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Infy Campus Paper

(1) 9 cards are there. u have to arrange them in a 3*3 matrix.
cards are of 4 colors. they are red, yellow, blue, green.
conditions for arrangement: one red card must be in first row
or second row.2 green cards should be in 3rd column. Yellow
cards must be in the 3 corners only. Two blue cards must be in
the 2nd row. Atleast one green card in each row.
Yello Red Gren
Blu Blu Gren
Yello Gren Yello

2. 4 cards are placed on a table, each card has two colors. U
don't know the color of the back side of eachcard.4 persons A
B C and D are sitting on the table before the cards. They can
see Red, Green Red and blue .Out of the 4 poeple 2 always lie.
They see the color on the reverse side and give the following
A: Yello/green
B: Neither Blue/nor Green
c: Blue/Yello
D: Blue/ Yello
find out the color on the other side of the 4 cards.

3.Red and brown tribes [FROM BARRONS GRE] Conditions to
get married with each other.

4. Venn diagram regarding Rich, muscular, soft-skinned,
employed, etc.,( Refer BARRONS GRE GUIDE)


problem no: 3. ( Brothers and Sisters)
A family I know has several children. Each boy in this
family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has
twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers
and sisters are there?
ans: 4 boys and 3 girls.

2. No. of animals is 11 more than the no. of birds. If the
no. of birds were the no. of animals and no. of animals
were the no. of birds( ie., interchanging no.s of animals
and birds.), the total no. of legs get reduced by one fifth
(1/5). How many no. of birds and animals were there?
ans: birds:11,animals:22

3. In a soap company a soap is manufactured with 11 parts.
For making one soap you will get 1 part as scrap. At the
end of the day u have 251 such scraps. From that how many
soaps can be manufactured? ans: 22 + 2+ 1 = 25.

4. 2 * * |
3 * * | No. 7 does not occur in this
---------------- |
5 * * | multiplication.
* 4 * |
* * 3 | Find the product.
---------------- |
* * * * * |
---------------- |
ans 2 8 1
3 2 2
5 6 2
5 6 2 0
8 4 3 0 0
9 0 4 8 2
5. There is a 5digit no. 3 pairs of sum is eleven each.
Last digit is 3 times the first one.
3 rd digit is 3 less than the second.
4 th digit is 4 more than the second one.
Find the digit. ans : 25296.

6. There are five thieves, each loot a bakery one after the
other such that the first one takes 1/2 of the total no.
of the breads plus 1/2 of a bread. Similarly 2nd, 3rd,4th
and 5fth also did the same. After the fifth one no. of
breads remained are 3. Initially how many breads were there?
ans : 31.

Problem No: Problem 27( Down the escalator)
ans : the no of steps in the stair way : 46.

8.Harbour line and Main line Problem of Sakuntala Devi Puzzle
book. Ans : 4/5.
( More Puzzles book)

9.There are some chicken in a poultry. They are fed with corn
One sack of corn will come for 9 days.The farmer decides to
sell some chicken and wanted to hold 12 chicken with him.
He cuts the feed by 10% and sack of corn comes for 30 days.
So initially how many chicken are there?

10.Two people X & Y walk on the wall of a godown in opposite
direction. They meet at a point on one side and then go
ahead. X after walking for some time, walks in opposite
direction for 15 mtrs.Then again he turns back and walks
in the original direction. What distance did Y walk before
they met again, if X walks 11 mtrs by the time Y walks
8 mtrs.

Problem no: 23( Walking back to happiness.)
The walking time : 55 mins

1)A begger collects cigarette stubs and makes one ful cigarette with every 7 stubs. Once he gets 49 stubs . How many cigarettes can he smoke totally.?
Ans. 8
2). A soldiar looses his way in a thick jungle at random walks from his camp but mathematically in an interestingg fashion.First he walks one mile east then half mile to north. Then 1/4 mile to west, then 1/8 mile to south and so on making a loop. Finally hoe far he is from his camp and in which direction. ans: in north and south directions
1/2 - 1/8 + 1/32 - 1/128 + 1/512 - and so on
= 1/2/((1-(-1/4))
similarly in east and west directions
1- 1/4 + 1/16 - 1/64 + 1/256 - and so on
= 1/(( 1- ( - 1/4))
add both the answers

