Is it really possible?’

Dropbox Hits 100 Million Mark

Dropbox has doubled in size this year to 100 million accounts. That is a hefty 50% increase over what it was just a year back. What’s more, the number of accounts keep piling up at an enormous rate and the total number of files being saved everyday is one billion plus. It is estimated that the company’s revenue for this fiscal is close to $500 million, but, Dropbox’s co-founder Drew Houston is intriguingly not confirming it or denying it either. However, he accedes to the fact that the company’s conversion rates are moving at a steady pace. Notably, it may be remembered that Dropbox has raised $250 million from Index Ventures, Sequoia, Greylock, Benchmark and Accel collectively.

The rising level of users and their activity, according to Houston, will be the driving force in taking the company’s plans forward in the future. According to him, Dropbox will be more like a magic folder where users will benefit by keeping all their information like to-do lists, notes, user names, passwords or simply anything that they care about to make surfing the Web easier than ever before. There are other radical changes taking place at Dropbox too.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Basic Considerations while Building Private Cloud Network

The term ‘public’ always puts us on guard, whether it is the real world or the virtual world. What if someone accesses our account? What if there is a compromise on security? These are the first questions that pop-up. If you are apprehensive about running your business application in public, you can now have a private cloud. Here are a few steps to follow to convert your cloud network to private:


This is the basic step when you want to build a private cloud. This is the step where you have to choose the hardware and software features you are going to use. The more complex your environment is, the more cost you will incur. To avoid this, make your environment as simple as possible. This comes in use during the stages of automation and orchestration. When you simplify, custom integration gets easier and can be finished in no time. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Computer Security: Tips for beginners to prevent security breaches

The presence of computers in this world has simply revolutionized the way people work, pay bills, shop and keep a check over their accounts and communication part with others. Computers can be called as a new home for them since it carries a wide range of valuable and classified data. Hence it’s a cool idea to have things locked and remain alert all the time to secure it. The people like hackers simply look for a chance to access your computer simply to steal vital information like bank details, and other business related data for their own interest. Also, there are number of viruses that attack your computer, which simply need some costly computer repairs. If you are among the novices, the following basic security tips could help you in protecting your computer and avoid security breaches.

A Cloud-based Device Security Solution

Cloud computing is the futuristic home of all your digital assets. Why carry all our pen drives and other storage devices and fear losing them when you can store your assets in the cloud and access them from anywhere in the world? Kepplr is one of the best cloud-based security solutions and you can rely on it to carry all your digital belongings and use them yourself in a flash.
Here are some great features of the service
1)      Data backup
Store all your content including videos, photos, spreadsheets, contacts, documents and many other things on the Kepplr cloud service. These content are accessible to you from anywhere, anytime and on any devices.
2)      Synchronizing
Now access your favorite music, photos, videos and other content in the device of your choice. Contacts backed up on Kepplr service can be backed up in iPhone, other smartphones, PC, laptop, tablet and ultrabook with just the click of a button.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Colfax's New Intel-Certified HPC Cluster for CAD & CAE

Colfax International on the 2nd of October unveiled its next-generation, ready to deploy HPC cluster which has an Intel Certification. The cluster which is the latest addition to the Colfax ClusterEdge series is based on Intel’s Xeon E5 processor family and was unveiled at the 2012 PBC Works User Group Conference, Sunnyvale, California.

The newly unveiled cluster is designed to meet the industry cluster architecture standards and is considered to be extremely easy to deploy and maintain. Also, this High Performance Computing Cluster from Colfax aims to speed up intense data oriented process and allows for a faster simulation and visualization processes. The cluster architecture is tested and verified for interoperability between the software, applications and the hardware components so that the cluster benefits can be achieved much faster. Furthermore, the cluster has a validation process, which ensures that the components in the cluster continue to work in harmony without any issues. This validation directly results in the increase in the uptime, productivity and reduction in total cost of ownership.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Features of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

The latest operating system from Android is 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is an open source operating system which also supports third party applications. Google however does the major development and research at the OS level. Jelly Bean helps to enhance the overall user experience in devices that use Android.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 has new features such as offline voice typing. Here you can do voice transcriptions without an internet connection in flight mode. The phone processer does all the voice processing locally. Jelly Bean does not need to interact with the server for this. Android was far behind other operating systems when it came to buffering. This version assists in smooth notifications and visual display. This is because Jelly Bean makes use of triple buffering which provides high levels of smoothness because of buffering in three layers.