3). how 1000000000 can be written as a product of two factors neither of them containing zeros
Ans 2 power 9 x 5 ppower 9 ( check the answer )

4). Conversation between two mathematcians:
first : I have three childern. Thew pproduct of their ages is 36. If you sum their ages . it is exactly same as my neighbour's door number on my left. The sacond mathematiciaan verfies the door number and says that the not sufficient. Then the first says " o.k one more clue is that my youngest is the youngest" Immmediately the second mathematician answers . Can you aanswer
the questoion asked by the first mathematician?
What are the childeren ages? ans 2 and 3 and 6

5). Light glows for every 13 seconds . How many times did it between 1:57:58 and 3:20:47 am
ans : 383 + 1 = 384

6). 500 men are arranged in an array of 10 rows and 50 columns. ALL tallest among each row aare asked to fall out. And the shortest among THEM is A. Similarly after resuming that to their originaal podsitions that the shorteest among each column are asked to fall out.
And the longest among them is B . Now who is
taller among A and B ? ans A

7). A person spending out 1/3 for cloths , 1/5 of the remsaining for food and 1/4 of the remaining for travelles is left with Rs 100/- . How he had in the begining ?
ans RS 250/-

8). there are six boxes containing 5 , 7 , 14 , 16 ,18, 29 balls of either red or blue in colour. Some boxes contain only red balls and others contain only blue . One sales man sold one box out of them and then he says " I have the same number of red balls left out as that of blue ". Which box is the one he solds
out ? Ans : total no of balls = 89 and (89-29 /2 = 60/2 = 30
and also 14 + 16 = 5 + 7 + 18 = 30

9) A chain is broken into three pieces of equal lenths conttaining 3 links each. It is taken to a backsmith to join into a single continuous one . How many links are to to be opened to make it ?
Ans : 2.

10). Grass in lawn grows equally thickand in a uniform rate. It takes 24 days for 70 cows and 60 for 30 cows . How many cows can eat away the same in 96 days.?
Ans : 18 or 19

11). There is a certain four digit number whose fourth digit is twise the first digit.Third digit is three more than second digit.Sum of the first and fourth digits twise the third number.What was that number ?
Ans : 2034 and 4368

1. From a vessel on the first day, 1/3rd of the liquid evaporates. On the second day 3/4th of the remaining liquid evaporates. what fraction of the volume is present at the end of the II day.
2. an orange galss has orange juice. and white glass has apple juice. Bothe equal volume 50ml of the orange juice is taken and poured into the apple juice. 50ml from the white glass is poured into the orange glass. Of the two quantities, the amount of apple juice in the orange glass and the amount of orange juice in the white glass, which one is greater and by how much?

3. there is a 4 inch cube painted on all sides. this is cut into no of 1 inch cubes. what is the no of cubes which have no pointed sides.

4. sam and mala have a conversation. sam says i am vertainly not over 40. mala says i am 38 and you are atleast 5 years older than me. Now sam says you are atleast 39. all the sattements by the two are false. How hold are they realy.

5. ram singh goes to his office in the city, every day from his suburbun house. his driver mangaram drops him at the railway station in the morning and picks him up in the evening. Every evening ram singh reaches the station at 5 o'clock. mangaram also reaches at the same time. one day ramsingh started early from his office and came to the station at 4 o'clock. not wanting to wait for the car he starts walking home. Mangaram starts at normal time, picks him up on the way and takes him back
house, half an hour early. how much time did ram singh walk.
6. in a railway station, there are tow trains going. One in the harbour line and one in the main line, each having a frequency of 10 minutes. the main line service starts at 5 o'clock. the harbour line starts at 5.02a.m. a man goes to the station every day to catch the first train. what is the probability of man catchinhg the first train7. some people went for vaction. unfortunately it rained for 13 days when they were there. but whenever it rained in the morning, they had clean afternood and vice versa. In all they enjoyed 11 morning and 12 afternoons. how many days did they stay there totally
8. exalator problem repeat 9. a survey was taken among 100 people to firn their preference of watching t.v. programmes. there are 3 channels. given no of

people who watch
at least channel 1
" " 2
" " 3
no channels at all
atleast channels 1and 3
" " 1 and 2
" " 2 and 3
find the no of people who watched all three.

10. albert and fernandes they have two leg swimming race. both start from opposite and of the pool. On the first leg, the boys pass each other at 18 mt from the deep end of the pool. during the II leg they pass at 10 mt from the shallow end of the pool. Both go at const speed. but one of them is faster. each boy rests for 4 sec to see at the end of the i leg. what is the length of the pool.11. T H I S Each alphabet stands for one
I S digit, what is the maximum value T
-------------- can take

1. an escalator is descending at constant speed. A walks down and takes 50 steps to reach the bottom. B runs down and takes 90 steps in the same time as A takes 10 steps. how many steps are visible when the escalator is not operating.
2. every day a cyclist meets a train at a particular crossing. the road is straignt before the crossing and both are travelling in the same direction. cyclist travels with a speed of 10 Kmph. One day the cyclist comes late by 25 min. and meets the train 5km before the crossing. what is the seppd of the train.
3. five persons muckerjee, misra, iyer, patil and sharma, all take then first or middle names in the full names. There are 4 persons having I or middle name of kumar, 3 persons with mohan, 2 persons withdev and 1 anil.
--Either mukherjee and patil have a I or middle name of dev or misra and iyer have their I or middle name of dev
--of mukherkjee and misre, either both of them have a first or middle name of mohan or neither have a first or middle name of mohan--either iyer of sharma has a I or middle name of kumar hut not both.who has the I or middle name of anil

4. reading comprehension
5. a bird keeper has got pigeon, M mynas and S sparrows. the
keeper goes for lunch leaving his assistant to watch the birds.
a. suppose p=10, m=5, s=8 when the bird keeper comes back, the
assistant informs the x birds have escaped. the bird keeper
exclaims oh no! all my sparrows are gone. how many birds flew
b. when the bird keeper come back, the assistand told him that
x birds have escaped. the keeper realised that atleast2 sparrows
have escaped. what is minimum no of birds that can escape.
6. select from the five alternatives A,B,C,D,E
AT THE end of each question ,two conditions will be given.
the choices are to filled at follows.
a. if a definete conclusion can be drawn from condition 1
b. if a definete conclusion can be drawn from condition 2
c. if a definete conclusion can be drawn from condition 1 and 2
d. if a definete conclusion can be drawn from condition 1 or 2
e. no conclusion can be drawn using both conditions
1. person 1 says N<5
person says n>5
person 3 says 3N>20
person 4 says 3n>10
person 5 says N<8
whaT IS value of N
a) 1. no of persons who speak false being less than no of persons
who tells the truth.
2. person 2 is telling the truth.
b) 1. no of persong telling the truth is greater than no of
persons telling lies
2. person 5 is telling the truth.
7. there are N coins on a table. there are two players A&B.
you can take 1 or 2 coins at a time. the person who takes the
last coin is the loser. a always starts first
--1. if N=7
a) A can always win by taking two coins in his first chanse
b) B can win only if A takes two coins in his first chance.
c) B can always win by proper play
d) none of the above
--2. A can win by proper play if N is equal to
a) 13 b) 37 c) 22 d) 34 e) 48 ans. e.
--3. B can win by proper play if N is equal to
a) 25 b)26 c) 32 d) 41 e) none
--4. if N<4, can A win by proper play always

8. Two turns have vertain pecular charcteristics. One of them
always lies on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. \the other always lies
on Tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. On the other days they tel
the truth. You are given a conversation.
person A-- today is sunday my name is anil
person B-- today is tuesday, my name is bill

answers for selected questions
2. equal 1. 150
3. 8 2. 60 kmph
4. 37(M),41(S) 3. Mukherjee
5. 45 min. 8. today is tuesday
6. 0.8
7. 18

11. T max value = 4

Infosys Aptitude campus paper

Below is the Infosys solved campus placement papers. This free question bank helps you in clearing Infosys written test as well as interview. In this section we will see Infosys Aptitude questions, Infosys technical questions, Infosys verbal question, Infosys HR interview questions. You can easily clear interview as well as written test of Infosys by solving this previous year campus paper. Fresher's interview question and latest campus placement paper is available as well as solutions are available.