Nokia Unveils Lumia 822

The once popular Finish company, Nokia is suffering from a decline in the usage of its products, after the smartphones have invaded the market. The company which is well known for its mobile phone and portable IT devices has strong rivals who have a complete control over the market. Apple and Samsung compete tough with Nokia and the Finnish company is all set to face its rivals in the United States. As a result, it has joined hands with Verizon Wireless to introduce Nokia Lumia 822 in the country. When judged based on unit sales, Nokia stands the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in 2012.

This autumn is going to be a special season for Nokia fans because Lumia 822 is expected to be around. Many still love Nokia products because they are flexible and comfortable to use. They do not require the delicate touch and handling which is highly impossible in today’s competing world. Nokia phones generally deliver an unmatched performance in terms of battery life, software and hardware. Although, camera and other related features are not at its best, Nokia phones satisfy the basic requirements. 

Triple Showdown: New iPad VS Nexus 7 Vs Kindle Fire HD

The market for tablet computers has become a lot more crowded these days. Apple, the tech world's de facto poster boy for ultra-mobile gadgets (think about iPods, iPhones and MacBooks for the smartphone, mp3 player and laptop markets) is also its reigning king when it comes to tablets. The Apple iPad enjoyed unprecedented popularity when it was first released on 2010; consequent generations of the gadget (iPad 2 and the "new iPad" - aka iPad 3, along with their Wi-Fi + 3G and Wi-Fi + cellular versions) were also met with more or less the same amount of fervor.

Recently, two more contenders have popped up that are both threatening to shake up the iPad's dominance over the tablet market. First off is the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire (which is in itself a revamp of the original Kindle e-book reader, with added functionalities and features). Next up is Nexus 7, Google's first attempt to gain a foothold in the now competitive tablet market.

With all these choices, how can people choose which tablet is the right one for them? Let's take a look at some of the most important factors that can help them decide:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Kouziro FT103 the Biggest Tablet Till Date?

Of late, there has been unprecedented demand for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers largely due to the development of top-notch communication technologies, easy access to high-speed Internet, development of 4G LTE technologies, and myriad resources available on the Internet. Consequently, there has been a call for the semiconductor and component manufacturers to ramp up their manufacturing process in order to meet the demand.

Of the portable device market, the tablet space has always garnered niche customers and is a space that is closely monitored by tech geeks. Large computer accessories and hardware manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Lenovo have entered the tablet manufacturing space in order to grab a share of the teeming demand for tablets. These new entrants have to fend off competition from low-cost Japanese and Chinese tablet manufacturers.

Sling Media Slingbox 500 Review

TV viewing has come a long way, from mile-long cords people are now switching onto cable and satellite connections. However, the problem is many providers have made it extremely difficult to watch TV on computer and mobile devices. Slingbox has made it extremely easy to transfer TV and recorded DVR programs across computer and mobile platforms. You can watch any program you wish when you are away from home.

Now with more than four years break Slingbox is back into action with its Slingbox 500. This is the first product to release since the Pro HD version. The 500 has included a number features that were lacking in the previous version. Some of them are Wi-Fi compatibility and 1080p streaming. Finally Slingbox feels dated with today’s age of direct Internet. If you wish to make the most of your TV subscription when you are on the go, 500 is great source to stream live TV and recorded DVR.

Introduction to OpenNebula 3.6 Next Generation Cloud Platform

Cloud platforms are where it’s at. It takes storage to a whole new level, integrating software and systems to store and protect content that companies and organizations create. Cloud platforms can be created on the premises of the enterprise or it can be rented from service providers. There’s great news in the form of OpenNebula 3.6, an open source cloud platform which is fasting becoming the industry standard.

OpenNebula 3.6 is crammed with features and offers a complete package for all your cloud needs. The great part of this is the system’s interoperability that allows you to bring together your existing IT systems into this cloud platform. There are many reasons to use the platform but at the heart of these reasons is the fact that is a tried and tested method for storage. Apart from this, it can be customized, is innovative and efficient and is great for enterprise cloud computing. A single install if enough for all its functionalities to come your way and this brings down costs to a large extent. 

10 Tools to Best Use Google Analytics

Here is a list of ten tools you should probably use if you are going to use Google Analytics on a regular basis. Many of them are plug-ins or extensions, but one or two are online tools.

  1. HttpFox
This is a debugger. It will analyze the interactions between your site and your server. It is able to debug the information that is sent and received. It is able to check the information that is being sent over to Google Analytics. If you do not have access to the source code of your web item, such as with a Flash display, then this tool may help you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Android 3.0 Tricks and Tips

Got an Android 3.0 tablet, but not quite sure what all it can do? Mastering new technologies can take a lot of time and energy that frankly, many people just do not have. Yet, you certainly do not want to waste your hard earned cash on something that you barely know how to use. If you are looking for some simple tricks and tips to get a better user experience out of your Android 3.0, read on. Here are some excellent tidbits that will help you to learn more about your Android 3.0 than you ever could have unless you had plenty of extra time.