Chapter – 5                                         Tests – 1
  1. Find the numbers of diagonals and triangles formed in a decagon.
  2. Out of 18 points in a plane, no three are in straight line except five which are collinear. How many straight lines can be formed?
    1. 16c2 – 5c2+1
    2. 18c2 – 6c8+1
    3. 18c2 – 5c2+1
    4. none of these
  3. Arjit being a party wants to hold as many parties as possible among his 20 friends. However, his father has warned him that he will be financing his parties under the following conditions only:
    1. The invitees have to be among his 20 best friends
    2. He cannot call the same set of friends to a party more than once
    3. The number of invitees to every party have to be the same
    4. Given these constraints, Arjit wants to hold the maximum number of parties. How many friends should he invite to each party
    5. 11
    6. 8
    7. 10
    8. 12
  4. There are 10 subjects in the school day at St. Vincent’s High School, but the 6th standard students have only 5 periods in a day. In how many ways can we form a time-table for the day for the 6th standard students?
  1. A class perfect goes to meet the principal every week. His class has 30 people besides him. If he has to take groups of 3 every time he goes to the principal, in how many weeks will he be able to go to the principal without repeating the group of same 3 which accompanies him?
  2. several teams take part in a competition, each of which must play one game with all the other teams. How many teams took part in the competition if they played 45 games in all?
    1. 5
    2. 10
    3. 15
    4. 20
  3. There are V lines parallel to the x-axis and ‘W’ lines paralled to y-axis. How many rectangles can be formed with the intersection of these lines?
  4. Find the number of numbers that can be formed using all the digits 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 only. Once so that the odd digits occupy odd places only?
  5. There are 7 pairs of black shoes and 5 pairs of white shoes. They all are put into a box and shoes are drawn one at a time. To ensure that at least one pair of black shoes are taken out, what is the number of shoes required to be drawn out?
    1. 12
    2. 13
    3. 7
    4. 18
  6. On a triangle ABC, on the side AB 5 points are marked, 6 points are marked on the side BC and 3 points are marked on the side AC (none of the points being the vertex of the triangle). How many triangles can be made by using these points?
    1. 90
    2. 333
    3. 328
    4. none of these
  7. The number of circles that can be drawn out of 10 points of which 7 are collinear is
    1. 130
    2. 85
    3. 45
    4. cannot be determined
  8. In how many ways a cricketer can score 200 runs with fours and sixes only?
    1. 13
    2. 17
    3. 19
    4. 18
  9. There are 20 people among whom 2 are sisters. Find the number of ways in which we can arrange them around a circle so that there is exactly one person between the 2 sisters?
    1. 18!
    2. 2!.19!
    3. 19!
    4. 2!18!
  10. how many rectangles can be formed out of a chessboard?
    1. 204
    2. 1230
    3. 1740
    4. 1296
  11. 5 boys and 3 girls are sitting in a row of 8 seats. In how many ways can they be seated so that not all girls sit side by side?
    1. 36000
    2. 45000
    3. 24000
    4. none of these
  12. There are 5 bottles of sherry and each have their respective caps. If you are asked to put the correct cap to the correct bottle then how many ways are 3 so that not a single cap is no the correct bottle?
  13. In how many ways can 8 boys and 3 girls be made to sit in a row, so that a boy is seated at each end and no 2 girls sit together?
    1. 120(7!)
    2. 210(8!)
    3. 180(3!)
    4. 140(11!)
  14. In his wardrobe, Timothy has three trousers. One of them is black, the second is blue and the third is brown. He also has 4 shirts. One of them is black and the other 3 are white. He opens his wardrobe in the dark and picks up one up shirt – trouser pair without examining the color. What is the likelihood that both the shirts as well as the trouser are non – black?
    1. 1/12
    2. ½
    3. ¼
    4. 1/3
  15. Coomar is given the digits 2, 4, 9 and asked to make a 3 – digit number using these digits, without repeating any of them. What is the likelihood that the number he makes will be greater than 450 but lesser than 900?
    1. 1/12
    2. 1/6
    3. ¼
    4. 1/3
  16. 3 identical  dice are rolled. The probability that the same number will appear on each of them is
    1. 1/6
    2. 1/36
    3. 1/216
    4. 3/28
  17. What is the ratio of the number of 3 letter words to the number of four – letter words that can be formed from the letters of the word ‘TERMINAL’ using at least one vowel in each?
    1. 12:17
    2. 23:130
    3. 28:97
    4. 2:15
  18. Identical spherical balls are spread on a table top so as to form on equilateral triangle. How many balls are needed so that a side of the equilateral triangle contains n balls?
  1. Ram and Shyam stand in a line for tickets with 10 other people. What is the probability that there are 3 people in between them?
    1. 8/38
    2. 4/33
    3. 16/55
    4. 8/55
  2. There are 5 lines in a plane. The maximum number of points at which they may intersect is
    1. 6
    2. 8
    3. 10
    4. none of these
  3. In a room there are 3 lamp holders and there are 12 bulls of which 5 are defective. If 3 bulbs are selected at random to be put into the holders, what is the probability that the room is lighted?
    1. 21/22
    2. 1/22
    3. 1/18
    4. 17/18
  4. An integer X is chosen at random from the numbers 1 to 50. The probability that X + 336/X ≤ 50 is
    1. 7/10
    2. 17/25
    3. 19/50
    4. 13/50
  5. For the BCCI, a selection committee is to be chosen consisting of 5 ex-cricketers. Now there are 10 representatives from four zones. It has further been decided that if Kapil Dev is selected, Sunil Gavaskar will not be selected and vice versa. In how many ways can this be done?
    1. 140
    2. 112
    3. 196
    4. 56
  6. 2 real numbers X and Y are chosen at random and such that │X│≤3 and │Y│≤5. What is the probability of the fraction X/Y being positive?
    1. 0.25
    2. 0.5
    3. 0.75
    4. 0.66
  7. In CAMPUS exam paper there are 3 sections, each containing 5 questions? A candidate has to solve 5, choosing at least one from each section. The number of ways he can choose is
    1. 2500
    2. 2250
    3. 2750
    4. 3250
  8. A committee is to be formed comprising of 7 members such that there is a majority of men and at least 1 woman in every committee. The shortlist consists of 9 men and 6 women. In how many ways can this be done?
    1. 3724
    2. 3630
    3. 3526
    4. 4914
  9. To form a single cube, 27 identical wooden cubes are arranged. They are held together tightly and the cube so formed is pained black on all faces. When the paint has dried up, the smaller cubes are detached and one of them is picked up at random. What is the probability that the cube that has been picked up will be painted black on 2 of its sides?
    1. 4/9
    2. 8/27
    3. 2/9
    4. 1/3
For Q 32 & 33: Answer the questions based on the following information:
There are 6 boys and 4 girls sitting for a photo session. They were posing for the photograph standing in 2 rows one behind the other. There were 5 people sitting in the front row and 5 standing in the black row.
  1. If the boys were divided equally among the front and back rows, in many ways can the photo sessions be arranged?
  1. In how many ways could the photos be taken such that no two boys and no two girls are standing or sitting together?
  2. There are 4 married couples in a cube. The number of ways of choosing a committee of 3 members so that no couple appears on the committee is
    1. 4
    2. 8
    3. 16
    4. 32
  3. A bag contains 80 envelops of which 30 are airmail and the rest are ordinary. Out of the 80 envelops in the bags, 48 are stamped and the rest are unstamped. There are 20 unstamped ordinary envelops in the bag. If one envelope is chosen at random from the bag, then the probability that this is an unstamped airmail envelope is
    1. 12/80
    2. 18/80
    3. 20/80
    4. 30/80
  4. A bag contains 5 tickets numbered 1, 2,3,4,5. In a lottery, one ticket was drawn at random from the bag and was kept in the bag after noting down its number. Then a second ticket was drawn at random and its number was noted. Let X and Y be the two numbers so observed. Then the probability that X+Y equal 7 is given by
    1. 1/25
    2. 1/20
    3. 4/25
    4. 4/20
  5. 4 boxes of 4 different colors are to be wrapped up in 4 sheets of similar colors. Find the probability that every box is wrapped in a sheet of its own color?