Browse Faster: Noticed that your Android 3.0 seems to run slow when you are on websites that feature a lot of interactive banners and other “stuff”? The great thing about your tablet is that it can run Flash Plug-Ins, but these can also make browsing the web slower. Head to Browser > Settings > Advanced. There you can change “Enable plug-ins” to “On-Demand.” This way, you can have a smoother browsing experience because you can opt skip the plug-ins on flash heavy sites. 

Easily Sync Bookmarks with your Desktop: For those users who utilize Chrome as their desktop browser of choice, you can use Google’s sync tools to sync all of your desktop bookmarks to your tablet for easy browsing. Go to Preferences > Personal Stuff on your desktop Chrome. Next, head to Settings > General on your tablet browser to complete the process. It’s just that easy! 

Reasons why you should get the new iPhone 5

If you were to be told that I am using this medium to advertise the current smart phone, then I will tell you that you are being deceived. This is why because this product which you might think I am advertising for has already reached an amount of one million sales which is really remarkable and record breaking. Upon researches and current reviews, it is discovered that this gadget company has sold a record breaking amount of users and buyers just like the previous ones but with higher planning. This record however is not a small record and therefore there is something causing the high sales. Out of all these are reasons why you should get the new iPhone 5 for yourself.
Like I was said earlier, I would like to repeat to you that such an amount of product sales they made over such a short time is not a small sale and also that their cooperative effort brought about such a huge number of sale. In other words, with the help of combined cooperative systematic formulas, this company has been able to make a huge amount of sales. As a result of this cooperation and combination of ideas, the company brought together some specific apps and features for this smart phone which in an advanced method will suite its users in the easiest means and method. Out of some specific and important factors which projected the sale for the mobile gadget are the features. There are different features for everything and gadget which includes smart phones such as this iPhone 5. These features also happen to amount as a considerable factor and reason which you must thoroughly consider before getting or buying a smart phone of such a series.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tips for Using Circles with Google+

Have you been thinking about joining Google+ as a part of your company’s social media experience? You aren’t alone. Millions of personal users and businesses are making use of all of the wonderful features that the social network is offering. It’s still relatively young in the world of social networking, but it is gaining new users daily. One of the things that you are going to notice when you sign up is that it has some differences from the social sites that you usually use. One of those differences is the concept of Circles. However, they are easy to understand, and here are some tips for using them.

Getting the Most Out of Circles The name Circle is synonymous with group or list in this case. The Circles that you have are groupings or listings of your friends that you are going to be able to designate. This is going to provide you with far more control over the way that you manage your profile. You can have as many Circles as you want, but you are not going to want to have too many, as it can be difficult to keep track. Here’s an example of how it will work. Let’s say that you have four Circles. You have a Circle for your family members, for your friends, for your coworkers, and for your World of Warcraft companions. Some of those acquaintances might overlap, and that’s okay. You can have people in more than one Circle. If your best friend also happens to work with you, for example, you could put her in both Circles. If she also plays World of Warcraft, you could add her to a third Circle. You will also be able to name your Circles, and you can give them any name that you like. This is so that you can have something that is going to jog your memory when you are looking at the Circles and deciding whether to share certain information. Your Circle names are going to be private, so you never have to worry about anyone seeing what you name them. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

iPhone sells out initial inventory of the iPhone5 despite “disappointments”

The iPhone launches have to be the most-anticipated event for any gadget lover out there. Apple fan, hater, or anybody in between, it seems like almost everybody in the tech world is eagerly waiting when the Cupertino-based company launches their company’s flagship product. Ever since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, the annual refresh of the phone has been in the calendar of most tech enthusiasts the world over. Last September 12, the all-new “iPhone5” was launched. Apple chief executive Tim Cook called their newest model as, “the best thing since the iPhone”. Despite this, many people found the new model unimpressive. But is it still going to be a hit?

Using Data Centers to Backup Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices play a significant role across the corporate landscape.  This development has forced many businesses to develop an effective data backup strategy for these devices.  Data centers are commonly used to store large amounts of data are facing several large barriers which make this process difficult.  Fortunately, multiple workable solutions exist which can be easily integrated into any data center’s current strategy.  Choosing the right solution requires a firm understanding of the unique problems mobile devices create.

Slower Connections

The biggest reason mobile data sets cannot be treated the same way as data already in a data center is slower connections.  A slow connection between a mobile device and the data center often causes problems with traditional backup software.  Current applications expect the fast connections found between servers in a data center.  With slower connections, the software either operates poorly or large amounts of data cannot be transferred.

Let's talks about L2TP/IPsec

It may sound a lot like techno jargon, but if you have ever used your phone for the internet then you have definitely used the L2TP/IPSec. What this little mix of letters and numbers means is simple. It is only a replacement for the standard point-to-point control networks used by computers (or PPTP as they are normally called) due to which secure data is encrypted and sent across the wires to different work stations. L2TP/IPSec takes that module and uses it in a better, more adaptable form for your phone. Unlike the Microsoft version of PPTP, the L2TP/IPSec is pretty secure with no major breaches of security to date, which is why everything from Android to the iOS (that means the iPhone and the iPad, for these are the ones which use the internet most frequently) uses it. Most new versions of computers also have the option to use L2TP/IPSec – such as Windows XP and Mac. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 Beta Released

One of the largest vendors of the Linux operation system, Red Hat, is gearing up for the beta release that is part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL). According to Server Watch, and a quote from Red Hat's Ron Pacheco, RHEL 5.9 will be the final release of as part of its “life cycle”, though support will continue on for several years to come. 

It was explained that Red Hat pushes its products through a series of three Life Cycles, and RHEL 5.9 will be part of the end for the first life cycle. The entire Life Cycle of a large product release such as RHEL 5 lasts for a period of ten years. 
 Red Hat released a miniature report on its website that explains the different facets of RHEL 5.9, with updates that include clustering, virtualization and subscription management. Many sources have been emphasizing some of the many other new features that are coming about of RHEL 5.9, which should bring ease to customers looking for a transition to future enterprise systems. 

Optimize Map Reduce Job Performance

Optimize Hadoop Performance. To improve Hadoop performance, you need to change various configuration parameter in core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, mapred-site.xml. The configuration / optimization of parameter to improve performance depends on the type of processing, it depends on case to case, there is no hard and fast rule.

To install Hadoop on ubuntu cluster you can refer this post

We can change block size, number of mappers and reducers, sort factor, jvm reuse, memory for java process, enable compression, map output compression, use combiner, etc.
I found a very nice description given by Cloudera

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cloud Computing - Common Misconceptions

Cloud computing is the utilization of hardware and software resources to provide services over the Internet. With a lot of talk about its impact on the business, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding its usage. Some of those myths are discussed in detail below.  
This is the most common apprehension about cloud computing. Most of them think that there is no security for the data stored in cloud applications. In truth, it is very difficult to completely secure your data anywhere. Although a business is accomplished with the trust on their online banking platform’s security, a similar trust is not implemented on the business application’s security. In fact cloud computing is a boon for small and medium businesses as they would not have been able to afford top level information hub and security technology, which is provided by the cloud technology. To believe that instead of using a cloud based application you can host your own application, is like not trusting online web banking and stashing cash in the office desk.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BYOD and Android: Are You Vulnerable?

In the BYOD environment, Android-powered devices are a boom to both employees and organizations. With a seemingly endless array of apps designed to increase productivity plus a high level of functionality; Android devices in theory, give everyone what they need.
For all of the benefits of using Droids for work, there is one major drawback: increased threats to security. Thanks to malicious attacks from cybercriminals using malware, organizations that allow BYOD on Android phones are subject to having their data compromised. This is the result of the lax security protocols on Android apps.

Unauthorized Apps

These days, there’s an app for almost anything – including wiping out your employer’s entire network or exposing sensitive company data to criminals, albeit inadvertently. When employees are allowed to use their own personal devices for work, they don’t hesitate to add apps; after all, it’s their phone or tablet and they can do what they want with it after hours.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

MS Office Seminars: Defining the Modern Age of Business

Microsoft’s Office suite is one of the biggest selling points why businesses prefer to use the Windows operating system instead of opting to OS X and Linux. True, one can run MS Office on either operating systems but in Windows, MS Office is tied to its core seamlessly and doesn’t need further tinkering and modifications. It might not be free, compared to the most offerings from the Linux community, but people would prefer paying a premium for comfort. Apple’s iWork is substantially cheaper, but again, lots of people are not used to the OS X interface, much more iWork’s selection of office applications. But more importantly, Microsoft Office is the best office suite now available especially for businesses as it has the most advanced feature sets.

MS Office 2010 Professional includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. For collaborative tools, SharePoint Workspace as well as InfoPath Designer is also included. This is the most expensive suite that is aimed for businesses and it costs $499. There is also a cheaper version at $279, the Office 2010 Home and Business. It has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook 2010.