    1. 1/18
    2. 1/24
    3. 1/54
    4. 1/216
  6. Sethi and Wilson participate in the finals of a snooker tournament consisting of 9 games. The winner is decided by the method of ‘Race to 5’ i.e., the first person to win 5 games is declared the winner. In how many ways can the winner be decided?
    1. 270
    2. 62
    3. 252
    4. 76
  7. The eccentric scientist, who lives at the end of our block, showed me his latest invention, a time – machine. To start the time – machine, one must press, in any order, exactly seven buttons, each of which is of different color. 3 of the buttons are circular, 2 are triangular and the rest are square in shape. The time – machine would travel in the past, if any square button is pressed before the first triangular button to be pressed. Else, it would travel into the future. In how many distinct ways can I start the time – machine and travel in the future, given that I can press only one button at a time?
    1. 3080
    2. 4180
    3. 2520
    4. 1880
  8. One red flag, three white flags and 2 blue flags are arraged in a line such that,
    1. No 2 adjacent flags are of the same color.
    2. The flags at the 2 ends of the line are of different colors.
In how many different ways can the flags be arranged?
    1. 6
    2. 4
    3. 10
    4. 2
  1. A test has 2 sections, the first section consisting of 3 questions and the second section consisting of four questions. Further, each question in the first question has three answer choices and each question in the second section has two answer choices. In many different ways can a student answer the test?
    1. 432
    2. 5184
    3. 1296
    4. 972
  2. Each face of a cubical die is numbered with a distinct number from among the first six odd numbers, such that the sum of the two numbers on any pair of opposite side is 12. if 10 such dice are thrown simultaneously, then find the probability that the same of the numbers that turn up is exactly 55.
  1. A box contains 6 red balls, 7 green balls and 5 blue balls. Each ball is of a different size. One ball is selected and it is found to be red. What is the probability that it is the smallest red ball?
    1. 1/18
    2. 1/3
    3. 1/6
    4. 2/3
  2. In a group, 3 are 15 men and 12 women. The men exchange roses among themselves, and the women also do the same. ( an exchange is one person giving another a rose, and the other then giving another rose to the first person.) each woman gives one rose to only one man, and each man gives one rose to only one women. How many rose are exchanged?
    1. 300
    2. 369
    3. 394
    4. 342
  3. What is the probability that a four – digit number formed by using 3,9,2 and 7 without repetition is divisible by 33?
    1. ½
    2. 1/3
    3. ¼
    4. 1/6
  4. 3 men and 3 women are sitting at a round table, each women being flanked by 2 men and vice versa. How many different seating arrangements are possible such that in no arrangement, every man is flanked by the same women?
    1. 12
    2. 720
    3. 6
    4. 120
  5. A cube is divided into four equal cubes. Each of these cubes is further sub divided into four equal cubes. If the original cube’s sides are painted blue, then what is the probability that exactly two sides of a small cube is painted blue?
    1. 3/8
    2. 1/16
    3. ¼
    4. 3/4
  6. What is the probability of finding exactly 33 multiples of 3 when 100 consecutives natural numbers are selected?
    1. 1/3
    2. 2/3
    3. 1
    4. none of these
  7. A machine produces 10 units of an article in a day of which 4 are defective. The quality inspector allows releases of the products if he finds none of the 3 units chosen by him at a random to be defective. What is the probability of quality inspector allowing the release?
    1. 1/5
    2. 6/10
    3. 1/6
    4. 5/6
  8. A growth of investigation took a fair sample of 1972 children from general population and found that there are 1000 boys and 972 girls. If the investigators claim that their research is so accurate that the sex of a new born child can be predicted based on the ratio of the sample of the population, then what is the expectation in terms of the probability that a new child born will be a girl?
    1. 243/250
    2. 250/257
    3. 9/10
    4. 243/493